Toro 20360 review is the one that proves how this is one of the leading lawn mowers that has gained a lot of new customers from all across the globe because of its various features that provide ease and comfort to them in their yard work.

Toro 20360 Cordless Electric Lawn Mower

In this article, we shed light upon the many key specs of this blower and discuss all the ways they could be advantageous for you.

Keep reading this Toro electric lawn mower review to make your final decision regarding the purchase of this mower.

Pros Cons
Compact and powerful design  The battery is not removable
Comfortable structure Relatively heavier compared to other models
Easy start-up

Uncovering The Key and Common Features

If you are looking for a cordless mower that has the strength to get your lawn prim and proper and also comes with the utmost comfort, then Toro 20360 electric lawn mower has your back.

Uncovering The Key and Common Features

It comes with various features that allow it to be used for both long and short periods, and you should make sure that you know the specific features to see if it is worth the investment. 

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  • Simple two-step operator controls
  • 77 lbs weight
  • One-handed control
  • 4-inch deep-domed deck
  • Two-year full coverage warranty
  • Emissions-free working mechanism
  • Easy to operate
  • 36 Volt cordless battery
  • Adjustable blade height
  • 7-inch front wheels 
  • 8-inch rear wheels

Reviewing the Toro 20360 in Details

The Toro 20360 cordless electric lawn mower is a great option for those individuals who are building a lawn care kit and require a mower as a part of it. This mower is impactful and powerful and comes with a trustable brand name that allows you to put blind trust in its quality, customer service as well as work ethic, and how it would last long. 

Toro is one of the leading lawn tool brands known especially for its high quality and powerful lawn mowers, a fact that can be proven by its various positive customer reviews and hardcore fans. The company makes sure to put the user first by not just providing maximum comfort; in addition you must also remember that as you ensure how there are no compromises in the functionality of the machine.

The first step of operating any device is to start it, but if that process is made difficult for you, it could add to your agonies. On another note, remember that Toro has done the exact opposite by making this process super convenient for you. The easy-to-start technology of the 20360 allows you to begin your yard work by simply inserting the key and moving the control lever toward the handle.

Additionally, it also comes with a powerful 36 Volt cordless electric battery that is easy to charge and gives the mower the strength to achieve tasks effectively and efficiently. The battery is charged at the factory, so you do not need to charge it before using it the first time. After that, it requires around 12 to 16 hours to complete the charge for the next use. The only drawback of the battery is that it is not removable. 

The best feature of this Toro e-cycler mower is the guiltless use, as you do not need to worry about the environment and even your garden and yard. As the powerful, emission-free, 36 V battery ensures that you can play your part in supporting a cleaner and greener planet by limiting the fumes your mower produces, and it would also be a feature to look through because it will not pollute the are you live in. 

The simple two-step operator control of the 20360 makes it even easier to handle the mower by just about any user. Through the integrated one-handed control assembly, you are kept safe, while the soft handle adds to the comfort, because of which you are required to put less effort into moving the device. This two-step action ensures a safe, comfortable, and easy use of the blower.

How Has the Toro 20360 Evolved?

Toro 20360 has evolved by having to function on battery instead of a fuel-running motor, and this is what signifies it from the previous model the Toro 20339. This shows that the company has advanced manufacturing into a more eco-friendly machine. 

Toro 20360 Has Evolved by Having to Functional Battery

The Toro 20360 is a great improvement from the company’s previous models, including Toro electric riding lawn mowers, and has given rise to the standards of the company and customer expectations. 


Not only is it more maneuverable because of its two-step operator control system that allows it to be operated with just one hand, but it also has one of the most powerful batteries in the market that conveniently shows the charging requirement through the LEDs added to the mower.

Toro 20360 Breakdown

– Cutting Deck

This Toro 20360 comes along with a nice-sized 20-inch cutting deck. The proportions of this deck allow it to reduce the amount of time you spend mowing by mowing more grass in less time.

As a result of this, you then have to make fewer rounds to get the whole yard done which means you will be less tired after you are done mowing the entire yard because the cutting option is a great way that it would function with a single blade.

– Cutting Heights

With the 1-inch to 4-inch range of cutting height, this cordless mower allows you to adjust it according to the area of the yard you are dealing with. If you have a big yard that has uneven heights or even if it gets overgrown quicker than most others, then the good range of cutting height makes this mower a rather convenient option for you.

However, this also means that you also have to adjust the height of each wheel separately which can be bothersome for most users. This means that it would vary according to your need and your desire, as it would switch from one to four inches; the matter would also be looked through with your grass type as well. 

– Emission-free Battery

With the Toro 20360 e-cycler cordless mower, which comes with a super-efficient rechargeable battery.

Mower Comes with A Super Efficient Rechargeable Battery

In short, you would not have to worry about the cost of fuel, buying gas or oil, and the time and effort it takes to make the right fuel mix for your machine. You will also not worry about the mess that it would make regarding the spill or the pollution, in general. 


This helps you save your bank balance and also the planet and your consciousness from any guilt, as the battery gives a long power time, and during that, this Toro battery mower easily covers and mows up to 10,000 square feet of your yard.


The Toro 20360 lawn mower is a package deal that comes with low noise levels, high power, and maximum comfort and is the perfect match for almost any user. All of these features, when combined, make it the perfect choice for your yard. 

To learn more about various Toro 20360 parts, you can head over to their website and check out the Toro 20360 manual. Now, you have such a vast knowledge of this lawn mower and its review, and you have a steady grip on the reasons why you should invest in it. 

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