Toro 20378 review is here to prove that it is one piece of equipment that allows you to have a beautiful home so you get an endless string of compliments coming your way. It ensures that your yard and garden look neat and clean instead of the disarrayed mess you find them to be regularly.

Perfect Blower Toro 20378 Review

Today, we have brought to you an in-depth review of the self-propelled Toro recycler mower that tells you why this is one of the best mowers in town. Not only does it come with impressive features, but it is also an effective, durable, and the most suitable choice for you and your home! 

Pros Cons
Reasonable price for the quality you get May be difficult to start, especially for new users
Easy to store because of the foldable handle Louder than many other devices 
Nine unique cutting positions

Toro 20378 Highlights

Before buying a blower, the most important factor that we all look for is the amount of relevant and up-to-date features that it offers. The 20378 Toro hand blower comes with a variety of specs that ensure the customer’s utmost satisfaction, making it one of the best choices of blowers for just about anyone.

Here are the features of this blower that make it stand out from the rest and make it a worthy mower to add to your yard-care kit:

  • 149 cc Kohler engine
  • 4-cycle engine with AutoChoke
  • Consistent cut power 
  • No oil changes required
  • 22-inch steel recycler cutting deck
  • High capacity 2.1-bushel 
  • Quick change between 1-inch to 4-inch cutting heights
  • 11-inch high rear wheels
  • Deck washout port
  • Adjustable height handle
  • Three-year guaranteed-to-start warranty
  • Two-year full coverage warranty
  • 6.7 lbs torque
  • 72 lbs mower weight
  • 3-in-1 cutting options (side-discharge/bag/mulch)

Toro 20378 Review

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Toro 20378 Key Criteria
Easy to Start
Maintenance Requirements
Rough Terrain
Reasonable price for the quality you get
Easy to store because of the foldable handle
Nine unique cutting positions
May be difficult to start, especially for new users
Louder than many other devices

Looking for a great and trusty mower may be a hard process as the market has various options, so it becomes a bit hard to navigate through them all. To make this process easier, make a list of requirements and see whether the blower seems to be fulfilling each demand.

The brand is also another important factor that you must consider. Toro has been a leading name in the lawn mower world for years now (many lawn mower reviews are a testament to this) and if you discuss investing in a mower amongst your community, you will definitely hear their name recommended more than a few times.

So, when choosing the Toro lawn mower, you can be free from any doubts regarding product quality or meeting requirements because of the variety of features this blower has to offer, which makes it check off requirements without even trying. This blower gives power, durability, and comfort all wrapped in one, making it a top competitor in the market and a contestant on the hit list of many. 

Also, it is highly easy to use, making it a comfortable machine that can be operated by anyone in the household without breaking the body out in aches. Adding to the comfort, it comes with self-propelled mower wheels that make it easier to push the mower around in your yard. 

As with the self-propelled mower, there is a bar on the handle. Pressing this bar engages the wheels, making your mower engine drive them forward. This means you would not have to put much effort into pushing this blower and remain less fatigued even after hours of mowing. 

It also comes with a powered Toro 6.75 149cc Kohler engine in front of the wheels, ensuring that the driver is not required to put all their effort and strength into driving this mower.

The foldable feature of the mower makes it easier to store, hence it takes less space for storage. For someone with many lawn mowers, this a great offer as you can place all your tools together under your shed. Additionally, its red and black exterior makes it a modern and sleek design to place in your yard-care kit.  

The lawn mower is a powerful option to invest in and is best for mulching. With its fine and sharp blades, once it has run over your lawn, it successfully evens it out and gives an overall neat and tidy look to your garden.

This is among the best gas lawn mowers that feature an extraordinary OHV 149 cc engine that allows for easy starting and makes using this blower ten times smoother by giving it enough power to push it even on the bumpiest terrains. This allows you to cut various types of grass, be it sturdy or soft, with the speed drive, further requiring less effort to push and making it easy to maneuver and handle.

The front power is supported by 11 inches of high rear wheels. The high wheel drive makes the mower easier to handle on bumpy terrain. They also allow the mower to be able to tackle even the most unbalanced landscapes and cut through uneven terrain with ease, making it a worthy option for all the professionals who are looking for the best mower to add to their collection. 

How Has the Toro 20378 Evolved?

The Toro 20378 has evolved by introducing various innovative features that are up-to-date and provide maximum effectiveness compared to the company’s own previous mowers. One of the previous models is the Toro 20360 mower.

This mower’s specs are a great upgrade not just for the company itself but also for many of the other lawnmowers available in the market.

Ultimate Guide to Toro Lawnmowers

If we compare it to the Toro Recycler SmartStow 150 cc self-propelled lawnmower, we see that both have the same 22-inch cutting width, but the Toro 20378 self-propelled recycler lawnmower engine is 149 ccs compared to its 150 ccs.

However, the Toro SmartStow has 10-inch wheels compared to the 11-inch wheels of the 20378, making it more balanced and easier to handle. 


Features Breakdown

– Warranty

Even if the brand claims to be the best in the market, it must prove through its actions and quality products that they are manufacturing the best, well-thought-out products that last a long time.

The warranty offered is a great way to judge the company and could be a clear giveaway for the amount of trust they have put in their products. 

The Choice for a Perfectly Manicured Lawn

Toro has made sure to prove their trustworthiness by giving an astonishing three-year guaranteed-to-start warranty along with a two-year full coverage warranty. This clearly shows that they have absolute trust in their products and would assist their customers in case of any rare malfunctioning of their products.

– Foldable

What if we tell you that to store your blower safely in your shed, all you need to do is fold it and tuck it right away? Yes, it is as simple as it sounds! Since this blower is primarily constructed for residential use, the company has the storage issues of its previous customers in mind.

As a result, they developed the 20378, which hardly takes any storage space and is barely noticeable in your shed, not to forget the convenience of taking it to and fro from your shed to your yard!

– Variable Speed

Another impressive feature of this mower is its speed control that many users may be unaware of at times. This feature allows the operator to maintain the desired engine speed when they want to mow their yard or garden, which allows you to have complete control over the mower.

Future of Lawn Care Technology

So, if you are someone who is always on a run but still wants their yard to be clean in the shortest period possible, or if you prefer to go slow and precise and like to work at your personal pace, you will now be able to choose your preferred speed. 

This is a great feature as it ensures that you opt for the right speed that lets you finish your work within the required and optimal time. Being able to work at your desired personal pace is a great way to make this time-effective, so you can go from in-depth weekend cleaning to quick cleaning before a guest arrives in an instant

– Cutting Quality

For a mower, the quality, strength, and size of the blades are highly significant as it is the direct pointer to the working of the mower. This mower comes with a 22-inch cutting deck made with high-quality steel and also comes along with a recycling cutting system. 

The deck has nine different positions for cutting the grass and hence, according to many Toro 6.75 149cc reviews, does its work effectively by giving you even and balanced results. So now get ready to be amazed by a smooth yard: something you could have never imagined before!

– 3-in-1 Cutting Options

Lawn health is an important factor for homeowners who love spending their time in their gardens. For this, you must think about the grass clippings your mower produces. Grass clippings are a great free fertilizer to use for your lawn but it can be messy at times too.

Grass clippings strewn around the yard is unsightly and unappealing to look at.

The Precision of Toro Lawnmowers

This makes you wonder which type of grass clipping disposal suits you and your lawn best. Toro 20378 would not keep you wondering as it offers three different options for you to choose from.

The options are side-discharge, bag, and mulch. You can try all three options (our personal favorite is Toro 20378 bag) to figure out your favorite or choose a different option for different areas.



This review shows you why this Toro mower is a great choice to add to your yard care kit. It has various features that make it famous and a favorite amongst fans, which is not a surprise as it provides great quality for the price point. You can also check the Toro Personal Pace review post which has a better vortex technology.

To learn more about the Toro model 20378 parts, like the Toro 20378 carburetor, you can check out the Toro model 20378 manual.

If you are looking for comfort and power packed together into one mower, then this self-propelled lawn mower will be the one for you with its 3-in-1 cutting option and strong Toro 20378 blades. You will never be disappointed or unsatisfied, and this fact is one thing that we can guarantee!

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