SUN JOE SBJ597E is a small handheld electric blower that is effective for clearing out small spaces and other light-duty blowing jobs.

Sun Joe SBJ597E

This blower is perfect if you have minor to average cleaning needs, such as dirty patios, walkways, decks or garages, but don’t want to own one of those higher quality blowers due to their hefty prices.

For these reasons, the SUN-JOE leaf blower is among the top-rated blowers in the market, which is why we will be reviewing the features that make this small blower top-tier.

Pros Cons
Pocket friendly Requires an extension cord for larger areas 
Easy to store in small spaces Noisy operation
Requires little to no maintenance It has only one speed option
Easy to assemble

Sun Joe SBJ597E Highlights

The is company is one thathandheld blower offers users enough power to easily tackle small cleaning jobs such as small yards, garages, and decks. Assembling and disassembling this blower is just as easy for convenient storage and mobility.

This means you can easily carry it in your car or store it in your tool house without taking up too much space. Its lightweight also gives it an added advantage, making it easy to carry the blower without wearing your arm out during lengthy cleanups.

Although this does not have as much power as many other electric handheld blowers, it is still an incredibly powerful device for its price. 

  • Powered by a six Amp electric motor
  • 155 Miles Per Hour air speed and 260 Cubic Feet per Meter air volume
  • No load speed of 14,000 RPM
  • 67 dB noise rating
  • Weighs 3.9 pounds
  • The package includes SBJ597E-red blower 
  • Comes with one concentrator nozzle
  • Two-year Limited Warranty

SUN-JOE SBJ597E Review

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Sun Joe SBJ597E Key Criteria
Number of Functions
Air Flow
Number of Airflow Functions
Pocket friendly
Easy to store in small spaces
Requires little to no maintenance
Easy to assemble
Requires an extension cord for larger areas
Noisy operation
It has only one speed option

So many features of the SBJ597E version is what make it one of the most highly demanded blowers available. Central to those features is an impressive weight that the blower comes in. 

This machine is one that would be weighing just barely up to four pounds, this is an unarguably one of the lightest handheld blowers around, making it easy for users to carry out cleanup jobs for extended periods without getting fatigued by the device’s weight. Unsurprisingly too, as handheld blowers are usually expected to be lightweight to allow for prolonged usage without wearing down the arm.

Unlike other handheld blowers that pack air speeds, the SBJ597E has an air speed of just 155 MPH and an air volume of 260 CFM. Which means that it is great to cover the area, and to perform in a great way, however is also means that the machine will get tired, and would need an extension cord when covering a greater and a bigger yard. 

But those higher MPH electric leaf blowers come at high prices, and not everyone wants to use such heavy-duty blowers all the time. Sometimes, all you need is a small blower with an airflow capacity just right for minor cleaning work around the house. For such impressive airflow at such an affordable price, users can enjoy using the blower for all sorts of light-duty cleanups without breaking the bank.

The SUN-JOE only comes with one speed option, which might only make it suitable for some types of cleaning jobs, such as blowing debris from gutters or leaves from gravel, but it might not be able to blow wet leaves on grass. However, it comes with a narrow concentrator nozzle that allows for quick and precise blowing.

This makes it easy to dislodge leaves or debris stuck on different surfaces without batting an eyelid.

The SBJ597E, manufactured by Snow Joe, delivers value for its price and an impressive amount of power for small cleanups while saving you the stress of maintenance that is usually required for gas or battery-powered blowers. You can even use it to clear light clumps of snow around your house during winter. 

This blower comes with a short chord which users will find difficult to maneuver around when blowing wide areas. As a result, users are forced to purchase an additional extension chord to overcome its limited range.

How The Sun-Joe SBJ597E Has Evolved?

The Sun Joe SBJ597E has evolved from its previous model the JB450E by having a better airflow of 155mph, as the older model had 135 mph, which was weaker. This makes the SBJ597E functionality more precise, as it would cover a greater surface with a better speed.

Most electric handheld blowers within the same price range typically have lesser air speeds and volumes than the Sun-joe, and the ones with similar airflow are usually a bit pricey. So, a lot of users will appreciate the amount of power, in terms of airflow, the SBJ597E carries for such an affordable price. 

In addition, remember that , unlike other handheld blowers that are often too long to store in your utility room without taking up space, this SUN-JOE model has a detachable chute for convenient storage. This feature is one that those with small tool sheds or storage spaces will appreciate.


Features Breakdown

– Lightweight Design

The SUN-JOE SBJ597E is a tool everyone, regardless of age, can use thanks to its lightweight design. This device barely weighs up to four pounds. This allows you to easily carry it around your home without worrying about your arm tiring out. As it does its optimal job, it won’t cause any hectic situation for you.

You can even carry it up on a ladder to blow leaves from your roof or gutters and would barely feel the weight. As such, you can hold the blower with just one hand and have the other hand free to perform other tasks while working.

– Easy Storage

The manufacturers of this device didn’t want you to worry about storage space for the blower, which is why they designed it with easy storage features. Hence, if you don’t have a large shed or spacious utility room to keep your blower after using it, as it would save you the stress of thinking where you should be storing it. 

Which means that you have nothing to worry about, as the SBJ597E is compact enough to be stored just about anywhere, including a box that is not too big, which wouldn’t take excessive space. It even comes with a blow tube that you can easily remove, overall the storage is quite simple and facile.

– Airflow Capacity

SUN-JOE SBJ597E packs an impressive airflow capacity for such a small and affordable device. With its 155 MPH and 260 CFM, there is no denying the amount of power this small blower has to offer.

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You can enjoy a quick and easy cleanup around your yard and use it on all types of surfaces. You can even use it to dry water from cars and blow slightly damp leaves or snow, this would show you how it is a great machine, that would cover if not all, most of your task. 

It also comes with a concentrator nozzle that you can use to blow away heavier leaves, twigs, and other accumulations. This Sun Joe leaf blower attachment also helps you achieve precision while blowing. You can also check out a newer model, the Sun Joe SBJ605E to compare its features.

– Electric Power Source

This handheld blower is a corded device, so it must be connected to an electric power source using a chord. With this power source, your blower requires little maintenance and does not emit harmful gases or substances into the environment.

Moreover, if you consider buying it, the aspect that you would work efficiently with the power that it would supply. 

However, the cord attached to the SBJ597E is short and would make maneuvering large areas difficult. To fix this problem, it is advisable to get a Sun Joe leaf blower extension cord or any other extension cord of your choice that is compatible with the device. This way, you can easily use your blower around your yard as long as there is a power supply.

– Six Amp Electric Motor

A six Amp motor is fitted in the SUN-JOE SBJ597E to allow it to generate its incredible air capacity. This motor powers a fan that blows out a 260 CFM air volume at an air speed of 155 MPH. This motor is perfect for this small blower as it produces the right amount of power to perform all kinds of light-blowing jobs efficiently.



There are so many high-end blowers on the market, so the SBJ597E might not be top of the list when purchasing a handheld blower. However, after reading our comprehensive review of the device, we’re sure you have gained an interest in it. 

Because despite its lightweight, low price and small design, it does wonders in blowing leaves and debris with its relatively powerful airflow. However, to fully enjoy this device, remember to add a compatible extension chord to your cart when purchasing. You should also check our review on the Sun Joe SBJ601E leaf blower too.

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