Troy Bilt TB4HB EC is what you need to achieve the best-looking home that impresses all visitors when they would see the cleanness of your yard.

Review for the Blower Troy Bilt TB4HB EC

Today, we have brought to you an in-depth review of the same that will persuade you to make the first step in compiling the perfect tools for a yard.

Impressive features, effective use, and a powerful engine, the list is endless, making this blower high-priority for many people. If you want to learn more, keep reading!

Pros  Cons
Easy to start Not that lightweight, 14 lbs body
Variable speed control gives you all control of the blower Creates fumes 
Comfortable grip

Troy Bilt TB4HB EC Highlights

Troy-Bilt creates some of the best-known lawn-care equipment in the market because of the various features they include in their products.

Before buying any outdoor equipment, the most important factor is to look at all the relevant and up-to-date features that place it above others in the market. Here are the features of the TB4HB EC leaf blower that make it a worthy choice:

  • Gas-powered
  • 450 cfm air flow
  • 150 mph max air velocity
  • SpringAssist starting technology
  • JumpStart capability
  • Extended output nozzle
  • Variable speed settings
  • Variable throttle with cruise control
  • Vacuum capable 
  • Two-year limited warranty
  • Reliable 25 cc four-cycle engine
  • Comfortable over mold handle
  • 14 lbs body

Troy Bilt TB4HB EC Review

Troy Bilt TB4HB EC Key Criteria
Number of airflow settings
Air flow
Number of functions
Easy to start
Variable speed control gives you all control of the blower
Comfortable grip
Not that lightweight, 14 lbs body
Creates fumes

Being particular about the brand you are choosing may seem shallow or a little paranoid to some, but this is actually a really important factor you need to keep in mind before purchasing any device, especially when it is an electrical outdoor product. 

The brand is what brings many customers to their products as they trust their quality or the number of positive reviews they have heard about. Sometimes even the smallest and underhyped brands have the greatest reviews, making them grow faster and gather new and trusting customers.

Troy-Bilt is a brand with over 75 years of American heritage. They are strongly committed to the communities they are part of and aim to keep those areas agile and diligent, and being proficient in the performance of the machine you are investing in. They are one of the leading names in the outdoor and lawn-care equipment companies. 

Even though they are an American brand, they have international customers trust them and the quality of their products.

Basically which means is, when it comes to this brand and its quality products, you do not have to be concerned. You will have people both online and in real life tell you that this is a brand that never compromises on quality, power, and customer comfort. 

The power of electrical devices is significant, especially when they are outdoor appliances that have to work even in the harshest conditions. Power is what you want to be looking for in a blower because a powerful blower means a cleaner yard in a shorter time. 

Isn’t that what we all are hoping for? If so, then you should know that the reliable 25 ccs four-cycle engine on this blower does not let you down. It works in any weather condition, so in case you want to go and run the blower in a storm, as unlikely as it is, the engine would not disappoint you.

If there is one phrase we all can agree on, it is ‘comfort before anything!’ The same is the case for Troy-Bilt TB4HB EC, as user comfort always comes first for them. 

No matter what product they are making, the manufacturers ensure that they put the user and their work-experience first and for this blower, they have done it flawlessly. The sleek design does not let the blower vac compromise on comfort. 

The comfortable over mold handle gives the user a better and soft grip which makes operation even easier for the user. As with a better grip, the operator gets better control of the blower.

Not only that but also if you consider the fact that you wouldn’t require any breaks during work due to aches or sprains which saves you a lot of time and ensures that your hands do not get harmed.

The 450 cfm air flow and 150 mph max air velocity are great features to be found in a handheld blower that has an average weight of 14 lbs. Your blower will now suck in more debris and leaves at a higher speed, saving you time and resulting in a cleaner yard and driveway, and you won’t feel like it was a huge task.

While 14 lbs blower is not the lightest blower you will find in the market, it is still great weight for the number of features it includes and the fact that it is gas-powered. It can still be carried by just about all household members without any issue and the sleek exterior makes it a perfect addition to your shed.

– How Has the Troy Bilt TB4HB EC Blower Evolved?

The Troy Bilt TB4BH EC has evolved by having a four cycle blower that would facilitate the power supplied by its motor. The latter is what makes this model more efficient and saves time and giving you a faster pace in the job getting done.

This blower’s specs are an upgrade to many of the other Troy Bilt leaf blowers. They offer a new perspective on what a gas-powered blower should be like and what features should be present in a blower to make it the most effective and practical. This blower raises the bar for all the other brands and brings in a strong worthy competitor into the market. 

When we compare it to some of the brand’s other blowers, we are able to recognize how it has improved and where it sometimes falls short.

If we compare it to the TB2BP EC, we see that in comparison to the 27 cc two-cycle engine, the TB4HB EC has a 25 cc four-cycle blower engine which makes the latter more durable, the double amount of the cycle is a crucial key feature added to your machine.

This is because two-cycle engines are made to run on higher RPM which can make them run out faster in comparison to four-cycle engines, making it exactly twice as fast.


The 27 cc blower is also heavier than the TB4HB with a weight of 17.2 lbs, but a huge reason behind its heavy weight is that this blower is a backpack blower, so it delivers more comfort and is actually quite light when compared to other backpack blowers in the market. 

TB4HB EC Features Breakdown

– Extended Output Nozzle

The extended output nozzle of this blower is a feature that is of great help for users that have a more intricate landscape to be working with. If your backyard has a lot of elements like stools, steps, fountains, etc., then an extended output like that one will be of great help. 

This built-in feature comes in handy for all these users as they can reach all the nooks and crannies of their yards with ease.

TB4HB EC Features Breakdown

Usually, nozzles like these are sold separately and at high prices. However, as this feature is included within the design, you would not have to worry about purchasing a separate expensive nozzle.

This is great, and will be effective, due to the fact that the nozzle will give the comfort of reaching spaces that now you would be less fatigued to reach. 

The nozzle provides a more precise and intricate cleanup to help clear all those stubborn leaves and debris after the fall season or even on a windy day. And it helps reduce bending and straining of the back to move air closer to the ground for more precise control. So say bye-bye to backaches and hello to a cleaner yard, because the nozzle is here for your help.

– Comfortable Structure

The more comfort a device provides, the more it indulges its users which leads to more customers getting attracted to it and hence higher sales for the company. The comfort of the TB4HB EC is what brings all the other factors together and ties a bow on top of this proficient blower. 

The harness on the blower makes it easy to carry by providing the operator with two padded shoulder straps that balance the weight of the blower on a soft platform. The padded straps further contribute to minimizing vibrations from reaching the operator. 

Furthermore, the manufacturers have blessed the users with an over-mold handle that makes the grip more soft and seamless. Hence, it gives you a restful place to hold on to while you get all the work done.

– Variable Speed Cruise Control

Another impressive feature of the blower is its variable speed cruise control. Many users are sometimes unaware of how much this helps them gain control of their blower.

This feature allows the operator to maintain the desired engine speed when they want to clean their yard, without having to squeeze the throttle control, which give you the freedom of the functionality of the matter in hand. 

Variable Speed Cruise Control of Blower

Basically, if you wish to put it in short, when you are someone who is always on a tight schedule and wants their work to be done quickly or even someone who likes to go slow and precise, you will now be able to choose your preferred speed and have total control over the blower.

This is a great feature that the machine has incorporated as it ensures that you opt for the right speed that lets you finish your work within the required time.

– SpringAssist and JumpStart technology

The first step to cleaning your yard is to start the blower up. And you know what makes it harder to be able to do the work? A blower that takes too long to start and hence diverts the user away or gets them distracted. The SpringAssist technology along with the JumpStart engine of TB4HB EC will prevent this from happening to you.

The SpringAssist starting makes pulling the cord easier which means that you would not have to pull on the cord repeatedly, as a result of which you will be able to start the blower easily. The latter is the one responsible to fire up the matter in a safe way, that you wouldn’t be placed in a stressful situation any time that you wish to get things done.

Moreover, the JumpStart-capable engine eliminates any need to pull on a cord, making it easier to start the blower. Also, it also results in the blower having fewer vibrations, making it comfortable for your limbs, especially your arms and your hands.

– Reliable 25 cc Four-Cycle Engine

The engine is one of the most important parts of the blower as it is the powerhouse that makes the device run. The four-cycle engine makes the blower more durable as it makes it run for a longer time without having to get the fuel tank refueled and makes this blower a strong choice for all users. 


The four-cycle engine is the one responsible for the operation cycle to be done in a more facile manner, and having this already built up by the industry. Which means that it is an action that will help you ensure the efficiency of the matter in task, in addition to how little it will be time consuming for the full performance to be taken care of.


This review shows you why this blower is the best gas leaf blower 2020. It has a long list of relevant and up-to-date features that make it famous and give the users the utmost pleasure of having a clean yard. 

To read further about the Troy-Bilt TB4HB EC parts, especially the Troy Bilt TB4HB EC carburetor and the Troy-Bilt TB4HB EC spark plug, you can check out the Troy-Bilt TB4HB EC manual, which contains a detailed TB4HB EC parts list.

This blower is a great choice for all those who are looking for a practical and effective device for professional or at-home use!

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