The Toro 51619 vs 51609 leaf blower choice is a hard one to make for consumers as they are from the same reputable company. They both come with powerful specs and several features.

Toro 51619 51609 Product Comparison

To buy the best one, you need to learn what their differences are so you can choose the one that fits your needs.

This comparison article will give you all the facts you need to make the right choice, so read on!

Feature  Toro 51619

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Toro 51609

Weight  8.5 lbs 7.5 lbs
Material  Metal  Metal 
Air Volume  340 cfm  390 cfm 
Sound Level 68 dB (A) 67 dB (A)
Air Speed  Up to 260 mph  Up to 235 mph 

What Is the Difference Between Toro 51619 and 51609?

The main difference between Toro 51619 and 51609 is in their specs, which include their weight, noise level, air volume, and speed. Toro 51619 has a faster air speed but lower air volume and is slightly heavier, while the 51609 is a bit lighter and has a higher air volume

Even minor differences can affect its usage. However, before diving into the differences, it’s essential to know the similarities between the two blowers and see if they help the consumer identify which leaf blower suits them. Besides being made by the same company, these two are electric blowers. 

Furthermore, they have common features, such as two-speed modes. These allow you to switch between relatively slower and faster speeds to have effective work. And finally, they have three function modes: regular blower vacuum and mulcher. It means that you will not spend time buying a separate mulcher and vacuum.  

So do these similarities play any role in consumers’ choice of a blower? Their effect mainly goes as far as convincing the buyer that they are good choices. In other words, the suitability of the product for the individual depends on the differences. To understand how they affect consumers’ choices, we separated five essential categories and chose a winner, and at the end of the article, we will discuss how each factor can affect suitability.

– Weight 

Winner: Toro 51609

The first category for this mini-battle is the weight of the blower. Generally speaking, handheld electric blowers are relatively lighter than fuel or backpack blowers. However, it doesn’t mean that there are no heavy handheld ones. The lightness of the weight also dictates the handling as well as comfort.

The Lighter Blower is Toro 51609

So, we have Toro 51619’s 8.5 lbs going against Toro 51609’s 7.5 lbs. The lighter blower is Toro 51609, meaning that it won the battle. Toro 51609 will reduce the chances of the operator having weight fatigue, which means a more comfortable experience when cleaning gardens and driveways.

– Durability and Material

Winner: It’s a tie

The next aspect is the durability of the blower. The material it’s made of dictates its durability. There are two common materials: plastic and metal. The latter is considerably durable. However, in our case, they are tied, as they are both made of metal. 

It means that both are equally durable blowers that can serve for a long time. In other words, they both are suitable for a buyer who is looking for a durable blower. Due to this factor, durability shouldn’t be the deciding factor in the consumer part. 

– Air Speed 

Winner: Toro 51619

The third category is the air speed of the blower. In this case, the consumer should look for a blower with higher airspeed. Furthermore, it’s also important to mention that both Toros have two airspeed modes: one lower and one higher. So, Toro 51619 has up to 260 mph, which goes against Toro 51609’s up to 235 mph. 

As you can see, even the highest number for the Toro 51609 is slightly lower, so the winner is Toro 51619. Having a product with higher airspeed means that it will help you clean tighter spots better. 

– Air Volume 

Winner: Toro 51609

Besides the airspeed, the blowers also have an air volume specification. The blower’s capability of moving big piles of leaves depends on this. Generally, professionals deem this more essential because the higher the number is, the bigger the piles that can be moved are. 

Air Volume Specification of Blowers

So we have Toro 51619 with an air volume of 340 cfm, which goes against Toro 51609’s 390 cfm. And with a clear advantage, the winner is Toro 51609. Thanks to a higher number of Toro 51609, you can move more piles and spend less time on one spot. 

– Sound Level

Winner: Toro 51609

And the final category is the sound level. Blowers, in general, are noisy devices that can be disruptive as well as dangerous to individuals hearing. That’s why it’s better to find a blower that makes less noise. Toro 51619 has a sound pressure of 68 dB (A), whereas Toro 51609 has only 67 dB (A). 

With a slight difference, the Toro 51609 wins this round. Even with this slight difference, your ears will be forever thankful for it. Furthermore, with a relatively quiet Toro 51609, you can use this in a tight neighborhood.

Toro 51619 Review

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  • Metal impeller 
  • No tool conversion 
  • Three functions  


  • Heavier blower

Toro is one of the leading brands in the electric leaf blower industry, and the Toro ultra blower 51619 is one of the most popular ones. This blower has all the advantages of being a Toro, such as a high-quality product, effective work, and user-friendly features. This electric blower has a power input of 12 AMPS. 

Many factors affect the productive work of this blower. Firstly, it has three tubes for individual purposes. The first tube is the main one responsible for moving the debris, the second one is the power insert which creates the piles, and the third one is the concentrator which moves leaves out of cracks, as well as more stubborn leaves. 

Toro 51619 Product Review

This way, you will have a blower that takes care of any place that’s difficult to reach. The next aspect that helps the blower work effectively is its cord lock system. It has a cord lock which helps keep the lock in its place, reducing the chances of it coming out. It means the operator doesn’t have to worry about the cord coming out and cutting off the process.

It also has two air speed modes for blower mode and vacuum. The speed knob helps with easy switching between two modes. The final and most appealing feature of this blower is the three-to-one feature. Thanks to this feature, the operator can use it as a blower vacuum and mulch functions with one device.


The blower only has one downside – the weight. It isn’t as light as other popular Toro blowers. However, this downside doesn’t outshine other positive attributes mentioned above. And, in the end, you will have a powerful and easy-to-use blower with two additional functions. 

Toro 51609 Review


  • Cord-lock mechanism 
  • Lighter and quieter blower 
  • Two-speed mode for both vacuum and blower


  • Lower air speed 

The Toro 51609 ultra blower is another popular model from the company. Similar to other Toro blowers, the main focus is user-friendliness and the proficiency of the product. Toro 51609 is an electric blower with a power input of 12 AMP.  

An essential aspect of this model is the three-to-one functions. This blower is also a vacuum and a mulcher. With the help of Toro 51609, you can also make mulch with a ratio of 16:1. Thanks to the metal impeller, you will have high-quality shredded mulch

Based on the task, you can adjust the air speed of your blower. The blower has a knob which will adjust the speed. You can adapt the speed not only for your blower but also for the vacuum function. This way, the speed can have a suitable speed for the space you are using it. 

Another interesting feature is the easy switch between the three functions. The switch between the blower and a vacuum is only a quick-release latch away. With the help of this latch, you can convert your blower into a vacuum. The only weakness of this blower is that it has a slightly lower air speed. 


It, however, will not have a great effect on its performance, as even without higher airspeed, it’s quite powerful. In other words, even with a lower airspeed, you will have a user-friendly and powerful blower.


Overall, Toro 51609 won three and tied one out of five categories. It is an excellent choice for a consumer who wants a lighter blower with less sound pressure. However, if you are looking for a blower to clean tighter spaces more effectively, then your best bet is Toro 51619. 

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