Tradescantia spathacea care infographicTradescantia spathacea is a stunning houseplant that’ll add a splash of purple to any corner. Popular among indoor gardeners, it’s also an extremely good choice for beginners.

In this guide, our gardening gurus will explain all you need to know about caring for and growing Tradescantia spathacea.

What Is Tradescantia Spathacea?

Tradescantia spathacea, also known as boat lily, oyster plant, or Moses-in-the-cradle, is a flowering plant from the Tradescantia genus. Native to Guatemala, Belize, and Southern Mexico, it is widely used in indoor gardening and outdoor landscaping due to its showy, variegated foliage. The dark green leaves have the iconic purple underside common in ornamental Tradescantias and are often streaked with lashes of white, pink, or magenta.