Sweet escimo rose care infographicThe Sweet Escimo rose wears a soft pastel pink coat. It adds life and cheerfulness to wedding bouquets when arranged alongside white Escimo and other varieties.
With a captivating, rich aroma, the delicate flower of sweet Escimo rose is a pleasure to behold.

As an Ecuadorian native, the rosebush is one of the most difficult varieties to come by. The flower of the plant is as light as a feather, with flexible canes sprouting only a few thorns.

Where to Buy Sweet Escimo Roses

Soft, delicate sweet Escimo roses can be bought from various flower shops online, nurseries, and local garden centers.

Ditch the hassle of visiting an in-person location by ordering beautiful Escimos online or via a mail-order catalog.

Here are a few places to look:

  • Gethsemane Garden Center
  • Fabulous Florals
  • Flower Moxie
  • Rosa Prima
  • Potomac Floral
  • GreenRose Passion
  • Eco Roses

This isn’t an exhaustive list, but it’ll get you started.

Are you looking for sweet Escimo roses bridal bouquet options? It’s best to contact a local florist or rosarian, who’ll be excited to source your Escimos.

Now that you’ve identified where to buy sweet Escimo roses, don’t go splurging just yet. There’s a crucial bit of the puzzle that needs tying together.

How Sweet Escimo Roses are Sold

It’s not a done deal to simply wave your credit card and have your plush Escimos delivered. Suppliers love that, but it doesn’t do much for the recipient.

Roses are available in various forms, so scout out available options to make a better buying decision. How you choose to purchase your sweet Escimo rose is a matter of personal preference, purpose, and handling.

You can buy sweet Escimo roses in three different forms for gardening use.

1. Bare Rooted Roses

These are sweet Escimo rose roots without soil. Bare rooted roses are uprooted when inactive during winter and preserved. They are inexpensive to ship, as bare roots are leafless, and weigh next to nothing.

This is a cost-effective option if you’re going on a rose-planting spree. You can splurge a bit more, without fussing about expenses.

2. Potted Roses

Can’t wait for your sweet Escimo roses to go through the entire germination process? Do you prefer to see a hardy plant with foliage and perhaps a stunning bloom? Container sweet Escimo roses are cultivated and pampered to suit your demands.

Potted roses are readily available in potting mix, with foliage or bloom, and sometimes both.

They are more expensive to acquire, as you’d be paying for plant care, potting mix, mass, and space used up during transit.

Want to skimp on costs? Pick up your roses. If your local garden center or nursery has a website, check online to ensure they have sweet Escimos in stock before making the journey.

3. Packaged or Peat-Potted Roses

These sweet Escimo roses are supported by decomposable material. Peat is partially decayed vegetable matter. It’s rich in carbon and disintegrates quickly when planted.

With your sweet Escimo rose in this form, you don’t have to go through a repotting process. Stick your peat pot in the soil, and you’re as good as gold. The rosebush will position its roots in the soil, and the pot breaks down with time.

Once you’ve identified how you want your rose delivered and completed your purchase, you need to have it stored properly.

Storing and Planting

Bare rooted, potted, and packaged sweet Escimo roses are treated differently after receipt.

Consider these points to store and plant properly.


  1. Check bare root roses to ensure they aren’t dry but moist at the roots.
  2. Preserve bare root roses in the crisper drawers of a refrigerator if received in winter. Only do this for a week or two.
  3. Pot bare-root Escimo roses in peat pots if conditions are too cold to set outside. Check with a plant nursery or local garden shop for peat pots.
  4. Do you have too many bare rooted sweet Escimo roses to plant but no time? Dig a 12-inch ditch and set the roses in a sloped position, about mid-angle. Use slightly wet soil to conceal the roots and lower third of the plant.
  5. Once set in the ditch, keep checking to ensure moisture is maintained. Uproot your Escimos from the ditch when ready to plant.
  6. Store potted Escimos indoors but keep moist. Feed with liquid fertilizer if left inside for more than two weeks.

Planting Bare Rooted and Packaged Sweet Escimo Roses

  1. Cut stems/canes to shorten. Pruning encourages baby stems to push forth on lower sections of the plant. Prune damaged roots.
  2. Immerse roots in a container of dirty water the night prior to planting. This infuses and retains moisture in the roots.
  3. Dig a hole about 18 inches deep by 18 inches wide. Fill with water and leave to drain off. You should have good drainage for your sweet Escimo rose. If the water failed to drain, dig a bit deeper until it disappears.
  4. Combine your compost with the soil that has been dug up. Add to the hole to make a foundation.
  5. Build a small pyramid or mound and set the rose on top. The bud union of the rose should face the sun.
  6. Cover the rose with soil and saturate it with water. Leave the water to settle and then add more soil to almost cover the stems. Mulch can be added to keep the canes moist and healthy. If mulch is off the table, add more water.
  7. Once new growth sprouts from your sweet Escimo rose, strip away the soil from around the stems.

Planting Potted Sweet Escimo Roses

  1. Soak the plant with water in the container before removing it.
  2. Dig a hole and prepare the soil. The same guidelines for bare rooted Escimos apply. However, leave the soil flat instead of creating a mound.
  3. Remove your sweet Escimo rose from the pot and add it to the soil. Loosen soil that’s clinging to the roots of the plant. This is to facilitate better integration with the surrounding soil.
  4. Are the roots tight together? Create about four cuts on different sides. Once new roots sprout, it’ll branch out into its new bed.
  5. Water daily to prevent dehydration of the roots. The plant should be fed water more often during hot weather.

How to Take Care of Sweet Escimo Roses

Do you want to have healthy, blooming sweet Escimos to beautify your home and brag to your neighbors? Be prepared to take care of them.

Sweet Escimo roses do take a lot of work, but once you get the hang of it, you’ll be amazed to see the results.

Watering and Mulching

  1. A full-grown sweet Escimo rose plant should be fed close to an inch amount of water weekly.
  2. Become familiar with your soil type. Clay soil is big on holding water. Naturally, if you’re working with this type of dirt, you’d need to apply less water. If it rains and your rose has absorbed enough, you don’t need to apply more.
  3. Sweet Escimo roses hate dry, parched weather conditions. When it’s hot, you’ll need to feed it more water. In cooler conditions, you might even be able to skip a week.
  4. Develop intimacy with your rosebush. Know your plant so well that it’s easy to determine when it needs watering. This can be done by getting dirty and assessing soil moistness, the texture of the leaves, and canes. With this knowledge, you can create your watering schedule.
  5. Consider diseases when watering. Diseases of the sweet Escimo rose such as black spot, rust, and others flourish with water. If a disease plagues the area, don’t apply water to your Escimo leaves. They should be kept dry to discourage bacteria growth.
  6. Rosebushes love moisture. Add mulch above the plant’s roots to lock in moisture and vital nutrients to encourage growth.


  1. Don’t be stingy with fertilizers. You’ll be rewarded with radiant, blossoming Escimos if you give it sufficient rose food.
  2. Add a suitable rose food approximately every six weeks for best results. Be warned, there is such a thing as over-fertilizing. This burns the plant and gives birth to ugly brown leaves
  3. Likely, the fertilizer’s manufacturer will have clear guidelines. Please, always follow instructions.
  4. Did you manage to overfertilize? Let’s play damage control. Get your hose running and wash the rose food away from the root area. This won’t fix scorched foliage, but it’ll discourage further damage.
  5. Fertilizers shouldn’t be applied without thought, as sweet Escimo roses are very time-sensitive. Your plants should be given the final bits of rose food around the last week of July. Fertilizers should be fed to plants around six weeks before spring (or at least before new sprouts during this season).
  6. Sweet Escimo roses respond best to fertilizers containing potassium, phosphorous, and nitrogen. If you buy a package labeled “rose food”, your plants will thank you.

Pruning Escimo rose pruning

  1. Escimos love drinking water as much as they love pruning. The more you cut, the more they thrive and spread out. You trim roses by cutting canes in strategic places. Always prune a little above the bud eye.
  2. Wear appropriate gear before you attempt pruning. Although sweet Escimo roses aren’t full of thorns, the few they carry will prick a finger. A pruning saw to cut stubborn, old roots, heavy gloves, and a hand prune are important pieces of gear to have.
  3. When spring rears its head, that’s your cue to start removing canes that have sustained damage (or have died) over the wintry period.
  4. Prune overlapping canes. Stems should grow apart, not together. This allows for better blooms and a wider plant.
  5. Always prune your Sweet Escimos for the winter. The winter blues are treacherous and harsh on roses. When you prune them down, you give them a better chance of bouncing back come the next blooming season.
  6. A good schedule is to start pruning late fall after the blossoming season ends.
  7. Be an excited pruner. When you take hand prunes to canes, cut back as much as you need to in preparation for winter. Remember, a sweet Escimo rose falls into a state of inactivity to survive the weather.


Is the Sweet Escimo Rose rare?

Yes, the Sweet Escimo Rose is rare and unique, with a distinct appearance and limited availability in the market.

Does Vinegar make cut Sweet Escimo Rose last longer?

Vinegar may extend the life of cut roses, but there’s no evidence that it specifically benefits the Sweet Escimo variety.

Does the Sweet Escimo Rose like warm or cold water?

The Sweet Escimo Rose prefers cool water, around 40-50 degrees Fahrenheit, to stay fresh and healthy.


This is more than a mouthful to consume about sweet Escimo roses. However, watching these lovelies bloom in your garden and taking care of them is a beautiful reward to reap.

Now go out there and get yourself a sweet Escimo rose plant and start planting.

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