Sun Joe MJ401E review is the type that proves that this model assists you in getting that desired look for your yard, or even experimenting with viral yard looks, without worrying too much about the cleanup, as it ensures that your yard impresses all the onlookers.

Sun Joe MJ401E Pro Electric Lawn Mower

Today, we bring you an in-depth review of the self-propelled walk-behind electric pro mower w/collapsible handle that tells you why this is one of the best mowers in town and is a great fit for just about any user.

Not only does it come with impressive features, but it is also an effective and durable choice for you and your home! 

Pros Cons
Lightweight and compact Best suited for small yards
Affordable for its great quality Not a great height range
No emissions

Checking the Main Features

If you are looking for a corded electric mower that comes with the necessary comfort, power, and a high-quality exterior.

Key Review of the Sun Joe MJ401E

Which is why you should focus on this Sun Joe MJ401E-Pro electric lawn mower as it just does not come with the required comfort to keep you up and standing but is also packed with the strength and power, enough for you to power through your yard. 

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  • 13 Amp motor power
  • 14-inch cutting width
  • 3500 no load speed (rpm)
  • 3-position cutting height adjustment controls
  • Durable 14-inch steel blade 
  • 10.6-gallon collection bag 
  • Discharge chute
  • Two-year warranty
  • 30 lbs lightweight structure

A Key Review of the Sun Joe MJ401E

Looking for a great and trusty mower may be a hard process as the market has various options, which makes it highly hard to navigate through all the choices you have. However, the brand is an important factor that you must consider before finalizing an option. 

It is one that is lightweight, and it would not give you a hard time when you are aiming to clear the lawn for a fresh look, because it doesn’t weigh so heavily. On top of this, you must also consider how it will reduce the fatigue the task may cause and the soreness, all due to the fact that it is a lightweight machine. 

On another note, you must also consider how this machine has a strong motor that is 13 AMP, and it is the one that would help increase in durability and lifespan. In addition to having a large mulching bag that would be able to handle over 10 gallons of the freshly cut grass. 

The MJ401E gives power, durability, and comfort, all wrapped in one, making it a top competitor in the market and a contestant on the hit list of many. You can run this mower by applying a little pressure and walking behind it, while also multitasking because it is that easy to move around and to get the job done in a perfect way. 

Also, no matter how comfortable or good-looking a mower is, if its power source does not deliver the power you require to clean your yard, it may as well be useless to you. The 13 amp battery of the MJ401E, according to many Sun Joe electric lawn mower reviews, gives you enough power to run this mower for long periods and get your task done efficiently. 

How Has the Sun Joe MJ401E Evolved?

The Sun Joe MH401E has evolved from its previous model the MJ400E by having a stronger motor of 13 amp when it was 12. In addition, the cutting width of the blade used to be 13 inches, and now it is 14 inches, which makes it more effective. 

Mower Evolved by Having a Stronger Motor

You should note that this Sun Joe mower is an incredible device that provides a great example for the market as to what an ideal lawn mower should look like. Even though it has stepped up with its various features. According to many Sun Joe lawn mower reviews, its lightweight design gives it an edge over most other electric lawn mowers and even reel mowers, as it does not compromise on the strength and quality of the mower. 

It has regularly been compared to the Cub Cadet 12 amp electric push lawn mower. However, if you aim to compare to it, not only does it have a stronger 13 Ampere motor but is also more affordable than that.


Moreover, in comparison to the Ego Power 21 inch self-propelled mower, the MJ401E one is more compact, and it would be best suited for smaller yards. While it does come with fewer features, the MJ401E weighs are also lighter, as it weighs 20 lbs compared to the 62.6 lbs of the Ego mower.

Specific Features and Their Details

– Three-positions Cutting

The three-position cutting heights range from 1.18 to 2.52 inches which, combined with the 14-inch blade width, allow you to cut the grass down to your desired length and get an overall even look for your yard.

While this does not cut huge swatches when being used especially in larger lawns. In short, this is why it allows a certain precision into the cut quality of smaller lawns with different shapes or innovative trendy designs.

– Rear Collection Bag

The mower comes along with a rear collection bag that can hold around 10.6 gallons of grass clippings, helping you clean up the mess as you go, and you could use it in the long run.

Mower Comes Along with A Rear Collection Bag

This rear bag is a great accessory that can be counted as a freebie along with the mower as sometimes you have to buy it separately along with the lawn mowers. This only speaks for the care the company does for its customers.

– Powerful Motor

The 12 amp electric lawn motor with a 14-inch cutting deck is among the impressive features of this mower. It gives great power to the cutting diameter ratio, basically meaning that the mower has exceptional cutting abilities and would not skip over any parts. 


Additionally, the 13 amp motor is not just powerful but also provides the comfort of being less noisy compared to other options. On another note, consider how whether you are wondering about Sun Joe electric lawn mower how to start, it is time to keep all your worries at rest since starting this mower is as easy as a breeze, all thanks to its powerful motor, as it is quite simple for the one investing in it. 


This review shows you why this Sun Joe electric lawn mower 14-inch 12 amp is a great choice to add to your yard care kit. It has various features that make it famous and a favorite amongst fans! To learn more about the Sun Joe MJ401E parts and the buying guide, you can check out the Sun Joe MJ401E manual.

Sun Joe has been a leading name in the lawn mower world for years now, as many reviews are a testament to this statement! It is known not just in the market, but even for regular users, it is a truncated brand. If you are looking for comfort and power packed together into one device, then this walk-behind lawn mower is the one for you. Once you get your hands on it, you will never be disappointed or unsatisfied; that is one thing that we can guarantee.

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