Sun Joe SBJ601E electric leaf blower is the primary focus of this review as we go into deep depth about each of its features and specifications. This includes what advantages it poses, what possible drawbacks you might face, and whether this particular blower is the ideal one for you or not.

Details Review of Sun Joe SBJ601E

The reasons and details are given in the following subsequent paragraphs, so to gain insight about the SBJ601E further, continue reading on!

Pros Cons
Powerful, all-purpose 10 AMP motor makes working faster and more efficient Does not generate air velocity optimum for large-size spaces, and thus is not suitable for large-sized yards.
Starts up instantly, and has a load speed of 12,000 / 15,000 rpm The motor is not equipped to handle long periods of running time, hence is not recommended for heavy-duty clean-ups and industrial use
Lightweight (4.6 lbs)  and portable

Sun Joe SBJ601E Highlights  

The SBJ601E blower is best recommended to be used for sweeping patios, driveways, decks, garages, and light snow.

Sun Joe SBJ601 E Electric Leaf Blower Highlights

The two variable operating speeds give you the best optimum control, while the lightweight coupled with its monster power motor allows for it to be easily carried anywhere without compromising on the sheer motor force. This blower also has other spectacular features, some of which include:

  • Maximum air velocity of 215 mph
  • No load speed of 12000 to 15000 rpm
  • Motor power of 10 amp
  • Two variable operating speeds
  • Weight of 4.6 lbs 
  • Electrical Testing Laboratories (ELT) certified
  • Two year warranty
  • Concentrator nozzle to increase air velocity  
  • Easy to assemble and use 

Sun Joe SBJ601E Review

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Sun Joe SBJ601E Key Criteria
Number of Functions
Air Flow
Number of Airflow Settings
Powerful, all-purpose 10 AMP motor makes working faster and more efficient
Starts up instantly, and has a load speed of 12,000 / 15,000 rpm
Lightweight (4.6 lbs) and portable
Does not generate air velocity optimum for large-size spaces, and thus is not suitable for large-sized yards.
The motor is not equipped to handle long periods of running time, hence is not recommended for heavy-duty clean-ups and industrial use

If you are looking for an easy-to-use blower for day-to-day tasks, the SBJ601E is the perfect option for you. Its portable and lightweight design allows it to be used easily on tasks such as sweeping driveways and patios and clearing up snow build-up. Its feature of adjustable wind speeds is beneficial for ensuring you have just the optimized wind pressure and speed for the task at hand. 

Due to it being capable of generating two operating speeds, having a concentrator nozzle to increase air velocity, and a powerful motor of 10 amp, it offers better airflow than many other blowers of the same size. 

The powerful motor coupled with the variable air speeds makes it incredibly easy to clean up any leaves or debris that have built up. Another benefit is that it is incredibly time-saving. Now, all you need is about five to ten minutes to clear out your entire driveway or patio! It also starts up instantly, further saving time. 

Without the hassle of struggling with the weight of a bulky blower, keeping your driveways and patios clean and maintained has never been so easy before this incredibly lightweight blower. This also makes it convenient to use, as anyone is capable of using the blower with ease. 

The electric blower requires minimal assembly when it arrives at your doorstep, and does not require any prior knowledge of the machine to use, making it an easy user-friendly device for almost anyone. Its simple-to-set-up design allows anyone to put it together and use it, as well as dismantle it for storage. No prior knowledge of the machinery is required and its user manual is very simple to understand at times when you fail to figure it out. 

However, it does not offer as many functions as some other available blowers, such as the SBJ603E Sun Joe 3-in-1 blower vacuum/mulcher reviews that offers a combination of a blower, vacuum, and mulcher. However, the SBJ601E manages to outperform the other criteria, such as adjustable speeds, powerful motor, and lightweight body.

Lastly, as mentioned above, the two variable speed electric blower allows for immense control in whatever task you intend to carry out, so the airflow settings are sure to exceed your expectations with every passing day. 

How Has the Sun Joe SBJ601E Evolved?

The Sun Joe SBJ601E has evolved in its lightweight body design and affordability, as well as its adjustable wind speeds setting, making it stand out amongst most other blowers. Compared with the newer models, the SBJ601E offers one of the, if not the most, lightweight designs.

The SBJ601E electric motor blower is most often compared with other similar Sun Joe leaf vacuum blowers models such as the Sun Joe SBJ603E, Sun Joe SBJ605E, Sun Joe iONBV, and the Sun Joe 24V blower

Sun Joe SBJ601E Leaf Blower Evolved

So you might be wondering how does the SBJ601E stand out amongst its peer leaf blowers? Well, the newer models indeed have greater power motors than the SBJ601E’s 10 amp, such as the SBJ605E’s 14-ampere motor power.

Where the SBJ605E weighs in at 12 lbs, the SBJ601E weighs only 4.6 lbs, a whole 7.4 lbs lighter, making it easy to use and maneuver. Also, the SBJ601E seems to be the best bang for your buck, coming in as the most affordable option. Comparing the prices available on the product listings on the official Sun Joe website, you will find that SBJ601E costs less than the SBJ605E, hence making the former the more affordable option by a considerable margin. 

Other notable comparisons can be drawn between the SBJ601E and another similar blower: the 24V cordless leaf blower.  Though the 24V cordless blower has amazing specifications such as an incredibly lightweight body of 4 lbs and an air velocity of 100 max mph all-purpose jet that allows you to use it in larger spaces, the SBJ601E is still the more affordable option, and offers variable speed settings which the former blower does not. 

The last comparison we would like to bring forth is with the Sun Joe SBJ597E-red. Though this particular blower does cost less than the SBJ601E, it does not offer variable speeds and it even has a weaker motor of 6 amp. 

Overall, we would recommend the SBJ601E as our top recommended all-purpose blower, as it offers the most impressive specifications, coupled with affordability and maneuverability while also not compromising on sheer raw motor power. 


Features Breakdown 

– Concentrator Nozzle for Increased Air Velocity

The SBJ601E has an extended concentrator nozzle that protrudes out the far end of the blower, allowing for maximum air velocity and pressure, as it helps focus and direct the air through the end more effectively. This ensures any debris or build-up on the patio is cleared up most efficiently. 

– Adjustable Wind Speeds 

The SBJ601E is an excellent leaf blower that stands out from the others due to its capability of possessing two operating air speeds.

SBJ601 E is Possessing Two Operating Air Speeds

This gives you full control over the power of air produced for your intended task: the lower speed for delicate flowerbeds while the higher one for gravel driveways!

– Easy Storage 

The blower offers an easy-to-assemble and disassemble design, which allows you to take it apart for storage and put it back together when needed. The removable chute and lightweight body allow for optimum storage of the blower. This is convenient for those who don’t have a lot of space in the garage to store their tools.

– Mighty Motor Power 

The blower is powered by a robust electric motor of 10 amps that generates 215 mph of airflow. This is perfect for any driveway or patio clean-ups in just a matter of minutes, making clean-up projects go quickly and efficiently.

– Two-Year Warranty

Potential buyers of this blower should also note that it comes with a warranty of up to two years after purchase, which allows ample time for you to use the device and make sure it is in perfect working condition for you and suits all your needs. You don’t have to worry if you encounter troubles with your machine, as the company offers a good warranty option for their blowers.



To conclude this review, we would recommend the SBJ601E to those looking for a reliable and strong blower to carry out cleaning up of small to medium-sized yards. We believe this leaf blower is a wonderful option for the majority of buyers looking for a blower in the marketplace. 

As mentioned, it is an all-purpose leaf blower, which allows for a range of uses across the board. It is also a good option for those who are on the look out for a hassle-free device that gets the job done without any fuss with its impressive specifications and features that uphold the standards of others on the marketplace. 

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