There are 17 trees for zone 7 that will not let you down! There are 28 states that make up USDA  7. Browse our planting guide on trees for zone 7 below for your location if you live in these regions and require some gardening and maintenance advice so you can grow successfully and easily!17 Trees for Zone 7

17 Trees For Zone 7 

There are many lovely annuals to select from, and the endemic species have stunning flowers, fruit, and foliage that rival anything found in warmer areas.

We’ve listed a variety of evergreen trees and plants below that will enhance the appearance of your home and provide shade and cover for your yard. We’ve also provided a few location options because the climate in Zone 7 varies so greatly from east to west, particularly in Arizona.

Zone 7 experiences moderate to extremely hot summers that move from the northeast to the southwest. Your outside space would benefit from tree cover and drought-resistant trees, which come in sizes ranging from medium to extremely large. Here are some options for Zone 7 summers that will provide beauty and shade:

1. America Elm Trees

American elm trees offer shade and have gorgeous, big, deep-green leaves in the summertime and golden leaves as their fall color. They can survive in cities and suburban settings and reach heights of 40 to 60 feet while tolerating all types of soil.America Elm Trees

This tree is simple to grow and enhances whatever area these tr