Troy Bilt tb 130 lawnmowers can be an asset for keeping a small lawn trimmed and lush because this Troy Bilt push mower has robust cutting power, comfortable ergonomics, and options for how to handle the trimmed debris. 

Troy Bilt TB 130 Reviews

In theseTroy Bilt tb130 reviews, you’ll discover all the main features of this mower, how to operate it, and what kind of buyer and yard are the best match for it.

We’ll start with a quick look at some of this mower’s essential pros and cons. 

Pros and Cons

Pros Cons
Rust resistant deck Not self-propelled
TriAction® cutting deck for smoother finished cut Not good on steep slopes
Easy to maneuver  
‘Check and add’ oil design  
Deck washout port  

Product Highlights

This push-style lawnmower has a high-quality engine made by Honda, considered one of the best small engine brands for gas-powered lawn equipment. It’s also a 3-in-1 design that lets you choose to mulch, bag, or side discharge the trimmed material to keep your yard the way you like it. 

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  • 21 inch cutting width  
  • Six position cutting heights  
  • 159cc OHV Honda engine  
  • Auto-choke 
  • It comes with a 1.9-bushel collection bag 

Troy Bilt tb130 Review

Troy Bilt tb 130 Key Criteria
Easy to Start
Maintenance Requirements
Ergonomics Rough Terrain
Rust resistant deck
TriAction® cutting deck for smoother finished cut
Easy to maneuver
‘Check and add’ oil design
Deck washout port
Not self-propelled
Not good on steep slopes

Some small yards and buyers are perfect for a push mower like this Troy Bilt model. This type of lawnmower is easy to maneuver and moves at precisely the pace you move at. In addition, small yards with delicate landscapes are often best tended by a mower like this one.

However, this lawnmower is also equipped with a powerful and reliable engine that does not need regular oil changes, and it does well on yards up to about one-third of an acre for people who like a workout when mowing the lawn. 

In addition, this mower is easy to start with the automatic choke and no choke lever to adjust. All you need to do is put the right fuel in the tank and pull the recoil cord while you hold down the operator presence bar on the handlebar.

Holding down the bar also makes the blade start moving once the engine starts, and this Honda engine has a good reputation for starting on the first or second pull as long as it’s cared for properly. 

– TriAction™ Cutting Blade System

Using a deck and blade design that lifts the pieces of grass before they contact the metal edge, this cutting system ensures an even and great-looking lawn when you’re done. In addition, the system’s design reduces clumping and uneven trimming of the yard.

– Low Maintenance

One maintenance task on many walk-behind mowers is changing the oil at least once per year. However, on this mower, that messy job is eliminated because, on this Troy Bilt tb130 oil change is not something you ever need to do.

Instead, the ‘check and add’ engine feature lets you check the oil level on the dipstick and add new oil when it is low without ever needing to drain out the whole reservoir. 

Changing Oil in Troy Bilt tb130

However, this mower does need a small amount of regular engine maintenance for good operation. For example, it has an air filter that needs to be clean to keep it working. It is easy to access the air filter compartment on the side of the engine, and in dusty conditions, regular inspection prevents hard starting and reduced performance.

It also has a spark plug that needs occasional servicing and replacement. Nonetheless, this mower has a lower maintenance requirement than most others mowers due to the innovative oil system. 

– Easy to Maneuver 

This mower is compact, and it has 11-inch diameter wheels in the rear that make it easier to push and move around, especially in small spaces. For gardens with strips of grass and multiple planting areas, flower boxes or garden furniture mixed into the lawn space, this mower has the flexibility for getting the job done with less stress and strain for the operator. 

However, because this machine is not self-propelled, it is challenging to use it on anything except the flat or slightly sloped ground. Therefore, this mower is most suitable for small to medium-sized, primarily even terrain.

However, if your yard has significant ups and downs or large areas of soft ground, a self-propelled lawnmower might be a more suitable option. 

– Adjustable Handlebar

Another feature of this model that adds to the maneuverability is that you can adjust the handlebar height. This adjustability makes this device easier for a broader range of people to use comfortably, and your kids might even be interested in giving it a try.


In addition, the handlebar folds down easily, making this mower convenient to store under a table or shelf in the garage or shed.

Product Features Breakdown

– Troy Bilt tb130 Engine

The engine is a 4-cycle gasoline engine that uses an unmixed mid-range octane gas that is not combined with oil. Instead, you add the engine oil to a separate compartment from the gas.

As mentioned above, in this Troy Bilt tb130, oil change is a thing of the past with no need to store a messy oil change pan and jugs of used engine oil waiting for a trip to the hazardous materials recycler.

4 Cycle Gasoline Engine of Troy Bilt Tb130

In addition, there isn’t any chance of oil spills on the garage floor, driveway, or garden when changing the oil because the engine is designed for ‘check and add’ operation.

One result of this ‘check and add’ oil feature is that the engine does not have an oil drain plug as most mowers have. Therefore, if you want or need to remove the oil from the engine completely, it must be poured out through the same spot you add oil by removing the oil cap and turning the machine on its side over an oil pan until the compartment is empty.

However, doing this is not usually necessary. Still, it’s a good idea to check the oil at the start of each work each day and top it off if it’s low. 

– Different Significances

Besides a low-maintenance oil system, this mower has other valuable features, including a low noise level and auto choke on the 159cc Honda OHV engine. The auto-choke makes the engine easy and reliable to start with the recoil cord attached close to the top of the handlebar. 

However, it’s important to note that the machine does not have a blade brake, and the engine shuts off as soon as you release the operator presence bar when you empty the catchment bag or walk away from the mower for another reason. 

The benefit of this mid-range engine is that it gives you plenty of cutting power without being a gas hog. In addition, the gas tank holds 41.6 ounces of fuel, so you won’t need to take lots of breaks to refill it.

– Cutting Deck

The rust-resistant steel deck on this mower is likely to hold up through many seasons of rigorous use. Besides the solid construction, another reason for its durability is the washout port on top for attaching a garden hose and blasting away cut grass, mud, and debris and keeping the bottom clean.

After use, cleaning under the deck can add significantly to the machine’s lifespan and keep the blades sharp, rust-free, and ready for mowing. In addition, the TriAction™ cutting design lifts the grass as the blades sweep by to prevent clumps and unevenness in the finished lawn. 

Deck Height is Adjustable to The Wheels

The deck height is adjustable to the wheels so that you can choose an optimum cutting height for your lawn. The deck quickly raises and lowers from 1.25 inches to 3.75 inches in six adjustment settings using one lever on each side of the front wheels.

The front wheels are a standard 7-inch diameter size, but the rear wheels are 11 inches across, giving you more traction and leverage where you need it for pushing the machine. In addition, the wheel tread is substantial, giving you a boost on uneven ground. 

– 3-in-1 Features

This model can mulch, discharge cuttings out to the side, or collect the debris in the catchment bag, making it a 3-in-1 mower. Switching from one feature to the other is simple. It involves installing a mulch plug when using the machine for this purpose and removing the stopper and bag for blowing the cut grass out onto the ground in a row to the side.

The device comes with the mulch kit parts and everything else needed for using the 3-in-1 features. In addition, the side discharge chute has a clip that conveniently attaches to the handle for storage when you’re not using it. The 3-in-1 features on this push mower are a benefit because they give you a maximum of choices for handling the cut grass in your yard.  

– Size and Weight

The overall measurements of this machine are 36.6 inches long, 23.9 inches wide, and 17.5 inches high, with the handlebar folded down, so it’s easy to stash this yard tool in limited space in a tool shed or garage. In addition, it only weighs 60 pounds, making it manageable to push and move it around in tight spaces and to get it into and out of storage. 

– Warranty

The mower manufacturer offers a three-year limited warranty on this product, and it’s crucial to read the warranty information in the owner’s manual or online to know how to get service if you need it.


In addition, the owner’s manual contains crucial information for using the mower safely for keeping it in optimum operating condition with regular servicing.


How do I make my Troy Bilt tb 130 mower cut in reverse?

Troy Bilt tb 130 mower isn’t designed to cut in reverse. Please stop the blade, turn off the engine, and manually push the mower to mow in the opposite direction.

Is the Troy Bilt tb 130 mower able to cut long grass?

Yes, Troy Bilt tb 130 mower is capable of cutting long grass thanks to its adjustable cutting height and powerful engine. However, it’s recommended to avoid excessively tall or wet grass to prevent clogging or damage to the machine.

Does Troy Bilt tb 130 mower have a honda engine?

Yes, Troy Bilt tb 130 mower is equipped with a Honda engine, which provides reliable and efficient power.


This mower is manufactured by MTD Company, an American business building outdoor yard equipment since 1932 and now the owner of the Troy-Bilt brand.

Together, these manufacturers have decades of experience in building power garden tools designed to last and work when you need them. 

For this Troy Bilt tb 130, reviews from buyers are consistently favorable. The machine works reliably and is easy to move around in a small or medium-sized yard, and it does an exceptional job of mowing and mulching a lawn.

The operator has to supply the energy to maneuver the mower. Still, many people enjoy this type of yard work and say this lawnmower has all the features that make it perfect for their situation. 

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