Toro PowerJet F700 51624 is a corded electric leaf blower that has almost everything you would want in a leaf-blowing tool. All its amazing key features work together to give that powerful performance customer desire-you won’t believe the power of this machine.

Toro Power Jet F700 51624 Corded Electric Leaf Blower

During any buying process, it’s important to know the features and specifications of the product you want to get, and that’s why we’ve put all the details of this leaf-blowing tool below, to help you make a decision.

Pros Cons
Sleek lightweight design The cord can get in the way sometimes
Easy to use It can be noisy
It has a variable speed control feature
It is very powerful

Inspecting The Principal Points

Many people would say that this leaf-blowing tool is one of the best on the market, with good reason too.

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This leaf-blowing machine has a sleek, lightweight design that makes it perfect for use by both professionals and homeowners.

  • High blowing capacity
  • Sleek ergonomic design
  • 6 pounds in weight
  • Electric and corded with a lock feature
  • Variable speed control
  • 1-decibel noise level
  • Durable material
  • Two-year warranty
  • Wide mouth nozzle

Explicit Toro Powerjet F700 Review

Toro Powerjet F700 51624 Key Criteria
Number of Airflow Settings
Number of Functions
Sleek lightweight design
Easy to use
It has a variable speed control feature
It is very powerful
The cord can get in the way sometimes
It can be noisy

This leaf blower has such good customer ratings, which means that it leaves many users very satisfied after they purchase it. The product features or product specs of the PowerJet F700 offers are completely unmatched, especially in the airflow or power department.

It has an impressively high airflow or air volume of 725 CFM, which is arguably one of the highest airflow capacities of any electric corded leaf-blowing tool on the market; this is why if you consider it, you can call it a super blower just a good deal of people have. The high performance of this blowing tool makes it suitable for professionals and homeowners. It makes it easy to move different types of debris with ease and efficiency, saving time and effort.


Added to its powerful airflow are the machine’s adjustable speed settings, and this blowing tool has a control for adjusting the airspeed or air volume to suit the task at hand. This is the type of leaf blower that gives you an easy manner of switching from low to medium to high speeds and back using a tiny knob that is attached to the upper part of the handle.

To make it more facile for you, the location of the knob is perfect for ease of use and accessibility; hence, you can turn it with one hand, while holding the blower with the other, without having to pause or stop the task you’re working on.

This would mean that you do not have to go through a great deal of anxiety trying to work and switch the working mechanics, because the company has thought of it and made it quite easy for you.

On another note, you should also consider how the PowerJet F700 blower is an electric blower, but its power is comparable to almost any gas blower. If you are willing to invest in this machine, you may also have to consider the fact that its work is efficient, which is why you would be getting your money’s worth.

However, unlike most blowers that use gas to operate, this blowing tool has very lightweight. It weighs just 6.6 pounds, which is easy enough to carry around, and with the added pressure from the blowing force, the weight is very easy to handle. Because of this aspect, this blower makes it easy for users to maneuver and direct the jet of air exactly where they need it.

– How Has Toro PowerjetF700 51624 Evolved?

Toro PowerjetF700 51624 has evolved from its previous model the 51619, by having less weight than the previous model, it used to be 8.5 lbs, but now it’s 6.6 lbs. Also, its power is greater too, as it used to be 340 CFM, but now it’s 725 CFM.

Blower Evolved by Having Less Weight

This blower has improved from previous models like the ultraplus blower vac and the max sweeper bare blowing tools. For one, it has a higher airflow capacity than either of the two blowers mentioned. It has also improved greatly in the weight department compared to the blower vac tools mentioned.


Leading Properties and Features

– High Blowing Capacity

When you’re shopping tools, especially leaf-blowing machines, one of the first things you consider is their capacity to perform. This PowerJet F700 leaf-blowing tool does not disappoint. It has a high blowing capacity, ejecting 725 CFM of air at a speed of 140 miles per hour on its highest setting.

If you consider the given, you would mean that the functionality of the machine is great, knowing that it would properly clean the yard or the given place in a smooth manner, with its outstanding performance and capacity.

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Even on its lowest setting, it packs enough power to move heavy or stubborn debris. On another note, you must also consider how this leaf-blowing tool has a cutting-edge fan design that improves airflow, guaranteeing that you receive the best results each time you use it, with all ease and in a swift manner.

Overall, if you are searching for a high-power blower, this blower is one you should consider, and as you invest in it, you will be able to complete simple and difficult cleaning tasks quickly and with ease. Piling of leaves, dust, grass and other types of debris will become a problem of the past.

– Variable Speed Control

This blower has a variable speed control knob located on the handle area and the knob that is has would allow the users to adjust the airspeed or airflow as desired. Technically, the machine blows a lot of air at its highest setting, and that can be a lot, depending on the task you have at hand.

Speed Control Allow the Users to Adjust the Airspeed

This variable speed control setting is useful when you need to adjust the airflow or airspeed to suit the task at hand. What’s more, is that you can gradually change the speed as this manner doesn’t just go from low to high; it has low, medium, and high settings. In short, any change in speed users make will not be so sudden or lead to any disconnection.

– Sleek Ergonomic Design

The PowerJet F700 leaf blower has a sleek design. Everything about it is designed for your comfort and ease of use. It has a padded handle that makes it easier to hold onto, even after prolonged use, ultimately reducing the strain on users.

Also, it is less unmanageable than many other handheld electric blowers. This means that when you check the exterior of the machine, just by the look of it, it would seem less complicated to move, and when you do actually work with it, you could see how great it is in terms of the grip that it has the easy maneuverability.

– Lightweight

This leaf blower has a lightweight and compact design, and if you consider it even further, it weighs only 6.6 pounds, which makes it easy to carry around and use for long periods. Its weight is an advantage for professionals or homeowners that need the tool for multiple jobs simultaneously.

Also, it is due to the lightness of the weight of the machine makes it possible for people of different ages to use it. If it’s an elderly using it, or it’s a teenager, the job would be successfully done, without harming any muscles.

– Electric and Corded With a Lock Feature

The leaf blower is completely electric. This means that it is powered by electricity from an outlet. All you need to do to power it up is, plug it into an outlet. The machine has a long cord that makes it possible for users to move about without any obstructions.

It also has a lock-in feature that keeps the cord from disconnecting or shaking when it’s in use; hence, the safety of using it is a manner that the manufacturing company has thought through.

– 70.1 DB Noise Level

The machine produces 70.1 decibels of sound when it is in use, and this amount of sound is noisy and is especially so when the blower is on high speed. Noise like this can have adverse effects on the ears over time. As a result, it is recommended to use protective gear like ear muffs or ear plugs whenever it’s in use so that you would be cautious and not damage any muscle.

– Wide Mouth Nozzle

The blowing tube on this blower is wide and long, with an open mouth. The Toro PowerjetF700 nozzle is wide enough to allow 725 CFM of air to pass through it. With the amount of air the blower produces, many users have noted a need for nozzle attachments with smaller diameters to aid in directing the air and focusing it properly.

Toro Powerjet F700 Nozzle is Wide Enough

However, you will not find any Toro PowerjetF700 attachments like nozzles, a strap, or collection bags in the package, but you can purchase whatever you need separately. These would allow you to work in a more detailed manner, if you have different spaces, like narrower spaces to clean.

– Two-year Warranty

All the Toro PowerjetF700 parts work together to give optimum performance. However, in situations where there are defects or problems from the factory, customers are entitled to a two-year warranty from the moment of purchase until two years after.


– Durable Material

The leaf-blowing tool is strong and durable because of the durable materials used to produce it. It has the added benefit of being rust-resistant. So, you can expect to use it for a very long time after your purchase, with the right care and maintenance practices.


This leaf blower is a high-functioning, powerful tool that is ideal for all types of leaf-blowing tasks. It is made to make yard work a breeze. With its sleek, compact design, durable materials, high blowing force, and lightweight, it is a fantastic tool to have around. Also, for the price it sells, this machine is a steal.

If you’re a professional landscaper or a homeowner with several deciduous trees or shrubs in your yard, this PowerJet F700 leaf blower will be a perfect choice for you.

You will be using this machine for the longer run, because of all the benefits it has, and the company has already looked forward to giving you great use. As a result, investing in it is actually a great idea.

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