The Toro 51619 is a corded electric leaf blower, mulcher, and vacuum combo machine that makes residential yard clean-up easy and maybe even fun.

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This review gives you all the details on this product’s capabilities, including air speed and volume, weight, dimensions, and what attachments come with this unit, without holding back on revealing any limitations or concerns we discovered.

Before investing in a new piece of garden equipment, it’s essential to determine how well the product performs in the real world.

Real-world performance is what you’ll read in this review, enabling you to make an informed decision about buying this leaf blower.

Pros and Cons of the Toro 51619

Let’s start by looking at an overview of the pros and cons we discovered when trying out this leaf blower combo. Then we’ll get into all the details and specs.

Toro 51619 Key Criteria
# of Functions
Air Flow
# of Air Flow Settings
Variable speed for blowing and vacuuming
Metal impellers in mulcher tube
Easy-to-empty bag with zipper on the bottom
Blower inserts, tube, and catchment bag included
Extension cord not included
Electric cord limits where you can use it
For small yards only

Product Highlights

Now let’s take a detailed look at this leaf blower’s highlights.

Here are the most important specs for this machine:

  • 120-volt, corded electric power source
  • Air speed of 250 mph in blower mode
  • Air flow capacity of 410 CFM in vacuum mode
  • Variable speeds on vacuum and blower
  • Weights 8.5 lbs.
  • Dimensions of 9 x 41 x 14 inches
  • Includes a blower insert for concentrating power

Toro 51619 Review

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This Toro electric leaf blower uses a standard 120-volt electric outlet and an outdoor-rated extension cord for power. You must provide the extension cord. A corded electric blower like this one is perfect for small-sized yards where you have easy access to an outlet, and the extension cord can reach everywhere you need to go.

The powerful air speed of 350 CFM lets you breeze through yard clean-up in a short time. In addition, the variable speed feature on the blower allows for toning down the wind force when you are working around delicate plants or don’t want to stir up too much dust.

Once you blow the leaves into a compact pile, it’s time to switch to mulching and vacuuming mode, so you don’t have to rake up all those leaves by hand.

To switch from the blower to vacuum and mulching modes, all you do is unhook the blower tube and snap on the other vacuum tube. You don’t need any tools to make the switch.

Inside the vacuum and mulching tube are sturdy metal impellers that chop up the leaves into half-inch pieces as you vacuum them up, reducing the volume of debris up to 88 percent. This feature saves a considerable amount of time in cleaning up your yard, and it also saves on space in the trash can and garbage bags for disposing of the yard waste.

The total weight of 8.5 lbs. is light enough for most people to handle while cleaning up their yard. However, keep in mind that this weight increases as the debris bag fills up. When the bag is full, the tool’s weight and the contents of the catchment bag can easily reach 20 lbs. or more.

This yard tool is versatile and easy to use for seasonal clean-up in small to medium-sized yards than other leaf blower combos. However, the corded power source limits how far you can go, and it also adds more weight because you have to drag the cord around as you work. A cord lock at the machine’s base prevents accidentally unplugging the tool as you move around.

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If you have a small or medium-sized yard with ample leaves to dispose of, this Toro corded leaf blower vacuum combo has the power and versatility you need for the job.

Toro Corded Leaf Product Features

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1. Corded Electric Power Source

The main advantage of a leaf blower with a corded electric power source is you never run out of power. You can work for as long as you want without stopping to refuel.

Corded power also eliminates the hazards of using and storing gasoline. This feature is a big plus for some users because you cannot keep gas or gas-powered equipment inside a house or apartment. Anyone with respiratory health concerns will also find a corded electric yard tool superior because there are no fumes to inhale while working.

This Toro leaf blower is easy to store in a closet inside your home or the garage without producing fumes or hazards from gasoline.

2. Blower Air Speed

The air speed of 250 mph is high for such a light and compact leaf blower like this model. It might even be too high if you have a tiny yard because it can easily whip leaves and dust around and create a hazard in an enclosed area like a small patio outside an apartment unit.

If your yard is not especially small or enclosed, this leaf blower model’s high air speed reduces the amount of time it takes to get yard clean-up done. The air speed is also high enough to move small branches, acorns, pine needles, and pine cones without any problem.

3. Vacuuming and Mulching Mode

The vacuum and mulching modes let you rapidly pick up the leaves and chop them up to reduce the space for disposal. However, this mulcher only works for chopping up leaves and small twigs. If you try to vacuum up bigger branches, acorns, or other large debris, you could clog or damage the mulching impellers.

We don’t advise vacuuming wet leaves with this unit because it can clog up the impellers, and they are challenging to clean. However, you can use this unit for vacuuming and shredding slightly damp leaves.

Many users blow leaves into one pile for mulching and vacuuming and then blow larger debris into a separate pile for raking up by hand. Once you vacuum up the yard waste, the catchment bag is easy to empty using the zipper on the bottom.

Be aware that the vacuum mode on this leaf blower is unsuitable for vacuuming rugs and floors inside the house, but you can use it to blow the dust off yard furniture.

Once the debris is inside the catchment bag, you can rapidly empty it into a garbage can, trash bag, or put it into a compost pile. Mulched leaves are useful as the ‘brown matter’ ingredient in compost piles.

4. Variable Speed Vacuum and Blower

The two-setting variable speeds on the blower and vacuum functions are a valuable feature because it allows you to do a wide variety of work with this tool. For example, if you want to blow leaves out of a flower bed, you don’t want the air speed too strong as it might damage the plants.

Using the lower speed for vacuuming comes in handy if you only want to draw in leaves and not heavier objects like acorns or pine cones. An easy-to-reach switch on the machine’s body allows you to change between the low and high air flow speeds.

5. Weight and Dimensions

This machine weighs 8.5 lbs. when in blower mode is light enough; people with limited upper body strength have an easy time using it for leaf blowing. However, the zipper catchment bag adds considerable weight to the unit when vacuuming and mulching debris.

People who benefit most from buying the Toro 51619 leaf blower have small yards needing occasional clean-up and anyone who does not want the hassles of using a gas-powered leaf blower.

6. Inserts and Attachments

This Toro corded leaf blower comes with a power insert attachment, a concentrator nozzle, and a storage hook. The blower tube, vacuum and mulching tube, and catchment bag all come with the purchase.

The concentrator and power insert attachments give you more versatility for blowing debris out of cracks in a patio, or between boards on a deck, or focusing a blast of air into hard-to-reach corners.

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The storage hook makes it easy to keep the blower unit and extension cord up off the floor when you’re not using it. In addition, you can store the attachment nozzles inside the catchment bag to save space and keep all the parts together.


When is the best time to use Toro 51619 for mulching?

Use Toro 51619 for mulching in the fall when leaves are dry, but avoid using it on wet or damp leaves to prevent clogging and reduce efficiency.

What is the mulch ratio on Toro 51619 blower?

Toro 51619 blower has a mulch ratio of 10:1, meaning it can reduce 10 bags of leaves into one bag of mulch.

What should I not do with the Toro 51619 blower?

Do not use Toro 51619 blower to vacuum or mulch rocks, gravel, or other hard debris as it may damage the machine and pose safety hazards.


Person using toro electric leaf blowerIn our Toro 51619 review, we found that anyone with a small or medium-size yard needing a reliable machine for seasonal leaf blowing and clean-up can benefit from this powerful, easy-to-use tool.

Its 3-in-1 feature lets you pile up leaves with the blower and then vacuum them away while also chopping them into small pieces, reducing the total volume of yard waste.

This Toro model blower, mulcher, and vacuum is a solid choice for occasional residential yard maintenance tasks.

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