If you’re considering buying a Troy Bilt lawn mower, this review will help you sort out the details, advantages, and disadvantages of four popular products made by this company. The mowers in this review are all walk-behind models, and none are a Troy Bilt riding lawn mower or a Troy Bilt zero turn mower.

Troy Bilt Lawn Mower Reviews

With Troy Bilt mowers quality is a top priority, and all of these lawnmowers are high-quality, but only one is right for you and your yard. Read on, and you’ll also discover which one we chose as the winner of each of the four product feature categories. 

Quick Product Comparison Chart

Product Model Drive Type Cutting Width Weight Special Features
Model 12AVU2V2766

Self-propelled 21 inches 75 pounds Convenient vertical storage
Model 11A-A2SD766

Manual push 21 inches 70 pounds 3-in-1 bags, mulches and side discharges
Model TB130 XP

Manual push 21 inches 72 pounds Large rear wheels, Honda engine, and deck washout port
Model TB490 XP

Self-propelled 21 inches 96 pounds Robust 190cc Honda engine

Troy Bilt Lawn Mowers Review                  

– Troy Bilt Self Propelled Lawn Mower Model 12AVU2V2766

  • XP series  
  • Stores upright for space-saving 
  • Front-wheel drive for easy maneuverability
  • OHV engine with auto-choke for easy start 
  • Single-speed self-propelled drive

If you want a basic self-propelled lawn mower, this model is worth your consideration. This mower has the essential elements needed to trim the grass without undue effort without unnecessary features when handling typical mowing conditions.

– Easy Start Engine

The 149cc Troy-Bilt overhead valve engine on this model has plenty of power for average lawn mowing tasks. In addition, the auto-choke startup feature eliminates the need for manual adjustments to the choke before pulling the recoil cord, saving time and frustration to get the machine into action. 

– Self-Propelled Feature

To start this mower, pull down on the operator presence bar on the handlebar and pull the recoil cord. Once the engine runs, a lever grip on the handlebar activates the self-propulsion, making the machine move forward at one speed. Let go of the self-propel lever and manually pull the lawnmower backward to go in reverse. 

Mower Handlebar Activates the Self Propulsion

The self-propel feature on this machine is elementary, making it beneficial for anyone with an average lawn and cutting conditions who does not need fancy features on a lawnmower. 

– Front-Wheel Drive

This mower has a front-wheel drive. Front-wheel drive lawn mowers are exceptionally easy to maneuver when mowing around planter boxes or next to buildings. This feature is advantageous on lawns with multiple obstacles and structures to navigate. 

– Convenient Storage

A unique feature of this mower is that you can store it up on end to reduce the storage floor space by half. The machine’s rear has an innovative built-in bracket that keeps the device stable and secure when it’s stored upright.

In addition, the engine is designed not to leak oil or gas when stored in this position. Upright storage is a definite advantage for anyone with limited storage space. 

– Wheels and Cutting Deck 

All four wheels are eight inches in diameter, and the cutting width is 21 inches, using a single blade. The small wheels on this mower do fine on average lawns, but they are not so good on steep or uneven ground. This mower’s wheels and deck size are beneficial for people with small to medium-sized yards with mostly flat terrain. 

– Bottom Line

This model is a solidly-built self-propelled mower for small and medium-sized yards. It does not have any fancy features, making it ideal for simple mowing tasks.


The front-wheel-drive makes it easy to navigate objects on the lawn. This mower works best in average mowing conditions and flat ground. 

– Troy Bilt Push Mower Model 11A-A2SD766

  • 3-in-1 bags, mulches and side discharges
  • six position deck height adjustment 
  • Manual push drive  
  • Alloy steel frame and deck 
  • Gas-powered engine 

If you want a robust lawnmower with a manual drive system, this Troy-Bilt model has all the basic features. The operator uses muscle power to maneuver the machine, and a solid 140cc Troy-Bilt OHV engine spins the cutting blades under the deck for a manicured trim. This mower is solidly constructed for small yards. 

– Easy Start OHV Engine 

The engine in this mower is relatively small for a gas-powered mower, but one advantage of this is better fuel efficiency and lower gas costs. The overhead valves run cool, keeping the engine in top shape with minimal need for repairs.

Relatively Small for a Gas Powered Mower

The fuel tank holds 1.3 quarts, keeping this mower humming along without the need to refuel when mowing a typical residential lawn area. 

– Solid Steel Deck 

The solid steel deck won’t flex or bend when you go over a bump or low spot in the ground. It’s also rust-resistant due to a special coating. However, the deck does not have a washout port, so you need to turn the mower on its side to clean out the underside after each use. 

– Easy Cutting Height Adjustment

The 21 inch cutting width lets you breeze over an average lawn and get the job done rapidly. In addition, the deck adjusts to six cutting heights from 1 ¼ inch to 3 ¾ inches letting you choose the optimum height of the freshly trimmed grass. 

In addition, the deck has a two-lever height adjustment mechanism, so you don’t need to adjust each wheel independently to raise or lower the cutting height. All four wheels are eight inches in diameter and made from rugged plastic with deep treads for excellent traction. 

– Tri-Action Cutting Blades 

The Tri-action cutting blade system enhances the flow of grass through the blades by pulling them upward before cutting, resulting in finely mulched pieces of grass that you’ll hardly notice on the lawn.

This cutting system also eliminates grass clumps that make a newly cut lawn look terrible and shade out parts of the grass unless you rake them up. But you won’t have that problem with the tri-action cutting blade system on this mower. 

– 3-in-1 Functions

Even though this is a push mower, it still has 3-in-1 functions that let you choose to bag, mulch, or side discharge the cut grass. In addition, it comes with a sturdy 1.9-bushel collection bag that attaches to the machine’s rear.

However, this mower does not have a blade brake, so when you stop to empty the bag, the engine shuts off, and you need to restart it when you return. 

– Adjustable Handlebar

Another nice feature of this push mower is the adjustable handle that lets you move it into three positions to match the operator’s height.


This feature is a significant plus on a push mower that allows different users to operate the machine and adjust it for their comfort. 

– Bottom Line

If you have a small lawn and you like to get some exercise while you mow, this push mower has the advantage of 3-in-1 functions, tri-action cutting for a manicured look, and a small but robust and fuel-efficient engine.

– Troy-Bilt Lawn Mower Model TB130 XP

  • 163cc Honda engine  
  • Large rear wheels 
  • Manual push drive 
  • 3-in-1 functions  
  • Rust-resistant steel deck 

The Troy-Bilt model TB130 XP is a powerful gas-driven push-style mower. If you have a medium-sized lawn with ups and downs or rough terrain, and you like to get exercise while mowing, this machine has multiple features to make your job easier. 

– Robust Engine

The heavy-duty 163cc 4-stroke Honda engine on this mower can easily handle challenging tasks like hacking through tall weeds and overgrown grass. The machine has an auto-choke for a reliable and fast startup by pulling the recoil cord on the handlebar while holding down the operator presence bar simultaneously. 

Honda engines are among the most reliable small engines for power yard equipment so you can expect many seasons of use with this mower. Of course, like all gas engines, it does need some occasional maintenance such as cleaning the air filter, replacing the spark plug and changing the oil. 

– Tri-Action Cutting Blades 

This mower also features the tri-action cutting blades and deck for finely chopping grass blades under the deck, resulting in a clean cut. In addition, the blade height readily adjusts in six positions using one lever on each side of the deck, so you can cut the grass to the precise length you want. 

– Large Rear Wheels

If your yard includes rough terrain, a significant advantage of this mower is the 11 inch rear wheels. The large rear wheels give you more mechanical advantage when pushing the mower. They also make it easier to navigate over uneven ground and on hills. 

– 3-in-1 Functions

You can bag up the clippings in the sample collection container or remove them to mulch the grass under the mower to improve the vitality of the lawn. In addition, by removing the bag and mulch plug, you can select to have the cut grass shoot out of the side of the mower into a pile as you go. 

– Deck with Washout Port

This mower has a washout port on the deck, so you do not need to tip the machine over to clean under the deck.


In addition, the deck is solid steel that won’t easily bend, flex or rust. 

– Bottom Line

This is a solid lawnmower for buyers who want a push mower for their yard. The high-quality Honda engine and rugged, large rear wheels give this mower extra power for tackling tough weeds, tall grass and uneven ground.

– Troy Bilt Lawn Tractor Model TB490 XP

  • Heavy-duty 190 cc Honda engine  
  • Self-propelled and variable-speed drive 
  • 3-in-1 functions bags, mulches and side discharges  
  • Rugged and large rear wheels  
  • Comfort grip handlebar 

If you want a lawnmower with serious power and cutting ability, and you don’t want to push it around using your energy, this Troy-Bilt TB490 might be what you need. This mower is self-propelled by a large Honda engine for fast and efficient variable-speed travel and rapid, clean cutting. However, this machine weighs significantly more than any others in this review at 96 pounds. 

– Honda Engine

The 190cc Honda 4-stroke engine on this model has the highest power of all the mowers in this review. In most cases, it starts up on the first pull of the cord due to the auto-choke that automatically adjusts the carburetor to the correct setting when starting and running the engine. It does not have an electric start. 

Honda Powerful 4 Stroke Engine

On this engine, you need to check the oil level and add fresh oil when it gets low. You also need to clean the air filter regularly and care for the spark plug seasonally to keep this engine in top condition. However, the required maintenance is something most people can accomplish with a minimum of tools and experience. 

– Variable Speed 4×4 Drive 

The robust engine sends power to all four wheels when you want it. Depending on the mowing conditions, two levers near the wheels let you select the front-wheel drive, rear-wheel drive, or four-wheel drive. 

Front-wheel drive enables you more easily maneuver around objects in your path, and rear-wheel drive gets the mower up hills and over rough terrain more easily. However, the four-wheel-drive gives you the maximum power for the most challenging ground and mowing conditions. 

In addition, this mower has variable-speed propulsion, letting you rapidly adjust the rate of travel by squeezing the lever on the handlebar. The more you pull the lever, the faster the machine goes up to a speed that will have you jogging behind it. The one-hand operation of the speed keeps one of your hands free. 

– Durable Cutting Deck 

Using dual height adjustment levers, this model’s rugged steel cutting deck adjusts to three positions from 1 ¼ inch to 3 ¾ inches in height. In addition, a built-in washout port makes it straightforward to keep the underside of the deck clean and rust-free after each use.

Just attach a garden hose, turn on the water, and start the blade spinning to wash out under the deck. This helpful feature is an advantage for rapidly cleaning the deck and preventing rust and build-up of debris. 

– Large Wheels 

The wheels on this model are 8 inches in the front and 11 inches in the rear, and they have deep and rugged treads to handle the most challenging ground conditions and terrain. 

– 3-in-1 Functions 

As with other lawnmowers in this review, this one also has 3-in-1 functionality, so you can choose to bag up the cut grass in the 1.9-bushel catchment container, mulch and leave the trimmed fragments on the ground as fertilizer, or side discharge them.

Side discharge is a handy feature if you want to blow the cut grass onto a flower bed or landscape plants next to the lawn to mulch the area without needing to rake up the debris and move it by hand. 

– Comfortable and Adjustable Handlebar

The handlebar is coated with a comfortable and soft material, so it’s easy on your hands. In addition, you can rapidly adjust the handle to three settings to match the height and comfort requirements of the operator.

The comfortable and adjustable handlebar benefits anyone using the machine for long periods. 

– Bottom Line

This Troy-Bilt model has multiple features for mowing large areas and working for long sessions. The variable-speed, self-propelled drive gets the machine over rough ground and reduces the workload for the operator.


The option of using the rear, front, or all-wheel propulsion adds to the versatility of this mower, and the washout port makes cleanup a breeze.

Product Feature Comparison

The most important differences between these four Troy-Bilt lawn mower models are the engine size, engine manufacturer, and self-propel drive vs. manual push drive systems. 

– Most Powerful Engine

Winner: Model TB490 XP

With the robust 190cc Honda engine, this model has the most power of all the reviewed models. So if you need maximum power with variable speed, this is the model to choose. 

– Easiest to Use

Winner: Model 12AVU2V2766

If you want a no-frills self-propelled mower with essential 3-in-1 functions, this model has what you need. The single-speed front-wheel drive provides excellent maneuverability with minimal control features, making it straightforward. 

– Best for Small Yards with Rough Terrain 

In a tiny yard with ups and downs and uneven ground, this mower offers multiple advantages of large rear wheels and 3-in-1 functions with a manual drive that keeps down the machine’s cost and weight. 

– Best for Small Yards

Winner: Model 11A-A2SD766

If you are looking for a no-frills mower for a tiny yard, this model is the winner. It has the advantages of a 3-in-1 function and push-style drive that minimum weight and size. 


By reading these Troy Bilt lawn mower reviews, you’ve learned important details about four popular models.

You might also be interested to know that Troy-Bilt has been manufacturing gas-powered yard equipment since 1937, and the company has a solid reputation for producing reliable small engines. In addition, all of these models come with a three-year warranty.

When selecting a new lawnmower, the best one most closely matches your preferences and the size and conditions in your yard. All of these mowers offer advantages for different buyers, and the choice is up to you.

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