Toro 51496 hedge trimmer review is what proves that this trimmer is one of the key options that is available in the market, as it has gained a lot of customers from all across the globe because of the various outstanding features that it offers, along with unparalleled ease and comfort in the yard work.Toro 51496 Hedge Trimmer Review

In this review, we shed light upon the many features of this trimmer and all its advantages as well as any drawbacks. Keep reading to make your final decision regarding the purchase of this hedge trimmer.



Lightweight 6.8 lbs body The battery is not included
No fumes May not be able to cut through thicker tree branches
The pull-back safety switch is easy to handle

Some Features of The Toro 51496 Hedge Trimmer

The Toro 51496 gives the utter satisfaction of being the very device that most of us are looking for by providing all the up-to-date features that provide a swift running experience and ensure the job is done properly. With its power, comfort, and compact structure all wrapped up in one, this is a package deal of endless features you want to take advantage of.

  • 24 inches long cutting bar
  • Polished, hardened steel, dual-action blades
  • Cuts through branches up to five to eight inches thick
  • 24 Volt lithium ion battery
  • Ergonomic 90 degrees rotating handle
  • Cordless
  • 8 lbs body
  • Includes a rapid charger

Toro 51496 Hedge Trimmer Review

Toro 51496 Hedge Key Criteria
Blade Length
Lightweight 6.8 lbs body
No fumes
The pull-back safety switch is easy to handle
The battery is not included
May not be able to cut through thicker tree branches

The best part of coming across the Toro 51496 hedge trimmer is that it is best suited for your yard, as it is a machine that proves with every one of its features that it is exactly what you need to make your life and yard tenfold better. If you wish to vie with some of the best-looking houses in the neighborhood, start using the Toro 51496.

Regarding the brand, you can be relieved regarding Toro because the company takes it very seriously to prove its worth to its users. Toro has been a leading name in the all-outdoor lawn or yard appliances world for years now, just as many Toro hedge trimmer reviews are a testament to this. If you discuss investing in the 51496 hedge trimmer amongst your community, you will hear the name recommended more than a few times.

The weight of the trimmer receives a solid 9 out of 10 because of the ease it adds to your trimming routine. With a machine that weighs only 8.9 lbs, you can easily move it around and cover as much area as possible without tiring your arms or limbs. In a market full of hedge trimmers that usually weigh more than 10 pounds, the Toro 51496 completely separates itself from all others.Evolution of Toro 51496 Hedge Trimmer

Quite closely related to the weight of the mower, this compact trimmer may be powerful but will shock with how easily maneuverable it is. This is why it receives an 8.9 out of 10 in that category. It ensures that you wouldn’t have to put all your effort into making the machine mover and hence can easily focus on the actual task at hand.

No matter how comfortable or good your device looks, all of that will amount to nothing if your trimmer does not give you the necessary power to help it run. The 24 V Max cordless lithium-ion battery-powered Toro trimmer allows you to get all your work done without any guilt of hurting the environment or the potential of ruining your yard. Due to the lack of fuel intake, you not just save money but also benefit from the lack of emissions, making this Earth a better place.

Add to that the ergonomic design, rated 8.4 out of 10, gives this trimmer a chic and sleek look and the necessary comfort by incorporating a neat handle that can be rotated to 90 degrees. Once you use this feature, you will see for yourself why this is a beloved device.

The next key characteristic to consider is the Toro 51496 hedge trimmer blades because they are the main component that performs the task you bought the machine for. The 24 inches long cutting bar ensures you have a longer reach, so even when you have to reach the upper parts, you can perform the trimming with ease, which is why the trimmer received an 8.9 out of 10 in that department.

Additionally, the quality of these polished, hardened steel, dual-action blades is incomparable as they can cut through branches up to 5 to 8 inches thick.

– How Has the Trimmer Evolved?

Toro 51496 hedge trimmer has evolved to be a cordless hedge trimmer that is better than any corded hedge trimmers out there and is an upgrade to the company’s previous lawn trimmers and many of the others in the market since it comes with several innovative features.

If we compare this trimmer with the Toro corded electric hedge trimmer, we can tell that for one the 51496 cordless trimmer allows you to cover a larger area as you would not be restricted by any cord. The 51496 also has a 24 inches blade compared to the 21 inches of the 51490. However, in comparison, the 51490 is lighter with its 6.3 lbs weight vs. the 6.8 lbs weight of the 51496.

The Top Features of This Hedge Trimmer

– Cordless

Since the 51496 24-inch hedge trimmer is cordless, it allows you to easily maneuver it through every nook and cranny of your yard. With this trimmer, you no longer have to be limited or anxious by the length of the cable. Not only the latter but there is also no worry about the cable being tangled with the patio furniture you have placed so lovingly.Rotating Handle of Hedge Trimmer

– Rotating Handle

The rotating handle is one of the most innovative features to be included in this string trimmer. This handle gives the operator freedom to turn it 90 degrees in each direction, making it a close companion of the operator as it allows your reach to be more exact, so you are not accidentally trimming areas you do not want to. Not only does it make trimming vertically easy, but it also makes it comfortable, as the ergonomic handle provides a soft place to hold onto.

– Warranty

Toro has made sure to prove their trustworthiness by giving an astonishing three-year guaranteed-to-start warranty along with a two-year full coverage warranty on this hedge trimmer. This clearly shows that they have absolute trust in their products and would assist their customers in case of any rare malfunction, and it would also give you time to test, and if anything goes wrong within those two years, you have the chance to contact them.

– Cutting Quality

This hedge trimmer comes with 24 inches long cutting bar that is made from polished, hardened steel, dual-action blades that are so strong and durable that they can even cut through branches up to five to eight inches in thickness. This is why; if you go ahead and purchase this trimmer, you can be relieved to know that with the power of such blades, you will be doing your job perfectly.Cutting Quality of Toro 51496 Hedge Trimmer


This review shows you why this Toro trimmer is a great option if you wish to add it to your yard care kit. It has various features that make it famous and a favorite amongst fans. If this review has not convinced you to buy this, then the price listing might do it for you. In case you are looking for a trimmer that is comfortable and power packed together into one device, this cordless lawn trimmer, with its strong Toro blades, is the one for you. Lastly, you can also check the Toro hedge trimmer attachments and see what else it can offer.

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