Sun Joe SBJ603E allows you to bid farewell to back-breaking lawn cleanups and costly tools and accessories. This 3-in-1 blower, vacuum, and mulcher is a versatile tool that is perfect for tackling all of your yard work needs.

Product Review of Sun Joe SBJ603E

Equipped with a 12-amp motor that provides strong suction and blowing power, the tool makes it easy to clean up leaves and debris from your lawn and driveway.

In this complete review, we talk all about it, so if you are someone who is on the lookout for multipurpose lawn equipment, make sure to keep reading! 

Pros  Cons
Easy to use lightweight design makes it convenient Short cord limits the area to be cleaned
Adjustable speed control Low mulching ratio
Quiet operation

Sun Joe SBJ603E Highlights

The SBJ603E is an excellent choice when it comes to fast and efficient lawn cleanups. With its powerful motor and compact versatile design, this electric blower/vacuum/mulcher is perfect for tackling any job around your yard. Let us have a look at the product specs:

  • An air volume of up to 350 CFM
  • Airspeed of up to 250 mph
  • Powerful 12-amp motor 
  • 12-gallon collection bag
  • 17:1 mulch ratio
  • 96 dB sound power level
  • Vacuum/blower kit
  • Blower concentrator nozzle
  • Two extension tubes, discharge chute
  • A built-in mulching feature reduces yard waste by up to 1/16th its original size
  • Easy-to-operate fingertip controls and telescopic handle for comfortable use

Sun Joe SBJ603E Review

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Sun Joe SBJ603E Key Criteria
Number of Air Flow Settings
Air Flow
Number of Functions
Easy to use lightweight design makes it convenient
Adjustable speed control
Quiet operation
Short cord limits the area to be cleaned
Low mulching ratio

The Sun Joe SBJ603E 13-amp 240 mph 3-in-1 electric blower/mulcher/vacuum, 32.7 inch, green has been rated highly by many users. Most users have reported that this blower is lightweight, easy to use, and powerful enough to tackle any job. 

It is also praised for its ability to quickly convert from a blower to a vacuum and mulcher. The debris bag is well-designed and collects leaves and debris efficiently, so you no longer have to break your back in picking up the leaves from the floor.

The SBJ603E also has a variety of attachments, including a bag and a nozzle, that make it easy to switch between different tasks. The bag allows you to easily collect and dispose of debris, while the nozzle makes it easy to focus the airflow for more precise cleaning.

The Sun Joe blower vacuum weighs 8.6 lbs and has an air speed of 230 mph. Moreover, it has a bag capacity of 1.2 bushels and a ratio of 16:1. This machine packs a punch with its 12-amp electric motor that provides strong suction and blowing power, making it easy to clean leaves and debris from your lawn and driveway.

One of the most unique and distinct features of the Sun Joe 3-in-1 blower/vacuum/mulcher is its built-in mulching function. This allows you to reduce yard waste by up to 16:1, making it an environmentally friendly and cost-effective solution for keeping your yard clean. 

The device has many safety features, such as a blower Joe safety switch that prevents accidental start-ups, and a built-in cord retention hook that keeps the cord securely in place. SBJ603E is also lightweight and easy to maneuver, making it the best choice for people of all ages and physical abilities. It is built to last, with durable materials that can thoroughly withstand the wear and tear of regular use.

However, the design of the blower can be improved by turning it into a Sun Joe leaf vacuum cordless tool, as the short cord limits the area to be cleaned.

How Has the Sun Joe SBJ603E Evolved?

The Sun Joe SBJ603E has evolved to become a more powerful and efficient electric leaf blower. It has undergone many improvements and has evolved to tackle all your cleaning needs. With its light weight and durable build, it is the perfect tool for many lawn owners.

The Sun Joe series has produced some of the most powerful leaf blowers, including the SBJ702E, the SBJ601E, and the Sun Joe SBJ605E in recent years. When it comes to the SBJ603E vs SBJ601E, the main difference between these two blower models is the clearing width.

The SBJ601E has a clearing width of 18 inches, while the SBJ603E has a clearing width of 21 inches. Also, SBJ603E has a higher intake height (13 inches) compared to SBJ601E (10 inches). 

Moreover, when comparing the SBJ603E vs SBJ602E, the main difference between these two blower models is the clearing width. The SBJ602E has a clearing width of 13 inches, while the SBJ603E also has a clearing width of 21 inches. 

Overall, SBJ603E is an excellent choice for anyone looking for high-quality and efficient multipurpose lawn equipment. 


Features Breakdown

– 3-in-1 Design

The SBJ603E blower quickly converts from a blower to a vacuum and mulcher. Instead of purchasing separate devices for blowing, vacuuming, and mulching, you can use the SBJ603E for all three tasks. This makes it very convenient and cost-effective, as you don’t have to buy all three tools for your yard.

The blower helps you clear leaves, grass clippings, and other debris from your lawn, driveway, and sidewalks. The vacuum and mulcher will collect and shred them into the Sun Joe leaf vacuum replacement bag. The included attachments, such as the nozzle, make it easy to focus the airflow for more precise cleaning.

This reduces yard waste by up to 16:1 through the built-in mulching impeller, allowing you to reduce the volume of yard waste, making it more manageable and easy to dispose of or use as a fertilizer for your garden.

– Powerful Motor

The 12-amp motor generates up to 250 mph of air speed and 350 cfm of air volume, making it efficient to deal with any job. It also provides strong suction and blowing power, which helps you finish your garden tasks quickly.

The benefit of this is that you can now move more snow/leaves/debris in a shorter amount of time and throw them farther away compared to a less powerful motor. Also, it allows you to clear your driveway or sidewalk more quickly and efficiently.

– Debris Bag

The SBJ603E comes with a 12-gallon bag. This bag is designed to collect and store debris, leaves, and other yard waste while using the device in vacuum mode. This feature makes the cleaning process more efficient and less time-consuming.

The large bag allows you to collect more debris before having to stop and empty it. It also includes a discharge chute, which ensures that the bag does not get clogged with debris. The bag is also detachable, which makes it easy to empty and clean.

– Convenient Fingertip Controls

The easy-to-operate fingertip controls make controlling the blower a breeze. This feature allows you to adjust the speed and direction of the airflow with the tip of your finger. With precise control over the airflow, you can easily direct the leaves and debris exactly where you want them to go, instead of scattering the leaves all over the place!

– High-impact-resistant Impeller

The high-impact-resistant impeller resists damage from solid objects such as rocks, twigs, and other debris. This feature ensures that the impeller lasts longer and functions efficiently, even after prolonged use. It also reduces the need for maintenance, which saves you time and money.

– Adjustable Wind Speed

The adjustable wind speed allows you to control the airflow and change the speed according to the task. With this, according to many Sun Joe leaf vacuum reviews, you have better control over the device and will be able to fine-tune the cleaning process. 

By adjusting the wind speed, you can use the machine for delicate tasks such as cleaning flower beds, or for more heavy-duty jobs, such as clearing large areas of debris. You can now also go all around your outdoor furniture and yard decorations with ease too!



The SBJ603E 3-in-1 blower/vacuum/mulcher is the right choice for anyone looking for a reliable and multipurpose cleaning device. With a powerful motor, adjustable wind speed, ergonomic design, and convenient features, it is perfect for tackling any job around your yard. You can also check our review on the newer leaf blower model, the Sun Joe SBJ605E.

It is a fantastic tool to get rid of leaves and debris quickly and easily. Also, the blower is backed by a two-year warranty, adding to your convenience. We hope that this Sun Joe SBJ603E review is helpful to you in making a conscious decision about your purchase!

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