Toro PowerPlex 51690 is here to inspire you all by being an excellent investment for any household due to its innovative features and long-lasting build. This ground-breaking piece of outdoor equipment is more than just a lawn blower: it is a high-performance, power-packed machine that will make your yards and lawn beautiful in no time.Toro PowerPlex 51690

This is why, whether you want to trim hedges, remove bushes, or conduct other outdoor tasks, the PowerPlex 51690 has you covered. Let us take a closer look at this great tool in this review.

The Top-Notch Specifications and Features of This Blower

Toro PowerPlex 51690 Key Criteria
Number of features
Number of airflow settings
Brushless machine
Lightweight (8.4 lbs)
Not the best battery runtime
Doesn’t include vacuum feature

Toro’s PowerPlex 51690 cordless leaf blower is part of the PowerPlex family of outdoor power equipment and this is the machine that is worth investing in. Knowing so well about the blower’s key product specs is a way that you would build your confidence and see why this is the right leaf blower that you should be investing in.

  • 40 V max lithium-ion electric battery
  • Cruise control included
  • Decent noise level
  • 4 lbs weight with battery; 6.2 lbs weight without battery
  • 150 mph maximum air velocity
  • 60 minutes run time
  • Variable speed control
  • Cordless electric power type

A Detailed Review of the Toro PowerPlex 51690

  • Weight 9.5/10
  • Airflow 8/10
  • Number of airflow settings 8/10
  • Number of features 9/10

After trying the PowerPlex 51690, it is simple to say that it has a rating of 9.5/10 for weight, 8/10 for airflow, 8/10 for the number of product features, and 9/10 for the number of airflow settings due to its excellent performance. Being an outdoor-specific cordless leaf blower, it is powered by a 40-volt lithium-ion electric battery which has enough power to clean leaves and other trash from your yard.


The cordless design of the PowerPlex 51690 is one of its most notable characteristics. You may stroll about your yard freely without being attached to an electrical outlet because there are no cords to worry about.

The latter shows that you can move however you wish, as there is nothing that is going to limit you. The 40-volt electric battery has a runtime of up to 60 minutes on a single charge which is the enough time to clean a big area without stopping to recharge.

The ergonomic design of the PowerPlex 51690 is another fantastic feature. The blower is lightweight and easy to use, making it appropriate for extended periods of usage. In addition to its ergonomic build, the PowerPlex 51690 boasts a variety of other user-friendly features too.

It offers a simple push-button start, eliminating the need for wires or pull-start devices. It also comes with a huge debris collection bag, making it simple to gather and dispose of the leaves and debris that blow around.

The Toro PowerPlex® 51690 offers a maximum air speed of 150 miles per hour and a maximum air volume of 480 cubic feet per minute to blow leaves and trash from your yard quickly. It can also be used with a range of tools to simplify yard maintenance. You may remain comfortable as well as productive with the help of shopping toolstools.

The blower also has a retractable nozzle that allows convenient storage in your garage or shed. It also has a hanging hole for easy wall-mounted storage too. The PowerPlex 51690 blower is accessible with extra attachments, such as a nozzle extension and a leaf collecting kit, which increase its versatility for various outdoor jobs.

All in all, you would see that the PowerPlex 51690 blower combines power, simplicity, and durability. This makes it a dependable choice for homeowners as well as professionals seeking a cordless blower to clean leaves efficiently in the autumn or blow away grass clippings in the summer. The PowerPlex 51690 buying process is as simple as evaluating your needs, comparing pricing, and buying from a trusted dealer.


– How Has the Toro PowerPlex 51690 Evolved?

The Toro Powerplex 51690 has evolved by having better airflow and becoming more user friendly than its previous models were. In addition, Toro has made developments in battery technology, improved power, and runtime, and added key features for user convenience to the PowerPlex 51690 blower.Evolution of Toro PowerPlex 51690

The PowerPlex 51690 is the latest model in Toro’s PowerPlex range of battery-powered blower vacs and it improves on earlier versions, including the Max Sweeper Bare, in various ways. This PowerPlex electric battery brushless leaf blower features a 150 mph air speed and 480 cfm air volume, allowing it to cover a bigger area in less time, resulting in greater efficiency.

Manufacturers frequently release new accessories and attachments to increase the versatility of their products as customer demands grow. The PowerPlex 51690 blower’s compatible attachments have also increased, allowing users to adjust the blower for various uses such as gutter cleaning, leaf gathering, or hard-to-reach locations.

The Distinctive Features of This Blower

– Brushless Motor Technology

The Powerplex 51690 is equipped with a high-performance brushless motor that provides great power and efficiency. Its engine is designed to operate softly and smoothly, so you may blow your lawn without bothering your neighbors or giving yourself any stress.Brushless Motor in Toro

Furthermore, the brushless motor technology makes this blower bare low maintenance and requires less care over time. When you are using this leaf blower, you will see that the noise level has been reduced, and it is because of its feature of having a brushless motor, so the engine is durable. Landscapers and professionals who regularly blow big areas benefit from this feature, which helps them operate the blower efficiently and effectively.

– Cordless Operation

This blower is powered by a lithium-ion battery, allowing for cordless operation. With it, you may easily walk around your outside space without the inconvenience of pulling and handling wires because there is no power cord to hinder your movement; together with this, you will be able to move to all the edges of your garden as you move along with all freedom.

It also removes the need for gasoline, making it a more ecologically friendly and greener option. Hence, it is the best choice for those users who want freedom of movement, such as homeowners with extensive yards or professionals working on numerous outside tasks.

– Turbo Boost Mode

The PowerPlex 51690 blower has a special function called Turbo Boost mode. When active, it gives the blower an instant burst of maximum power. This is especially effective when dealing with rigid or difficult-to-move debris. You don’t have to spend so much time trying to get all the little details with monotonous speed, because the turbo mode is what is going to help you.Turbo Boost Blower

With an additional burst of velocity and power, the Turbo Boost mode helps you to clear difficult areas or densely packed leaves swiftly. Users who often encounter difficult material or want an extra boost of power, such as homeowners dealing with dense leaf piles or professionals managing heavy-duty clean-up duties, may benefit from this feature.

The PowerPlex 51690 comes with a 40V Max 2.5Ah battery that runs for up to 60 minutes. This is an upgrade over the previous model’s 40V Max 5.0Ah battery which had a runtime of up to 45 minutes.

– Variable Speed Control

The blower has a variable speed control, allowing you to modify the airspeed to meet your unique requirements. You may optimize the blower’s performance for various jobs by altering the speed, and it would work at your pace and all ease.

Lower speeds, for example, can be used to clear light debris from delicate surfaces such as flower beds, while greater speeds can be used to tackle heavier leaves on lawns or roadways. It is Ideal for users who need to customize the power level of the blower for varied surfaces or debris, such as homeowners with sensitive gardens or those working in various outdoor situations.

The new model also includes a more powerful engine, a better design, and improved ergonomics. To make the PowerPlex 51690 leaf blower quieter during operation, noise reduction technologies such as brushless motors and sound-dampening features have also been improved.

– Lightweight

The blower’s lightweight design, which weighs 8.4 lbs, as it makes the functionality easy to maneuver and manage while in use. You may effortlessly carry it about your garden or home without strain or tiredness, as it reduces user fatigue and allows you to operate it for extended periods.Weight of Toro PowerPlex 51690

This feature also allows you to operate the blower with only one hand, giving additional ease and flexibility. The blower’s lightweight construction makes it extremely portable, which is especially useful for homeowners who need to move the blower to different regions of their land.


– Ergonomic Design

This 51690 blower is ergonomically constructed with the user’s comfort in mind. It has an ergonomic grip and balanced weight distribution, which helps to reduce tiredness and strain on the user’s body during prolonged usage.

The design also includes a soft-grip handle for enhanced control and a more comfortable working experience. Users who want to use the blower for lengthy periods, such as homeowners with bigger properties or professionals that demand long-duration operation, find it ideal.


The PowerPlex 51690 is an exceptional outdoor tool that blends power, efficiency, and user-friendliness to provide an outstanding experience. Its brushless motor, lightweight construction, and powerful battery make it a flexible and effective solution for many outdoor activities.

The 51690 is likely to amaze whether you perform severe garden labor or simply clean your grass. So, why wait to purchase the PowerPlex 51690 now and see the difference for yourself? Also, while you are at it, remember to get an insurance quote too!

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