Toro-Ultra Plus leaf blower vac 51621 is a one-of-a-kind gardening equipment that combines three significant functions: blowing, vacuuming, and mulching.

Toro Vac 51621 Review Guide

Few blowers can boast of this multipurpose blower vacuum function, so the Ultra Plus is a win-win for those who prefer getting their clearing and bagging done simultaneously without switching devices.

Read this article, as you will learn all about the product in a deeper way.

Pros Cons
Easy to assemble and dismantle A bit heavy
The compact design makes for easy storage It has a limited range due to the short chord
It contains a mulching feature Produces a loud noise when operating at maximum speed
Easily switch from blowing to vacuuming functions with a quick-release latch

Toro Ultra Plus Blower vac 51621 Highlights

Toro Ultra Plus leaf vacuum and blower is a compact model with several exciting features such as a multiple speed control that allows users to adjust the blower to their preferred speed and various nozzles to suit different blowing needs.

The leaf blower is also simple to use and quick to assemble, and its compact design allows it to be stored anywhere this is because the UltraPlus blower vac is one that has worked through the best features.

  • Three-in-one blower, vacuum, and mulcher
  • 340 Cubic Feet per Meter air volume in blow mode 
  • 405 CFM air volume in vacuum mode, and 250 Miles Per Hour air speed
  • 12 Amp motor
  • Weighs 8.9 lbs
  • Variable speed control for blowing and vacuuming functions
  • Two-year warranty

Toro 51621 UltraPlus Leaf Blower Vacuum Review

Toro Ultra Plus Leaf Blower Vac 51621 Key Criteria
Number of Airflow Functions
Number of Functions
Easy to assemble and dismantle
The compact design makes for easy storage
It contains a mulching feature
Easily switch from blowing to vacuuming functions with a quick-release latch
A bit heavy
It has a limited range due to the short chord
Produces a loud noise when operating at maximum speed

Toro-Ultra Plus 51621 blower performs three functions; blowing, vacuuming, and mulching. These are functions that would typically require you to purchase separate devices to achieve, but the 51621 combines all three roles, thereby saving you money as well as space in your tool shed due to the device’s compact design. 

Having these three significant functions packed into one device means you need to be able to switch between the blowing and vacuuming functions efficiently without tools. The quick-release latch allows you to do that in a fraction of the time.

When you invest in this package, remember that it comes with a variety of added accessories, such as a blower tube, concentrator nozzle, power insert nozzle, inlet cover, cord storage hook, oscillating nozzle, a 2-part vacuum tube, and a leaf collection bag with shoulder strap.

However, when switching nozzles, you would have to dismantle the Toro Ultra blower vac parts before attaching the spout. Although assembling and disassembling the blower is easy, you might find the whole process of switching nozzles annoying, as a result the company has looked it through. The ultra leaf blower/vac targets users who want to avoid emissions from gas blowers and want a device they can use without worrying about battery life.

You wouldn’t have to stress over clearing your yard, garden or walkway as the UltraPlus leaf blower and the vacuum packs and this is because it has an excellent airflow. With an air volume of 405 CFM in vacuum mode and 340 CFM in blow mode.

You can easily say goodbye to wet leaves, fruits from trees, and other large debris in your yard, as the device produces enough power to blow seemingly tough objects, and this is simply because it has the ability to get rid of every unwanted debris. An air speed of 250 MPH allows you to blow debris fast and finish your work without wasting time and energy.

There are specific levels of airflow outputs that work for different kinds of cleanup jobs, depending on the type of surface or debris you are trying to clear up. For example, when blowing or vacuuming leaves around flowers or blowing sawdust, it is best to use low airspeed. While the opposite applies when blowing large or wet debris. 

Hence, this electric leaf blower is fitted with a variable speed control feature that easily allows you to adjust the power output to suit various types of blowing or vacuuming tasks. It also comes with different nozzles that you can easily switch when carrying out multiple functions.

At a weight of 8.9 pounds, the Toro Ultra 250 MPH 340 CFM electric 12 Amp blower/vacuum/mulcher is easily a heavy blower, especially because it is handheld and has to be carried around. The company has looked upon the matter and the machine has become even heavier when the collection bag is full from vacuuming and mulching, making it too heavy for kids and older adults to use. 

Which means that this machine is one that would require others to operate it with both hands. However, the weight is evenly distributed, so if you’re used to working with slightly heavy equipment, this should not be a problem.

How Has the Product Evolved?

The Toro ultra plus blower vac 51621 has evolved from the Toro Ultra Blower Vac 51619, the 51621 is the most powerful blower/vacuum and is more durable than its predecessor. In addition, the new version has a higher mulching ratio of 97 percent rather than 88 percent.

Most Powerful Leaf Blower Toro Ultra Plus

It comes with more nozzles and a cord storage hook and has a mulching rate of about, and this helps the advancement of the mulching process, and the way that this machine will produce more mulch, than the previous version would. 

They can then create mulch for their compost pile if they have a garden with the mulching feature and gather the by-product in the attached collection bag. This leaf blower/vacuum has several exciting features we will review in this article, so jump in.


Toro Ultra Plus Blower Vac 51621 Feature Breakdown

– 3-in-1 Function

The Toro UltraPlus leaf blower performs vacuuming and shredding functions and is one of the most powerful handheld leaf blowers. It blows and vacuums at a 250 MPH airspeed, pushing or sucking leaves fast. In blow mode, the 51621 blows out 340 CFM of air and a whooping 405 CFM in vacuum mode, making it an excellent device for mid to large-sized homes.

Toro Ultra Plus Blower Vac 51621 Feature Breakdown

Based on customer reviews, the vacuuming feature is enjoyed the most due to the long vacuum tube that sucks in leaves and debris from meters away without bending down. However, it is advised to first blow the leaves into a pile, preferably on a hard surface, before vacuuming. 

The debris is then shredded into tiny pieces by the metal impeller before being moved to the collection bag you can easily attach to the blower. However, Toro claims that the mulching feature reduces leaf volume by 97 percent.

– Variable Speed Control

The variable speed control feature allows you to adjust the device’s airflow to suit your blowing needs. Some types of cleanups require a gentle airflow, such as blowing around flower beds or small, dry leaves. 

Other kinds of cleanups, like wet or tough leaves, acorns, small branches, and twigs, require the full 250 MPH to move them effectively. In contrast, some require an average airspeed. No matter what category your cleanup falls into, the speed control throttle gives you control over the airflow. 

This is a great option that you can have because it will help you to give the freedom of the choice of which speed you would like the task in hand to be complete in, whether you want some things to be done faster, or slower is in your hand. 

– Corded Electric Blower

This handheld blower/vac is a corded blower that requires an electric supply to power your blower. One of the significant benefits of this is that you don’t get exposed to the emissions as you would when using a gas-powered blower. 

Handheld Corded Electric Blower

You can also carry out your cleaning at a stretch without worrying about the battery dying out, as is the case with battery-powered blowers. All you have to do is connect your blower to a power source and begin to work for as long as you want.

This is great because not every house or every lawn is prone to be a place to safe keep a battery or two, on the contrary, it will help you accomplish the task knowing that you will not run out of a battery, and you can always extend the cord. 

The major disadvantage of this corded blower/vac is that you would only be able to work over a limited range because the cord that accompanies this blower is short. Even if you have an outdoor power supply, you might be unable to cover more expansive areas of your yard. It is advisable to purchase an extension cord to solve this problem, as the Toro 51621 is equipped to accommodate one.

– Nozzles

To add to the versatility of the blower, the Toro Blower/Vac 51621 comes with three additional nozzles that perform various functions to help make blowing easier. These include a power insert, an oscillating nozzle, and a concentrator nozzle. 

The power insert is placed inside the blower tube and helps streamline the tube’s end to increase air pressure. This nozzle is perfect for wet and heavy leaves or debris, and it will be helpful to clean up the leaves in a neat way and then to have a bag of mulch that can be used in your garden for trapping the moisture in your soil.

The oscillating nozzle forces air back and forth from side to side with varying air pressures, allowing you to quickly clear a wider path without moving your arms. Finally, the concentrator nozzle narrows the tube’s opening more than the power insert to allow for stronger air pressure. It is best used for blowing tight spots and corners.



This 3-in-1 UltraPlus blower, vacuum, and mulcher is a powerful and well-designed device with several additional features, like the extra nozzles and speed control, homeowners would love. It is durable and lasts several years so you can get enough value for your money. 

Be sure to purchase an extension cord for the device to help cover a large portion of your yard. This is a great investment if you opt for it, because it would save you so much time, and the company is building trust with you through the warranty they would offer of two years. You should also check our detailed comparison of Toro 51619 vs 51621 models to get a much better overview.

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