Toro 51621 vs 51609 leaf blowers are a hard choice for consumers as they come from the same reputable brand. Both are great blowers for individuals with different needs.

Toro 51621 51609 Ideal Leaf Blower


To understand which is the right choice, you must understand the similarities and differences.

This comparison article will give you the required information to make the right choice based on your needs. 

Feature  Toro 51621

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Toro 51609

Mulching ratio or capacity Up to 97 percent  16:1
Air speed  Up to 250 mph  Up to 235 mph
Air Volume 340 cfm blower mode 

405 cfm Vacuum mode

390 cfm 
Noise level 68 dB(A) 67 dB (A)
Durability/Material  Metal Metal 
Handling and Weight  8.9 lbs. 7.5 lbs. 

What Are the Differences Between Toro 51621 and Toro 51609?

The main difference between Toro 51621 and Toro 51609 is in their specs, such as their weight, sound level, air speed, air volume, and mulching capabilities. Toro 51621 has a higher air volume in vacuum mode. Toro 51609 is slightly quieter and lighter. 

These differences impact consumers’ choices in different aspects. For instance, does the consumer need a quieter blower or not? Even if the difference is minor, it can affect consumers’ choices and views on the product. However, before diving into the differences, it’s also essential to understand the similarities. 

The first similarity is that they are both electric leaf blowers. Furthermore, both blowers have three modes: blower, vacuum, and mulcher. Moreover, they have similar traits, like the quick-release latch as well as the cord-lock system

These similarities most likely will not help in identifying which is the best option for the consumer. So, it means the burden remains on the differences.

To understand how these differences affect the consumer’s choice, we separated five different categories and chose a winner for each one. We’ll also discuss how each category will affect consumers’ choices. In the end, we will declare the winning blower and which are its beneficial attributes. 

– Air Speed 

Winner: Toro 51621

The first category that we distinguished is the air speed of the blowers. The airspeed is responsible for cleaning tight areas of your garden or lawn. One of the unique characteristics of Toro blowers is that they have two speed modes for different tasks. So, Toro 51621 can maximum reach up to 250 mph, whereas Toro 51609 only has up to 235 mph. 

Blowing Leaf with Toro 51621

As you can see, even the highest speed of Toro 51609 is really low, which means that Toro 51621 is the winner. Having a higher number means that the blower is more powerful and can complete the job in less time than the one with the lower number. Hence, if you are looking for a blower that can clean tighter places better and faster, then your best bet is Toro 51621. 

– Air Volume

Winner: Toro 51609

The second category is air volume, which is related to the first category. The air volume is responsible for moving bigger piles of leaves, which means having a leaf blower with a higher air volume translates to quick and easy work. This battle would be a little different than others due to Toro 51621 having two air volumes for two different modes. Toro 51621 has 340 cfm in blower mode and 405 cfm in vacuum mode. 

Toro 51609 only has an air volume of 390 cfm both in vacuum and blower mode. It means that as a blower, it can blow larger piles, but as a vacuum, it cannot take in the same amount of piles as Toro 51621. In this article, we are comparing two blowers, which means that Toro 51609 wins. So, if you are looking for a blower that will help you to move a large number of piles, then we cannot recommend Toro 51609 enough. 

– Noise Level

Winner:  Toro 51609

The third essential aspect that can sway the consumer in one way or another is noise. Generally, blowers are very loud devices, which is why professionals advise people to wear hearing protectors while working with them. So, it’s essential to look for a quieter blower. The Toro 51621 has a sound pressure of 68 dB(A), which goes against the Toro 51609’s 67 dB (A). 

Toro 51609 Nosiy Leaf Blower

With only 1 point difference, Toro 51609 comes at the top. The difference is slight, but we guarantee that your ears will thank you for that choice. Besides protecting your ears, choosing a quieter blower will determine where you can use the blower. Having a lighter blower will help you use it in many different places, such as tight neighborhoods, where the sound can annoy people. 

– Durability/Material 

Winner: It’s a tie 

The next essential aspect is the durability of the blower. Generally, plastic and metal are used as the main materials. If you are looking for a durable blower, then a blower with a metal impeller is the best choice. So, the material for Toro 516121’s impeller is metal, and it goes against Toro 51609’s metal impeller as well. 

It means that both are equally durable blowers, and they are tied in this category. Furthermore, the consumer shouldn’t rely on this factor alone when choosing a blower. So, in the end, if the buyer is looking for a durable blower, they can swing both ways.

– Handling and Weight 

Winner: Toro 51609

And the final category is the weight of the blower. As a general rule, lighter blowers are easy to handle and maneuver. So, to have an easy and comfortable experience with the blower, consumers should opt for a lighter blower. Toro 516121 weighs 8.9 lbs, which goes against Toro 51609’s 7.5 lbs. 

A very slight difference indicates that Toro 51609 is a lighter blower. It will help any operator comfortably and easily maneuver the blower. Furthermore, lighter blowers reduce the chances of weight fatigue, which can slow down the working process. So if you are looking for a blower that’s easy to handle, then there is no better option than Toro 51609.

Toro 51621 Comprehensive Review

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  • The leaf vacuum has a high air volume 
  • It has a storage hook for the extension cord 
  • The packaging includes an oscillating nozzle 


  • It’s a relatively heavy electric blower 

Toro is one of the top brands in the electric blower industry, and the Toro ultra blower 51621 is a fantastic example of what the brand stands for. This product is efficient and user-friendly. Toro 51621 requires 12 AMP power input and has a dimension of 45 (L) x 9 (W) x 14 inches (H). This blower has many appealing features.

Firstly, Toro products, including Toro 51621, have a cord lock system. This system allows the operator not to worry about unplugging during the working process. The system is designed to keep the extension cord securely in place. Furthermore, it has multiple tubes for a specialized purpose. 

Review of Toro 51621

First, there is the primary tube responsible for moving leaves from one place to another. The second tube is known as the power inserter, which creates big piles, and the final tube is the concentrator, which cleans the debris from edgings and cracks. Furthermore, it’s a three-in-one device, which means that besides being a blower, it’s also a vacuum and mulcher. Similar to other Toro electric blowers, this model also has variable speeds for different tasks.

However, Toro 51621 has one feature that sets it apart from other products. It also has different air volumes for both blowers and vacuum. The speed knob helps with easy and quick transitions between the modes. Similarly, the operator can complete an easy transition between modes as well. 

The only thing the operator needs is a quick-release latch. With this latch, the user can easily transition between the modes. With these two features, the operators will have an easy time controlling it. As stated above, Toro 51621 is also a mulcher, and it has a mulching ratio of 97 percent. 


Just remember that this value refers to the percentage of the leaves and not the amount of bags you have. The shred-all ring helps to create fine mulch that you can use to take care of your garden. In the end, with Toro 51621, you will have an effective mulcher blower vacuum

Toro 51609 Comprehensive Review


  • Two speed mode for blower and vacuum functions
  • Has a cord lock mechanism 
  • Lighter blower 


  • Has lower air speed 

The Toro 51609 ultra blower is another popular model from the company. Similar to other Toro blowers, the main focus is user-friendliness and the proficiency of the product. Toro 51609 is an electric blower with a power input of 12 AMP. This model is three to one device, which indicates that it’s a mulcher blower and vacuum. 

Similar to other blowers, this model also has two variable speeds for individual tasks. However, this model has the unique opportunity to transfer this ability to vacuum mode as well. This way, you can adjust the vacuum airspeed as well. The speed knob is the feature that helps with the transition.

The transition between vacuum and blower is also very easy and doesn’t require any tool. The only thing that you will need is the quick-release latch, which is included in the packaging. Another eye-catching item included in the packaging is the extension cord storage hook. The hook helps you to hook the unnecessary cord in one place.


The hook is another feature that will make the blower user-friendly by storing a cord that might annoy the user. As stated above, this model is also a mulcher with a ratio of 16:1. This rate means that this blower/mulcher can reduce 16 bags of leaves into one with fine mulch. It will help any person to shorten the amount of time they spend on mulching.


Overall, Toro 51609 won three and tied one out of five categories. It’s a really good choice for the consumer who wants a lighter blower that has a higher air volume in blower mode.

However, if you are looking for a blower that has a higher airspeed and a higher air volume for vacuuming, then you can opt for Toro 51621. 

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