Toro 51988 is the product for you if you are tired of messing with your old and heavy gas leaf blower vac to clean up your yard, and you simply don’t want to limit your reach while working with a corded brushless leaf blower. This article focuses on the 51988, a powerful three-in-one blower, as it discusses its specifications and whether the experience is worth the price or not.

Review of Toro 51988 Handheld Blower

If you are planning to buy a handheld blower and want to know if the 51988 is a good option or not, give this article a good read, explore its features and specifications, and find out whether they are according to your needs or not.

Pros Cons
Compatible with many accessories Difficult to manage
Powerful engine Some repair issues not covered by warranty
Grinds debris into small pieces  

Product Highlights

The 51988 is a powerful gas vacuum blower which, due to being cordless, is a good option for regular cleanup. It has a commercial-grade two-cycle gas engine, a practical and comfortable trigger handle, and a grinding blade that helps break debris pieces into small ones.

Other specifications that are worth mentioning while considering buying a 51988 include are ones that would show you the worth and the value of this leaf blower.

  • Powerful 25.4 cc two-cycle commercial grade engine
  • 460 CFM airflow at the end of the blower tube
  • Up to 150 mph air speed
  • Depth of 20.4 inches
  • Height of 14.8 inches
  • Width of 11.9 inches
  • Engine displacement of 25.4 ccs
  • 18 ounces fuel tank capacity
  • Noise rating of 77.1 dB 
  • Weight 9.5 pounds

Toro 51988 Review

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  • Number of functions: 7/10
  • Weight: 9/10
  • Air flow: 10/10
  • Number of air flow settings: 8/10

The powerful Toro powervac blower 51988 is equipped with the latest technology and unique features which are easy to use and understand. With just a push of a button, this leaf blower will start cleaning things in no time. Whether it is leaves or debris making a mess, everything will be cleared in a matter of minutes with this powerful blower kit, due to the perfect airflow. 

This gas leaf blower vac (51988) is designed in a way that is feasible for everyday use. It turns on by pressing the trigger with either left or right hand which is what makes it easy to operate. Also remember that users can easily adjust the height according to their preferences, as the length of the blower tube can be adjusted according to the task for which it is being used.

This blower is perfect for keeping your lawn, driveway, deck, or garden clean and clear, as the slim design of this model allows the blower to be maneuvered with ease, therefore minimizing fatigue and maximizing the effectiveness of cleaning up. 

Additional features of the electric battery brushless leaf blower include adjustable speed, anti-vibration technology, as it has a transparent, see-through fuel tank. The adjustable speed option allows the maintenance of the 460 CFM airflow at the end of the blower tube according to the task being performed.

The see-through and transparent fuel tank allows the user to keep an eye on the level of fuel while working with the blower, to notice how much more work can be effectively done. This proves to be very helpful and reduces the risk of the user running out of fuel mid-cleaning.

Moreover, the handle-mounted throttle position of the vacuum tube present can be adjusted easily to two or three different heights depending upon the user’s height and the function being performed.

It also comes with a consumer warranty for four years so you do not have to worry about the maintenance and service of Toro 51988 parts, such as the Toro 51988 carburetor. You can also request info and support about current promotions from any local Toro shop, and they will provide you with a solution to your leaf blower. 

The Toro backpack blower is fitted with a 25.4 cc engine. Such two-cycle engines require a Toro leaf blower gas mix in 50:1 to work correctly. Another noticeable feature of the handheld blower is that it is lightweight and portable. This makes it easy to handle and carry during periods of extended use.

The blower vacuum is easy-to-handle and a powerful tool that requires no or very less maintenance. Also, it has relatively fewer noise levels and does the job quietly. The handle of this blower is multifunctional, as every function of the blower’s control can be adjusted by this handle without difficulty.

The product features and customer reviews show that the Toro gas leaf blower is indeed a great purchase. The power of this machine in such a small user-friendly size is incredible. Users have reported a pleasant experience as they always highly rate this blower.

How Has the 51988 Evolved?

The Toro 51988 has evolved as it has become much more lightweight than it used to be, and it has a larger capacity in terms of the fuel tank. On another note, it has also become more powerful regarding its ability to shred leaves more effectively.

The 51988 differentiates itself from all such vacuum blowers, such as the Max Sweeper Bare range, the 51618 Super Leaf Blower, or the 51621 UltraPlus Leaf Blower, due to its recoil start system and two-cycle engine. 

Toro 51988 Has Evolved as More Lightweight

Also features like lightweight and a large capacity Toro blower gas fuel tank is enhanced in this model. Multiple power options are also one of the key features that are new to this model, which is not present in the 51820 Leaf Blower Bare.

It has better product specs as compared to other models such as the 51619 ultra leaf blower which has an air volume of 340 CFM and leaf shredding reduction of up to 88 percent. On the other hand, the 51988 has a greater air speed of 460 CFM and enhanced shredding capacity.


Feature Breakdown

– Two-Cycle Commercial Grade Engine

The 51988 is installed with a powerful 25.4 ccs two-cycle commercial grade engine. This engine has an airflow of 460 CFM at the end of the blower tube. It also has an air speed of up to 150 mph which makes it strong enough to finish the task in no time.

Two Cycle Commercial Grade Engine

This powerful commercial-grade power sweep™ engine helps the user to get rid of the dirt and the dust present in their house that are just adding some clustering to the place.

– Three-in-one Functionality

The 51988 offers more than one function to its users. It not only helps you clean your driveways, patios, and other walkways, but it also helps you with the mulching and grinding of the debris. As a result of this, the vacuum kit attached allows you to pick up dirt and dust easily while making the task less tiring for you. 

The grinding of debris into smaller and more manageable pieces makes it much more convenient for the user to get rid of it. The strong metal mulching blades present in the 51988 destroy leaves and debris as soon as they get in contact with the blades. 

It has a greater impact on the size of unwanted material as it reduces the leaves and debris from 10 bags down to one.

– Variable Speed Control

The speed of this power vacuum blower can be adjusted to the user’s need according to the function being performed. It can be adjusted to a less fuel consumption option depending on the task it is being used for. This comes in handy when you are trying to limit fuel usage, which makes it more pocket friendly, because as you would be considering this leaf blower, you wouldn’t be running out of fuel as it will always be saving you this trip.

The matter of less-fuel consumption is also one that lets you increase the speed when working on sweeping hard surfaces or open grounds and decrease it around fragile garden beds, ensuring none of your hard work and effort of growing the garden beds goes to waste. 

– Vacuum Capability

The 51988 blower vac comes with the necessary attachments. These attachments include a leaf collection bag to convert to vacuuming mode for sucking up leaves and debris off your ground.

Leaf Collection Bag on Toro 51988 Blower

Such necessary detachable attachments make the blower easy to operate and more convenient, as you no longer have to invest in a separate vacuum for collecting the leaves and debris.

– Translucent Fuel Tank

Transparent or see-through fuel tanks allow you to see the fuel levels at a glance. The user needs to keep an eye on the lowering fuel levels while working, and a result, you will never run out of fuel and can easily refill the tank just in time, without stopping and halting your pace. 

Simply, you would take a look at the adjustment and the level of which fuel has remained, and keep yourself on track of the duration to which the leaf blower will still be able to function.

– Handheld Blower

A handheld blower makes cleaning many times easier. It is more convenient to carry and can reach almost everywhere where cleaning is needed.


Mobility is the main advantage of using such blowers for daily cleanup, as carrying a heavy leaf blower in a vast garden is not practicable as compared to a cordless handheld blower which does the job.


This 51988 review reveals the specifications, features, advantages, and reasons for the user to go through the buying process for this power vac blower. Despite being very powerful, the blower is easy to use and convenient to get the job done. In addition to all of this, it requires minimal assembly when it arrives. 

Once you start unpacking the blower, filling up the fuel tank is almost all that has to be done to start using it. You can start using your blower as soon as you have it with you.

The 51988 is no doubt a great purchase option for buyers looking to get a nice leaf blower, who want to take care of their large properties or lawns without any hassle should consider buying it. 

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