Sun Joe MJ500M Mow Joe review is the one if you are overwhelmed and confused about choosing the right mower for yourself with so many options available on the marketplace.

Sun Joe Mj500 M Corded Electric Mower

Hopefully, this article will aid you in the process of finalizing one that meets all your needs. In this review, we look into every possible aspect of the MJ500M – from benefits and advantages to drawbacks that you might want to know, so please continue reading if you would like to find out more. 

Pros Cons
Easy to push and maneuver design  Not suitable for uneven terrain 
Lightweight  Not ideal for yards more than half an acre 
Easy to assemble 

Exploring the Chief Features 

As usual with the brand’s equipment, the MJ500M has many of its spectacular key features, including powerful engines and reliable machinery.

Spectacular Key Features of The Mower

Before you get to buy this mower, it is very important that you would check and see how the requirements of your lawn and needs meet.

  • Push drive type
  • Cutting width of 16 inches 
  • Adjust heights for cutting up to 1.57 inches deep
  • Five steel blades 
  • Grass catcher capacity of 6.6 gallons
  • Four manually adjustable positions for height variation 
  • Comfortable foam grip
  • Weight of 22 lbs
  • Compact design that is easy to assemble 
  • Full two-year long warranty guarantee

Sun Joe MJ500M Review

Sun Joe MJ500M Mow Joe Key Criteria
Easy to start
Maintenance Requirements
Rough Terrain
Easy to push and maneuver design
Easy to assemble
Not suitable for uneven terrain
Not ideal for yards more than half an acre

This manual mower is one of a kind: it is small, light, and compact, which makes it ideal for daily use operations. It is also incredibly easy to use and assemble, making it a user-friendly option for those unfamiliar with using a mower, which is why the utilization is very simple for the end user. 

This push reel lawn mower w/adjustable cutting height has an easy-to-drive push-behind design, which makes maneuvering the machine a breeze! The MJ500M handles tough turf with immense ease and grace and thus is the best-recommended mower for small to medium-sized lawns, and it can cut the grass with its sharp 16-inch blade, and this is a great option for domestic use. 

Additionally, this specific Sun Joe reel mower is a push-powered machine; hence, it produces no harmful gas fumes, which is an aspect to think about it. This, according to many Sun Joe lawn mower reviews, ultimately makes this mower a safer option for both the planet and the user’s health. 

One of the most notable features of the MJ500M is its customizability. The four different manually adjustable height settings let you pick just the perfect height to suit you and your desired operation. Thus, this again makes the push reel mower a great option for everyone as the device can be easily customized to suit your comfort. 

Furthermore, alongside the mower, you also receive several Sun Joe MJ500M parts, including the blades and the grass catcher, and even the Sun Joe MJ500M manual. Because of this, the mower is incredibly easy to assemble, and the manual is a great aid that illustrates every step and gives all the information you need about the device. 

How Has the Sun Joe MJ500M Mow Joe Evolved? 

The Sun Joe MJ500 has evolved by having a wider cutting width, as it used to be 13 inches, and now it is 16 inches in comparison to MJ400E. In addition, the height control had three options, and now it has four. 

Mowers Having a Wider Cutting Width

As always, according to many Sun Joe brand reviews, the company is no stranger to the game. They continue to put out amazing products, including Sun Joe electric reel mowers, and meet the recent trends by upgrading and improving their products. The MJ500M is no exception to this fact. 

Compared to the older models, such as the MJ401E-Pro, the Sun Joe Mow Joe MJ500M has improved in several ways. First, the older module only offers three varying height adjustments. In contrast, the MJ500M offers you four options, increasing the range available for you to find just the right height for optimum comfort. 


Secondly, although both lawn mowers come with powerful and durable blades, the MJ500M has the winning edge over the older MJ401E-Pro as it comes with five steel blades to last you much longer than the MJ401E-Pro’s single blade. Also, note that the MJ500M is the more powerful device with a larger cutting width of 16 inches whereas the MJ401E-Pro can only do 14 inches of cutting width.

Key Characteristics and Inspection of Features 

– Portable and Lightweight Design 

The MJ500M is a small-sized push lawn mower that only weighs 22 lbs. This makes it very easy to maneuver and push the machine, while the compact wheels make for easy storage. 

Also, you can transport it from one place to another with no discomfort, as its size ensures it can fit in most places and is also easy to assemble. This is a way that the company manufactured and ensured that the ones using their machine would not have a sore back after they accomplished the task. 

– Four Adjustable Height Positions

You can now freely alter the height of the reel mower w/adjustable height depending on the nature of the terrain.

As a result, it is clear how now you can set it to match whatever height you feel most comfortable working with, without having to compromise on your comfort. 

– Grass Catcher

The 6.6-gallon removable grass catcher collects up all the cut-off grass pieces, so you can easily discard them in one go instead of collecting them all after the job is done.

6.6 Gallon Removable Grass Catcher

Also, it is easy to attach and detach, making the task of cleaning up the cut-off grass much easier. In short, the task is not one that will exhaust you in the long run. 

– Adjustable Cutting Height 

The MJ500M offers a range of adjustable heights, from the minimum being 0.88 inches to a maximum of 1.81 inches.

The offers a great variety of heights to suit whatever look or type of grass cut you wish to carry out, and of course it has the signified bag for it to be tossed it. 

– Two 8.8-Inch Wheels

The 8.8-inch manual reel mower wheels make it easy to drive and push, without having to struggle against the machine.


Additionally, they are also coated in rust-resistant material, hence they can pass the test of time and ensure you get optimum value for your money, and that is why it is important to check the Sun Joe MJ500M Review.


To bring the Sun Joe cordless lawn mower review to an end, we most definitely recommend the MJ500M mower as our top pick for one of the best options available, even when compared with Cub Cadet electric lawn mowers. This mower is compatible with what most buyers are on the lookout for – it is reliable, durable, easy to use and assemble, and powerful. 

We hope this review has helped aid you gain a better insight into this amazing device. For any further information on the cut quality of the mower, the buying guide, and the warranty eligibility, you can go ahead and buy it, as you can now do so with all confidence because you have the right knowledge.

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