In this Toro 51619 vs 51621 review, we’ll look into these two editions of the Toro leaf blower, mulcher, and vacuum combinations and discuss the benefits and drawbacks of each.

We’ll also provide you with our first-hand experience and how they compare with each other on their 3-in-1 functions.

Finally, we’ll summarize what we found out about these two Toro electric leaf blowers, how they differ, and who might benefit from buying one of these two leaf blowers.

Toro 51619 vs 51621 Specs:

Product Weight  Blower Speed Air Flow Dimensions
Toro 51619

8.5 lbs. 250 mph 410 c/f/m 41x9x14
Toro 51621

8.8 lbs. 250 mph 410 c/f/m 45x9x14

First, let’s look at the model 51619, which has been on the market longer.

– The Toro 51619

Main Product Benefits:

  • High airspeed of 250 mph
  • Bottom-zip collection bag for easy disposal
  • Corded-electric power source
  • Variable speed in blower and vacuum modes

Leaf blowing and yard clean-up is a chore, but 3-in-1 leaf blower, mulcher, and vacuum combo machines like the Toro 51619 make it easy to keep your yard looking fantastic.

With a combo machine like this one, you eliminate the need to rake up the pile of leaves because the blower doubles as a vacuum to pick up the pile of leaves.

Not only that, but as you vacuum, a metal impeller inside the tube shreds the leaf matter, significantly reducing the volume of yard waste. You save on the amount of work needed to clean up your yard, and you also save on garbage bags and disposal costs.

The Toro 51619 leaf blower combo is powered by a regular 120-volt household outlet and an extension cord. You must provide an outdoor extension cord rated that’s long enough to reach all areas of your yard.

A cord lock near the plug on the blower keeps the line secure while you work.
Corded electric leaf blowers do not put out exhaust fumes, making it better for your health and the environment.

With a corded electric leaf blower, you eliminate the need to buy and store hazardous gasoline to power the machine. Because there is no gasoline or fumes involved in using this blower, you can keep the device inside your home.

This Toro leaf blower delivers high airspeed of up to 250 mph; a high airspeed for such a small and light machine. This airspeed is enough to quickly blow leaves, dry and wet grass, and twigs off your patio, deck, driveway, or lawn.

The machine has two airspeed settings, and the slower speed helps blow debris out of flowerbeds and planting areas with delicate plants or mulching materials you don’t want to disturb.

The blower produces 350 cubic feet per minute (c/f/m) of air volume, which is relatively high for a small leaf blower like this one. The higher air volume on this machine means more wind is available for pushing the yard waste into a pile.

Mulching and Vacuuming

Once you have the leaves in a tidy pile, it’s time to switch to mulching and vacuum mode by replacing the blower tube with the longer vacuum and shredding tube. You don’t need any tools to switch between pipes.

Some leaf blower combos use plastic impellers inside the tube for shredding the leaves. However, this Toro model has large metal impellers for outstanding durability and better performance in mulching your yard waste.

The tubes connect to the body of the machine with a hand-activated quick-release mechanism.

In the vacuuming mode, this machine draws in air at a rate of 410 c/f/m.
The mulching impellers reduce the volume of debris up to 88 percent by chopping it into pieces under ½-inch in size.

The catchment bag has a zipper at the bottom, making it easy to dump the contents without removing the bag or turning it upside down.

– Attachments

The following attachments come with the purchase of the Toro 51619 model:

  • Vacuuming tube
  • Catchment bag with zipper on the bottom
  • One power insert for blower mode
  • One concentrating nozzle for added power
  • Instruction manual
  • One Storage cord hook

The insert and concentrator nozzle give you more versatility for cleaning up in tight spaces or vacuuming up material such as cobwebs.

Results of Our Tests

Here’s what our test users had to say about the Toro ultra plus 51621:

  • “It was very easy to assemble and it worked great.”
  • “I tried it out for cleaning up after mowing the lawn. It produces strong airspeeds, and the vacuum is also powerful.”
  • “This Toro does well with blowing and mulching yard waste, but it clogged up when I used it as a vacuum. It worked better when keeping the tube close to the ground and not holding it above the pile of leaves.”
  • “The shoulder strap on the bag is kind of awkward, but emptying the bag is a lot easier than raking up the pile of leaves by hand.”
  • “A powerhouse machine! Works better than other gas-powered blower combos I’ve tried.”

Here are some problems our test mechanics found with this leaf blower combo:

  • “The materials it’s made from seem to be of lesser quality than older models of Toro leaf blowers I’ve used.”
  • “The leaf catchment bag is not durable. It’s flimsy and cracks easily after a few uses.”
  • “It works well, but the body and attachments are lightweight and look like they will break soon. The clamps that hook the attachments on look like they are built to fail.”

Overview of the Toro 51619 Leaf Blower

This Toro leaf blower is a handheld, corded electric model with a separate mulching and vacuuming tube and debris catchment bag.

This model is suitable for people with small yards who need to blow leaves off lawns, patios, decks, and walkways and then shred them while vacuuming them up.

Now we’ll take a look at the other Toro leaf blower combo.

– The Toro 51621 Leaf Blower/Shredder/Vacuum Combo

Main Product Benefits:

  • The oscillating nozzle sweeps air back and forth
  • Power insert for blowing wet leaves
  • Concentrator attachment for cracks and crevices
  • Bottom zip catchment bag with shoulder strap doubles as a storage bag for the attachments.

The Toro ultra plus 51621 is similar to the other Toro model reviewed above. This model is also powered from a standard 120-volt home outlet using an extension cord. Take note, however, that an extension cord does not come with the product. Use an extension cord rated for outdoor use with this leaf blower.

Like the 51619 Toro model, this one also has a separate tube for mulching and vacuuming up the debris. However, it is a slightly more powerful machine than the other Toro reviewed here.

One of the main differences between the two machines is that the Toro 51621 leaf blower combo shreds leaves even finer than the previous one. It reduces yard waste up to 90 percent of its volume compared to the volume in a pile.

However, the volume reduction of the shredded material depends on what type of material you are mulching with the machine.

The top airspeed in the Toro 51621 is 250 mph, and the blower produces 350 c/f/m in air volume, while the vacuum mode pulls in air at a rate of 410 c/f/m.

Both Toro leaf blower combos are designed to vacuum up leaves and not dust. You can’t use them like a vacuum cleaner for cleaning your rugs or lawn furniture.

The two variable speed settings let you adjust the airflow from high to low settings.

The high setting is best for blowing or vacuuming suborned debris and heavier materials, while the low setting works well for blowing leaves or vacuuming in flower beds and around delicate plants.

Oscillating Air Flow

One crucial difference between this Toro model and the 51619 model is the oscillating airflow nozzle in the 51612 model.

You activate the oscillation feature by snapping the oscillating nozzle kit onto the end of the blower tube.

As the air sweeps back and forth, you’ll have an easier time removing stubborn debris from the spaces between deck boards and in similar situations.

The oscillating nozzle also produces a broader swath of area cleared by the blower, reducing fatigue on your hand and wrist from moving the machine from side to side as you work.

– Attachments and Accessories

The Toro ultra plus 51621 comes with these attachments:

  • Blower tube and mulching/vacuum tube
  • Oscillating air nozzle for blowing
  • 1.5-bushel catchment bag with bottom zipper
  • Power insert for blowing wet leaves
  • Concentrator for cleaning in narrow spaces
  • Cord storage hook

The catchment bag has a shoulder strap for carrying it, taking the weight off of your arm. You can also use the bag for storing the attachments when the machine is not in use.

The U-shaped handle makes it easy to hold the device in a variety of positions as you work.

Overview of the Toro 51621

The Toro 51621 is an improved version of the Toro 51619 model with the added features of:

  • An oscillating air nozzle for blowing mode
  • A shoulder strap on the catchment bag for easier transport
  • Metal impellers that chop debris more finely
  • This oscillating air nozzle attachment on this model might be more suitable for people who don’t want to move the blower back and forth manually as they work.

Conclusions about our comparison

Both of these Toro leaf blowers can blow leaves and mulch them as you vacuum up the debris.

The main differences are that the 51621 is slightly more powerful, and it has an oscillating air nozzle, and a shoulder strap on the catchment bag.

Both leaf blower combos work well in small and medium yards and come with a 2-year warranty.

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