The Toro 51621 VS Worx WG509 choice is between two electric leaf blowers made by a brand that needs no introduction. Both are fantastic blowers that fit the different needs of the consumer.

Best Electric Blower Between Toro 51621 Worx WG509

Hence, it’s essential for the buyer to understand what to look for. This article will compare these two blowers and explain their specifications so you know which one to get!

Feature Toro 51621

Worx WG509

Noise level  68 dB(A) 50 dB (A)
Weight  8.9 lbs. 11 lbs. 
Air Volume  340 cfm blower mode 

405 cfm Vacuum mode

350 cfm 
Air Speed  Up to 250 mph  75 to 210 mph
Impeller Material  Metal  Metal 
Mulching ratio or capacity  Up to 97 percent  18:1

What Are the Differences Between Toro 51621 and Worx WG509?

The differences between Toro 51621 and Worx WG509 include air speed, air volume, weight, and mulching ratios. Toro 51621 has a higher top speed, a higher vacuum mode, and it’s lighter. The Worx WG509 has a slightly higher air speed in blower mode, and it isn’t as noisy.

It’s essential to note that even though the manufacturers are different, both value a blower’s user-friendliness and efficiency. However, before diving into the difference, we need to understand if there are any similarities and their effect on buyers’ choices. The first and most essential aspect is the fact that both are electric blowers. 

Furthermore, they both have three-to-one functions. It means that these two products are not only leaf blowers but, they are also leaf vacuums and mulchers. In other words, choosing either means saving time and energy in finding a leaf vacuum or mulcher. And the final similarity is that both have variable speed for different tasks. 

Now, it’s essential to understand if these similarities have any impact on the buyer’s choice. The effect of these similarities in leaf blowers doesn’t really help the buyer to lean toward one more than the other. They merely persuade the buyer that it’s a good choice. 

To understand how the differences affect the choice, we separated five categories and chose a winner, and at the end of this review, we’ll determine the effect it will have on preference and needs.

– Air Volume 

Winner: Worx WG509

The first category is the air volume of the blower. This one is a little tricky because Toro 51621 has two numbers for air volume – one of them is the highest number for the blower mode, and the other is for the vacuum mode. On the other hand, we have WG509, which only has the highest number for both the blower and leaf vacuum mode. WG509 has 350 cfm, which goes against Toro 51621’s 340 cfm (blower mode) and 405 cfm (leaf vacuum mode). 

The air volume of the Toro model in vacuum mode is higher, but this doesn’t mean that it is the winner. In this article, we are comparing the products as blowers, not leaf vacuums, so we’ll focus on numbers for the blower mode. As a blower, WG509 has more power than Toro 51621, so Worxs wins.  

The air volume is responsible for moving large piles of leaves, which means that the higher the number is, the bigger piles it can move effectively. In other words, by choosing WG509, you can move bigger piles of leaves, which effectively will shorten your work. 

– Air Speed 

Winner: Toro 51621

Alongside the air volume, the consumer also should pay attention to the air speed of the blower. The airspeed is responsible for cleaning the tight areas of your garden. Furthermore, it’s essential to mention that both blowers have two-speed modes according to the tasks. So, we’ll look for the highest number from both blowers and determine the winner. 

Air Speed of the Blower

Toro 51621 speed can reach up to 260 mph, whereas WG509’s speed range is from 80 to 210 mph. The clear winner in this category is Toro 51621. So, if you need a blower to clean tighter and more difficult-to-reach areas, then Toro 51621 is the best bet. 

– Noise Level

Winner: Worx WG509

The next category that we’ve separated is noise level. The noise level helps to decide where people can use the certain blower, as well as which will protect your ears more. So, Toro 51621 has a sound level of 68 dB (A), which goes against WG509’s 50 dB (A). WG509 effortlessly emerges as the winner. 

Having a quieter blower first will have a positive impact on your hearing. Furthermore, the noise level has an impact on where you can use the blower. Generally, it’s not recommended to use louder blowers in tight neighborhoods or places around schools, etc. WG509, in the end, is a fantastic choice both for tight neighborhoods and larger ones to protect your ears. 

– Weight 

Winner: Toro 51621

The next category that we’ve chosen is weight. There is a direct correlation between weight and easy use and maneuvering of the leaf blower. Generally, the lighter the blower is, the easier it is to control. So we have Toro 51621s 8.9 lbs. going against WG509’s 11 lbs. 

Lightweight Blower on Hands

The winner in this category is Toro 51621. Besides, the easy use of lighter blowers reduces the chances of weight fatigue on your arm. So, with Toro 51621, you will have a lightweight one on your hands, as well as one that’s easy to use.

– Durable Material 

Winner: It’s a tie 

And the final category in our mini-battle is the durability of the material. Two common materials for blower impellers are plastic and metal, the latter being more durable due to its strength. So, if the buyer is looking for a durable one, metal is the best choice. Both Toro 51621’s and WG509’s have impellers made of metal.  

It means they are tied for this round, and they are equally durable blowers. Furthermore, this means that buyers should not let this be a deciding factor on which to choose. In other words, both Toro and Worx consumers will have durable devices. 

Toro 51621 Review


  • Includes a shred-all ring
  • Different speed mode for leaf vacuum mode
  • Storage hook for the extension cord


  • Noisy blower 

Toro is one of the leading brands in the electric leaf blower industry. The focus of this brand is efficiency and user-friendliness of the product, and their Toro 51621 model is a perfect example of that. This model needs a power input of 12 AMP and has the following dimensions: 45 (L) x 9 (W) x 14 inches (H). The 51621 model has some of the features common in Toro leaf blowers.

One such example is the multiple tubes for specific purposes. The first tube is the main one responsible for moving the leaves from one place to another, and the second tube is the power inserter. Its job is to create the piles, and finally, it has the concentrator. The concentrator works to move the debris from the edges. 

Toro 51621 Noisy Leaf Blower

Another common feature in Toro products is the cord lock system. Thanks to this system, the operator doesn’t have to worry about the extension cord coming out, which is locked in place. And another common feature of the blowers that have a three-in-one feature is the quick-release latch. The latch helps to convert the blower into a leaf vacuum and back. 

The leaf vacuum mode, similar to variable speed, has a different air volume. As a blower, it has a 340 cfm (volume), and in the leaf vacuum, it has a 405 cfm volume, which indicates that it can also be a good vacuum (maybe even better.) Furthermore, it has a mulching ratio of 97 percent. It indicates that 97 percent of your leaf can turn into mulch. 


It’s essential to note that this mulch ratio doesn’t refer to collection bag size or the number but rather overall change. You will get a fine mulch thanks to the shred-all ring. The ring pulverizes vacuumed material into good mulch, which you can use for your garden. 

Worx WG509 Review


  • Has two variable speed mode
  • Can easily switch between leaf blower and leaf vacuum and mulcher modes
  • Has a high mulch ratio


  • Heavy blower 

The second electric leaf blower is from another leading brand called Worx, and one of their most famous models is WG509. The power input for this blower is 12 AMP and has the following dimensions: 20 inches (L) x 15 inches (W) x 9 inches (H). This blower has several features that stand out. Firstly, it’s easy to handle and maneuver. 

The design of the leaf blower is intended to be easy to control with one hand. It is advantageous to those who’d like to have an easier time with the blower. The second feature is the quick-release lever. Thanks to this lever, the actual blowing process becomes easier. 

Furthermore, it has modern and clever-designed tubes. Worx designed the tube in a way that the lip can curl up. This notion will help operators to clean areas such as under the lawn fixtures and other landscaping elements. The feature is especially helpful when the blower is in its leaf vacuum mode.   

The different functioning modes are another feature that makes this blower appealing to a buyer. It has three-in-one features, which means that you will gain more than a blower. With WG509, you will also have a leaf vacuum and a mulcher. The leaf mulcher is a more convenient way of getting rid of other debris and dirt. 


The mulcher also has a powerful two-stage system. It has a metal impeller, which cuts the leaves with a mulch ratio of 18:1. This ratio means that it can take 18 leaf collection bags and turn them into one mulch. Furthermore, the switch between three modes is done thanks to the flick of the switch.  


At the end of our mini battle, Toro 51621 and Worx WG509 tied for one category and won two each. It means both are equally good blowers, and the choice depends on your needs.

If you’re looking for a lighter blower, then we cannot recommend Toro 51621 enough. However, if you need a quieter blower, then your best bet is Worx WG509. 

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