Trimmer Storage vertical or horizontal is something you must know about if you own a weed eater. Although we always advocate for storing weed eaters vertically, we understand that it might not always be possible to store them that way.

Trimmer Storage Vertical or Horizontal

In this article, let us go through the pros and cons of both types of storage. In the end, we will let you decide which option to choose, considering the available options.

Features Vertical Storage Storage Horizontal
Space Used Takes less space Uses up too much space
Safety Yes  Not safe 
Good For Trimmer Health Yes  No 
Dirt Accumulation Over Time Less dirt More dirt

What Is the Difference Between Vertical or Horizontal Trimmer Storage?

The difference between vertical and horizontal trimmer storage is that the vertical one takes less space, whereas the horizontal one takes less space. In addition, the vertical one is more safe and accumulates less dirt over time than the horizontal one.

It is wise to always hang a string trimmer in a vertical position instead of storing it in a horizontal position. Not only does vertically store this tool saves a lot of wasted space, but it also keeps the delicate engine components from getting damaged.

Characteristics of Storing Trimmer Vertically

The characteristics of storing the trimmer vertically will help you save a lot of space, and it will ensure that the engine stays standing upward rather of downwards. The chances of getting it dirty would be much less, and lastly, you will be ensuring the safety of the machine.

A vertical storage option for weed eaters is undoubtedly best because it protects the machine from incurring damages. It also saves more space which is an important deciding factor.

– It Saves A Ton of Space

Storing a weed eater vertically takes up much less space than placing it horizontally. This is welcome news for all those people who are continually struggling with inadequate storage space. Even large trimmers take up very little space when placed upside down. All you need is a sturdy trimmer hanger built into any tool shed wall. 

Trimmer Storage Vertical Attributes

Now, compare this type of storage with putting away a trimmer horizontally. You will have to build a separate shelf the size of the trimmer if you want to keep it safe and secure. Because it is a delicate piece of lawn equipment, it cannot be placed anywhere. In addition, this way, if you store it upright, you will be just taking some space, and it will also look neat visually. 

The best way to store hedge trimmers is to place protective sheaths over the cutting blades. The battery of an electric trimmer needs to be removed and stored separately in a cool and dry place. Place it on a flat surface to prevent its oil and gas from leaking. Make sure that the location of storage is someplace dry and well-protected.

– The Engine is Up

When we store a trimmer vertically, the side where the engine is located is hung up while the rest of the parts hang down. This is the safest way to store this power tool because basic science says that the light side of the tool needs to hang down from the heavy part. The delicate machinery in the engine will not be subject to any pressure. 

When the engine is on the topside, you will not have to deal with fuel leaking from the fuel tank either, because remember that the manufacturing market has already built it in a way that even using, it should stay up right. Although, we would still recommend that you would empty the fuel tank before storing the trimmer for a long time. If you still keep the fuel in, add a fuel stabilizer to the gas and oil.

If the engine side is hung down, it will be subject to undue pressure and more at risk of bending, cracking, and snapping into two. When the engine is down, it tends to move the machine away from the supporting wall. On the other hand, you may also think of it how storing it as such would increase the risk of the machine falling over.

– Fewer Chances of Accumulating Dirt

When we store a string trimmer vertically, it accumulates much less dust and dirt when compared to horizontal storage, because when it is closer to the ground, dust and dirt would reach towards it much easier.

This is important in areas where the time frame for lawn maintenance is very short, and the tools spend a lot of time in storage. When putting away a trimmer for the winter season, you must be very certain and sure that it will not get clogged up by accumulated dust. 

You also want to spend only some weeks wiping dust off the instrument, even while in storage. Not to mention the extensive cleanup required after months of horizontally storing a trimmer in the tool shed. All this extra work can be avoided simply by hanging this tool upside down in a vertical position.

The best way to store a trimmer line is to take the entire spool out and store it separately. We always recommend that they would be wrapped away in a plastic, airtight bag and put it away in the same tools hed. Make sure to clean the spool well before storage. Otherwise, the dirt, grass, or soil stuck to it will solidify throughout the winter and be hard to remove later. 

This is also a good time to give this trimmer line a thorough check-up to see if it is worn out and needs to be replaced. When reinserting a stored trimmer line back the trimmer, one life hack is to let it sit in water for one whole day.

– Ensuring Safety

A string trimmer is a sensitive tool, and when you store it upward, it will stay much safer than in another way, as a result the best way to store it is to hang it vertically in the tool shed.

You will need to build a proper frame as part of an effective storage solutions program. In order to keep it very well protected, you must make sure that you take out your tools and put on gloves and goggles for this exciting DIY project.

In order to accomplish this protection, you must carefully choose a spot on the wall where you want to hang the trimmer. This spot needs to be higher than the complete length of the trimmer; otherwise, it would end up touching the ground.

An appropriate height for most ordinary gas-powered or electric weed eaters is 48 inches. Mark two spots at this height that are about four feet apart. Make sure that you would cut out a wooden board that is 18 by six inches and hang it horizontally between these two spots. You can easily ask your local carpenter to cut out a board if you cannot do it yourself. 

Then, you should take the approach and nail both ends of the board to the wall on the spots marked underneath. You can use at least three nails on each side of the board to keep it securely in place and handle the weight of the trimmer. 

Next, you need a bracket mounting plate and use it to mark the location where the mounting holes will be. Choose spots on the wooden board that are to your liking. It would be best if you now had a drill to dig holes about one and a quarter of an inch deep. The drill size should be a little smaller than the diameter of the mounting screws.

All left is to place the bracket and screw holes using a screwdriver. You now have a sturdy frame to hang the trimmer safely whenever it is not used. You can even paint it vibrant colors to give it an edgy look, and this is how it would be staying in a safe manner.

Characteristics of Horizontal Trimmer Storage

The characteristics of horizontal trimmer storage is that leakage might occur, and you would be subjecting pressure on the machine parts. In addition to this, it is a waste of storage space, and lastly, it is quite challenging to store it. 

There are few pros to storing a trimmer horizontally. This method is harmful, and a cause for frequent breakage of the machine parts and should only be chosen if no other alternative is present.

– Leakage Might Occur

You will almost always experience gas leaks when storing a string trimmer in a horizontal position. We are talking about something other than long-term storage here. Of course, in that case, you must always empty the fuel tank first before putting the trimmer for storage. 

Even when putting a trimmer down for a short while, fluid leakage from the engine side will be a recurrent problem. Trimmer engines are either two-stroke or four-stroke in nature. In addition, even if you have cleaned it so well, when you place it in a horizontal position, it is close to the tank’s entrance, as a result, it is going to leak, even with a little quantity.

Fluid leakage in a horizontal position is commonly seen with a four-stroke engine. In these engines, oil and gas are stored in separate compartments. Every time these trimmers are laid down, even for a while, you will have to deal with cleaning the spills.

Although it is a great rule that you shouldn’t oil it before storing it away. The right time for oiling its delicate engine parts is after you take it out of the storage right before use. Before storage, the standard practice is to empty the trimmer. 

Even when it comes to the case of a gas-powered weed whacker, take out all the fuel from its fuel tank, while in the case of an electric trimmer, take out its batteries. These batteries must be stored separately in a cool, dry place far away from flammable objects, again not in a horizontal position.

– Pressure on Machine Parts

As a gas trimmer has been designed, all of its delicate machine parts are on the trimmer head. The trimmer’s handle might look delicate to the eyes, but it only contains a power cord and a button. 

On the other hand, the trimmer head comprises fragile parts like the line cutter, the spool retainer, and the bump camp. These parts must be protected at all costs because even minor bends or cracks in these parts might leave the trimmer unusable. 

When the trimmer is stored horizontally, a certain kind of pressure is put on the parts at the end, because you have placed it on the back, and due to different physical circumstances, pressure occurs. 

Moreover, horizontal storage is unsafe because someone might place something on the trimmer, or even step on it assicentally. In case of something heavy is placed over the trimmer head, parts might get properly crushed. For horizontal placement, there better be a wooden or a metal encasing where the trimmer can be stored safely.

– It Wastes A Lot of Space

Let’s be clear: putting a string trimmer horizontally uses too much space in the tool shed. This is especially pertinent when considering how little space the recommended vertical storage requires. In short, it will take a big place, because it is a big machine. 

Horizontal Trimmer Storage Features

Storing a weed whacker horizontally requires proper shelving racks built into the tool shed to keep them safe. You cannot allow any other tool to be placed above or under them. This storage mode is a big no-no unless your tool shed is overflowing with extra space.

– Challenging To Store it

We understand that sometimes the only option you have left is to store a weed eater horizontally, but as mentioned, it is really challenging. Even in that case, you must ensure that the trimmer stays in good condition and is safe from getting accidentally crushed by any other equipment. 

One method is to take help from a wooden shelving rake that houses only the trimmer and nothing else. If you are not versed in using wood, buy a few plywood planks and screw holes in them using a drill machine. 

Piece them together using nuts and bolts, and your DIY trimmer shelf is ready for use. The more challenging part is how you must string trimmers that are narrow and lightweight, so in this case it is quite less complicated to use some plywood because it would be an appropriate material for making shelves for them.

Another method is to buy or build a special case for storing these trimmers. Again, you can use any material to make these cases by yourself. Look around your local second-hand shop, and you might even come across a metallic case that is the right fit for a trimmer.


This comprehensive blog post has compared the merits and demerits of the two types of weed eater storage. The standard and recommended practice is to always store this fragile tool vertically with its engine side facing upwards and the handle facing downwards. You must make sure that you go through the user manual with these trimmers; you will find specific instructions to hang them vertically. 

The engine side needs to be up while storing, and it helps to create special racks for hanging trimmers safely. As our final thoughts, storing a trimmer vertically doesn’t mean that you leave it resting against the wall. Instead, buy or make special hanging brackets from which the trimmer might hang safely from the wall.

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