Toro Ultra Blower Vac 51609 is the leaf blower that you would need for gardening activities requiring wind pressure easier as you work in your garden. However, purchasing it might be different from what you currently need as it needs to match your gardening operations and results.

Featuring Toro Vac 51609 Ultra Leaf Blower

How do you know if you need this product or something better than it to get better results while gardening? Our informative review brings you the answers you seek, so let us check out what this electric blower offers to gardeners.

Pros Cons
CFM up to 390 for airflow Can’t work without a power supply
Light and easy handling Corded feature gives it a limited range
Continuous use with power supply
No burning of fuel 

Toro Ultra Blower Vac 51609 Highlights

The Toro blower does more than give you wind speed and improved airflow to complete your gardening activities, and the company has been producing its best products and aiming for perfection after very model. It brings you the convenience to help you maximize the results you get from regular leaf blowers

Toro Ultra Blower Vac 51609 Highlights

  • Max wind speed output of 235 MPH
  • Maximum airflow capacity of 390 CFM
  • Adjustable dial for wind speed
  • Reduced noise during use
  • Lightweight appearance with handheld design
  • Long range tube with extra accessories
  • Replacement bag for easy debris disposal

Toro Ultra Blower Vac 51609 Review

Toro Ultra Blower Vac 51609 Key Criteria
Number of Functions
Number of Airflow Settings
CFM up to 390 for airflow
Light and easy handling
Continuous use with power supply
No burning of fuel
Can’t work without a power supply
Corded feature gives it a limited range

The Toro blower comes at you with the essentials you need to get your gardening done without worrying much about technicalities. Its design also gives you easy usability while enjoying high wind speeds and max airflow for gardening activities.

The weight of this blower is also a feature that would count as a consideration from the manufacturers to give you maneuverability while moving around and blowing leaves.

It’s an electric blower and vacuum at the same time that ranks high in its maximum airflow capacity, giving you up to 390 CFM. It grants you the ability and the freedom so that you would blow out more than you can with previous and similar blower models on the market. On the other hand, the airflow capacity also matches the wind speed this blower offers you for better gardening and lawn cleaning operations.

The Toro leaf vacuum also doesn’t lose out on wind speed as it gives you up to 235 MPH when you pull it to its best force. Of course this would also be a dependable cause regarding your task, as it would also include the option to rescue or increase speeds between the max output and zero. On the other hand, the leaf blower uses the adjustment dial feature to help you reduce the need to swap tools between tasks or activities.

Overall, what you should know when investing in this is that it does use a corded feature as its design excludes a battery or fuel-based engine feature to power up. As a result, you would enjoy continuous power without worrying about burning fuel or dead batteries as you keep the blower plugged in. Even though the range may be limited due to the corded design, but it works more efficiently to give you the best experience.

How Has the Toro Ultra Blower Vac 51609 Evolved? 

The Toro Ultra Blower Vac 51609 has evolved by having a better blowing force, which is 390 CMF, as the previous version, the Vac 51602 has 330 CMF as its blowing force. Which means that evolved version is one that would cover further space than the previous one.

Blower Has Evolved by Having a Better Blowing Force

This electric leaf blower brings a different outlook when comparing it to its predecessors. One improvement that customers enjoy lies with the accessories open to you when using this blower. Most customers say the weight and handheld appearance combine to give a lighter feel that is easier to use. 


Product Features Breakdown

– Warranty

The warranty attached to a product guarantees its quality and peace of mind when encountering any issue. Manufacturers of this ultra blower included this warranty as they prioritize every customer, including you, to give you the best experience. 

It means you can always get your product fixed at no cost when you encounter issues during the warranty period. The warranty might cover the whole product or some parts, so ensure you verify from your store on purchase. 

Priority on warranty verification is important, especially when purchasing a used product since it might have passed its grace period. It would be a significant declaration from the company that is manufacturing that the product is of its utmost potential in these two years, they trust what they produced, and they are aiming to build it up with the consumer as well. 

– Packaging

You will find several accessories as you unbox new Toro leaf blowers, as it has a lot of going for them, and this would mean that the company wants you to enjoy every way that the machine can be used. The packaging includes three different tubes, with two having a smaller outlet and the last having a bigger one. 

It also comes with a replacement bag which works great when vacuuming leaves and other debris for proper disposal. Also included in the package are two shorter versions of the first tube to serve as extensions for longer reach. It also includes a blue-colored accessory to hold the extension tubes in place for easier use when moving around.

– Corded Power System

It uses a corded power system making it necessary to leave it plugged into a power source while using it. The power cord is short, but you can always extend your reach by purchasing a power extension cable, so that you would be able to reach as far as you want, you can also elongate it further with a much longer extension cord. 

Corded Power System of Toro Ultra Blower Vac 51609

Corded products give you the advantage of worrying less about being cut off due to low battery or fuel. However, it leaves you stranded when there is no power source nearby to plug the blower into before use. Nevertheless, getting a solution by providing a power source lets you use the blower longer than other products.

– Matching Wind Speed and Airflow Capacity

Combining wind speeds and airflow makes a blower work better, and this product doesn’t lose to its competitors in this aspect. Its maximum wind speed and airflow output push the results you get up the ranks as you use it for gardening activities. 

Which means that when you use it, it gets better as the combination aids your vacuuming process allowing you to suck up things easily without any issues. The blower is also made to produce less noise despite the high airflow capacity that it offers you. 

This would give you a clear instance how you should worry less about making so much noise while mixing your passion with your favorite blower. This would also give you a hint that you will not feel as exhausted when you are done, because of the noise reduction. 

– Adjustment for Wind Speeds

The Toro blower matches all its parts pretty well, and one combination is the dial for adjusting wind speeds. It’s designed to be closer to your hand, which puts it next to the handle for easy reach and fast switching. 

To understand the manner deeper, you can consider the variable options you have also let you complete different tasks without changing the tool, making usage easier. Which means that wil all ease, you can dry off tools, blow away heavy leaves and still get light wind by switching the speeds. 

– New and Used Blower Pricing

Pricing depends on different factors for this blower, and you can come across different prices on several product tags. Considering if you want a new or old blower moves the cost up and down the sale, and you would see that it is a great investment, and it would help you save, while it does the job well. 

A new blower comes with complete accessories for the product and costs around $168 to purchase from stores around you. Used blowers cost less and go from $70 to $120, depending on the store and condition of the product. However, you might need the standard Toro ultra blower vac replacement parts.

– Handheld Design for Easy Usage

The blower is made to be quite light, with its design putting less strain on your arms. It gets lighter with some adjustments, like removing the Toro ultra blower vac bag and some other parts you fit. The extension tubes also count among the Toro ultra blower vac 51609 parts you can remove for lighter weight.

All three tubes that come with the product also have different weights, and switching between them contributes to the weight. Nevertheless, it’s a product designed to be lighter, with all switches fitted close to the handle for quick reach, and a maximum usage.



Your decision-making process isn’t detailed if you don’t go further into the product and its parts before concluding on it. Purchasing a product can be technical, especially with gardening tools like a blower, and our informative guide above solves that problem. You should have all the details you need to consider this product for purchase to aid your decision. 

Ensure you take note of the Toro ultra blower vac tube, as the three give you more freedom than single tubes. Consider the Toro 51609 vs 51619 comparisons if you have used older products from this brand. Lastly, try to avoid matching the Toro ultra blower vac parts 51619 with this blower and avoid using the Toro ultra blower vac metal impeller 51599 too. We also suggest checking out the newer Toro Ultra Plus Blower VAC 51621 model.

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