Toro 51486 string trimmer review is the one to rescue you if you constantly feel overwhelmed and daunted by the enormous grueling task of yard maintenance.Toro 51486 String Trimmer Review

In this review, we talk about just the perfect product for you: the Toro 51486 trimmer. Below, we cover everything you need to know about owning this device: from the pros and cons to all its features, so keep reading if any of that interests you.

Looking Into the Technical Information and Main Features

Toro 51486 Key Criteria
Blade Length
Pros Cons Lightweight and easy to maneuver
Cordless so no accidental unplugging or tripping over wires
Adjustable handle height for comfortable operation
Ergonomic design reduces strain on the user
12-inch cutting width may not be suitable for large lawns
It can be difficult to use on very sloped terrain

Drawing from our experience, when we say that this trimmer has a lot to offer, we mean it, because it gives you all the features of excellent trimmers, including brilliant cutting technology and speed controls, along with so much more. What’s more is that this type of trimmer worth investing in because of its key features and the ways that it serves, doing the job in a precise way.

  • Lightweight design for easy maneuvering
  • Cutting width of 12 inches
  • Cordless design: no risks of accidental unplugging
  • Battery-operated power source
  • Rechargeable lithium-ion battery
  • 14-inch telescoping shaft
  • Adjustable assist handle
  • Single-line cutting system for more controlled, cleaner, and precise cuts
  • Quiet performance with low vibration levels
  • Safety switch to prevent an accidental switching on or off
  • Durable material meant to withstand the test of time
  • The rust-free aluminum shaft withstands any stresses while trimming
  • Minimal maintenance requirements
  • Converts from trimmer to edger in seconds
  • Two-year long warranty guarantee

A Detailed Toro 51486 String Trimmer Review

  • Weight: 10/10
  • Maneuverability 10/10
  • Ergonomics 10/10
  • Blade length 8/10

This Toro 51486 trimmer has an extremely lightweight design that makes it more simple to move around, so for that reason, we give this trimmer a 10/10 for weight. As per our expertise, this trimmer is the best in terms of how lightweight it is in comparison to other available options, which makes for a very user-friendly and comfortable operation.

Second, the Toro 51486 offers a 12 inches cutting width, so for that reason, we give it an 8/10 for blade length. This trimmer provides an ample blade length for anyone with a smaller to medium-sized lawn, as it can easily handle moderately demanding tasks.


Furthermore, we give it another 10/10 for maneuverability, as due to its lightweight and compact design, the trimmer can be shifted and moved with ease. Based on our first-hand experience, this accelerated maneuverability makes it the ideal option for users with concerns regarding user fatigue and body strain.

In addition to this, when speaking about this Toro trimmer’s excellent ergonomics, we award it another 10/10 because it is truly perfect in that sense. After trying out this product, we assure you that using this trimmer is easy on the joints and muscles, and you won’t face anybody strains after the ordeal.

Based on our observations, this trimmer’s cutting performance is truly impeccable. With a 12-inch cutting width and a single-line cutting system, it ensures a neat and clean finish to your lawn every time without failure. The 12-inch long cutting width provides a sufficient width to cover a vast surface efficiently, so it is suitable for small up to medium-sized lawns and yards.

Additionally, the trimmer is made of durable and rust-free aluminum, ensuring that it stays in perfect working condition for many years. This tough and durable material of the trimmer allows it to withstand any stresses, such as harsh weather conditions, humidity, or more robust grass types while trimming.

If your trimmer does not hold up to your standards for whatever reason, such as a manufacturing defect, the Toro 51486 comes with a two-year-long warranty card. This reassures you that you will always receive the best of the best quality product from Toro.

– How Has the Toro 51486 String Trimmer Evolved?

The Toro 51486 trimmer has evolved many advancements and improvements through the years to enhance its overall performance. To elaborate further, it has mainly improved its user-friendliness and cutting ability, making it truly unlike any other string trimmers we have encountered.Evolution of Toro 51486 String Trimmer

When talking about the cutting ability, Toro has stepped up its cutting technology with the single-line cutting system featured in the 51486 trimmer. Together with its 12 inches cutting width, this trimmer features a much more sophisticated and precise cutting mechanism than the ones seen before in the previous models.

In terms of user-friendliness, the Toro 51486 has evolved and has become better in incorporating different features that increase its overall usability. To start with, Toro has refined the cutting mechanism, making it much easier to operate. Additionally, the inclusion of an intuitive starting mechanism has made starting the device much simpler.

Moreover, they have further improved the ergonomics and build quality by making the trimmer cordless. This allows for a hassle-free operation without any risks of unplugging or tripping over bulky wires. Last, they have also included safety measures such as the safety switch, improving the overall user-friendliness, so that different accidents would be avoided.


A Closer Look at Some of the Key Features

– Lightweight and Ergonomic Build Design

The lightweight and ergonomic design of the Toro 51486 ensures the utmost comfort during prolonged use. Its lightweight is what makes it easy to maneuver and get into the hardest of spots with utter ease, and with eight pounds weight, you will not have a muscle spasm in the long run.Ergonomic Design of Toro Trimmer

This also ensures reduced user fatigue by ensuring reduced strain on the user’s body after a long and hard day of intense yard work, and this is why it will make the task feel more at ease as you take care of the task required. The 51486 boasts a sleek, sophisticated, and ergonomic design, ensuring optimal comfort during prolonged use. Its lightweight and compact construction makes it easy to handle, which in turn reduces user fatigue and strain on your hands and arms after you have used it.

– 14 Inch Telescoping Handle

This trimmer features a handle that quickly adjusts to any size for the ideal working height that suits the user’s needs. This again helps make the operation more comfortable and reduces strain on the user’s bones and muscles during prolonged use. You don’t have to work with your shoulders bent, and feeling tired in the longer run.

– Automatic Feed Trimmer Line

The trimmer automatically adjusts its line to the perfect cutting length, ensuring a perfectly uniform and clean cut every time. This feature maintains consistency, so you can achieve the exact clean cut you want every single time, without compromising your yard’s aesthetics.Automatic Feed Trimmer Line

– Rust Free Aluminum Material

The shaft is made out of durable and corrosion-resistant aluminum that can withstand harsh weather conditions and other extreme stresses during trimming. This promotes the longevity of the trimmer so that it can serve you for many years to come, which means that when you invest in it, you don’t have to be worried about the aspects of the blades to weaken.

– Cordless Design

This trimmer is of cordless fashion, which allows for ultimate movement with no restriction. You can drive the trimmer where you need it regardless of how far away you need it to reach.

Additionally, it comes with an adjustable handle grip, letting you set it at just the right height. This feature lets you customize the device to your preferences and needs, ensuring the utmost comfort and ease of use. Moreover, it is also super helpful because you do not need to worry about unplugging your device while in use or having to haul around a mess of long cords and then tripping over them unnecessarily.


– Converts to Edger in Seconds

The Toro 51486 features a simple one-touch button for conversion between trimming and edging. This lets you switch between the two modes seamlessly, so you do not need to waste time waiting around for the trimmer to convert to an edger to continue your lawn maintenance. Also, you no longer need to haul two different machines for two different tasks!Converts String Trimmer Edger in Seconds


In conclusion, our product analysis reveals that the Toro 51486 trimmer is a reliable and powerful tool that exceeds all expectations. It gives you all that you could need from a trimmer, from excellent cutting performance to impeccable durability and immense user-friendliness. This makes it our top choice recommendation for individuals on the hunt for an esteemed and trustworthy trimmer that is sure to impress.

Overall, it is clear to see why this trimmer has received an overwhelmingly positive response and high customer satisfaction, according to the several positive Toro 51486 string trimmer review consumer reports. We hope you found this review helpful and that we were able to shed some light on this one-of-a-kind trimmer.

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