Troy Bilt TB51BP blower is widely known and loved as it gives results like none other. With comfort and power at an affordable price, who would not want to buy it?

Troy Bilt Backpack Blower Review

Well, get ready because we will be introducing you to the highly desired features of this blower that make this top your list.

Keep reading to get yourself an exemplary blower, and you will also see how it will match the needs that you have and looking for. 

Pros Cons
Easy to maneuver because of the padded shoulder straps Emissions can be harmful to your yard and the environment
Chest straps give extra support and balance  Noisy 
Powerful engine 

Reviewing the Key Features 

If you are looking for a gas-powered blower that does not just come with the necessary comfort to keep you up and standing but is also packed with enough strength and power for you to power through your yard cleaning, then this Troy-Bilt backpack blower 2-cycle is the answer.

Reviewing the Key Features of Troy Bilt TB51BP

It comes with numerous product features that make it a top desired machine, and when you check how they meet your requirements, you will see how this is suitable for you.

  • 2-cycle full-crank engine
  • Ergonomic recoil starter handle
  • Three-year limited warranty
  • 45 oz fuel tank capacity
  • 20 lbs lightweight body
  • Padded straps 
  • 25 cc engine 
  • 220 mph air speed
  • Comfortable harness
  • Chest strap
  • Troy-Bilt backpack blower 73dba noise rating
  • 600 cfm cleaning power
  • Variable speed throttle
  • Spring Assist technology
  • Cruise control included
  • 75 dB noise rate

A Comprehensive Review of the Troy Bilt TB51BP

Troy Bilt TB51BP Key Criteria
Number of Functions
Air Flow
Number of Air Flow Settings
Easy to maneuver because of the padded shoulder straps
Chest straps give extra support and balance
Powerful engine
Emissions can be harmful to your yard and the environment

A leaf blower is a major and essential part of your home appliances, especially if you have a big yard, or even if you just like to look after it to elevate its look and mesmerize any onlookers.

For both these cases, regular attention and hard work, along with the best tools is the only equation that works. If you are searching for the perfect blower that serves best for a larger yard, then a blower is the option for you, in different ways, especially if the task to handle is a big one.

Troy is a widely loved and established company known for their top-of-the-line quality appliances used by customers all over the world, and this shows that due to its reputation, the company and its production are one to trust.

But with a great reputation comes great responsibility and Troy never lets its customers down. Coming with the best innovative features and taking every chance to provide maximum comfort is what Troy does best.

The best feature of any blower is the backpack attachment, the harnesses, and the straps that allow it to be worn over the shoulder. The Troy TB51BP comes with two padded straps that assist in balancing the 20.5 lbs blower over both shoulders and hence prevent any aching bones and sore muscles.

Additionally, the fact that the straps are soft and padded ensures that the weight does not hurt your shoulders. In short, you will feel like this makes a change in your functionality, as it will not feel heavy.

Next comes the power which is the primary thing you check when purchasing a power tool, as being sure that your blower is up to all the tasks you have lined up is really important. This Troy-Bilt 25cc backpack blower is not one that will let you down, no matter how difficult your task is, and this is because it is one that would run on gas and it will always help you in the efficiency. No matter how strenuous the task on hand is, and no matter what dark turn the weather takes, this blower remains by your side, ready and running.

The 600 cfm airflow capacity and the 220 mph air velocity add to the swiftness of this blower by making it suck in more leaves and debris at a higher speed, saving a lot of your time and also your body from unnecessary strains. What else would one want from a blower? This is especially a great choice if you consider the fact that it will decrease the time of usage, and increase the efficiency. 

On another note, you must also look through that if you feel lost when assembling this blower, you always have the handy manual by your side. Not only does it have detailed explanations for Troy-Bilt backpack leaf blower parts, but it also comes with a Troy-Bilt TB51BP parts diagram for your ease. With these in the manual, you will know so well how to deal with the tasks at hand, and how to fix them in case an error takes place. 

How Has the Troy Bilt TB51BP Evolved?

Troy Bilt TB51BP has evolved by having a bigger fuel tank than the previous model the  Troy-Bilt TB4BP, which used to be 26 fl oz, now is 46. Additionally, the engine is now bigger than it was; it used to be 32 CC, but now it is 51 CC.

When we compare it to the previous one, we see how this blower has brought the above-mentioned improvements. The previous model is a blower that comes with a 4-cycle engine compared to the 2-cycle of the TB51BP, which is advantageous since you are free of lubricant specifications as you do not have to mix gas or oil. However, the 2-cycle of the TB51BP is more powerful than that of the TB4BP EC backpack leaf blower

Moreover, for additional specifications, the TB51BP has a higher air velocity and cleaning power compared to the 500 CFM and 150 mph of the TB4BP blower, which means the former is stronger in removing all the debris in a shorter time.


The specs of this Troy blower are an upgrade to many of the company’s own other backpack gas backpack leaf blowers, including the Troy-Bilt backpack blower 4 strokes. Not only that, but this blower is also a source of some seriously strong competition in the market and is on the list of many potential customers, as it raises the bar for all the other brands.

Details, Features, and Specifications

Variable Speed Control 

Another impressive product feature of this blower is varying speed control. You might be unaware, but this technology silently helps you get the job done precisely by gaining maximum control of the blower.

Blower is Varying Speed Control

This assists the operator in maintaining the engine speed to what they desire to clean their yard with, without having to squeeze the throttle control, which means you do not have to go at one pace. So, for all those who are always on a tight schedule and want their work to be done on time, you have your blower right here for you. You can use it to its fullest potential and finish the task. 

Additionally, cruise control further aids in reducing any fatigue the operator may feel while working for a long time. Instead of pressing the accelerator, it uses an actuator to control the throttle and helps your blower continue cruising at the same speed.

Spring Assist Technology

Any yard work must begin with the user having to turn their devices on. It is the worst when you start a strenuous yard project but all of that goes in vain when you have a long starting process for your device ahead of you. Nothing sucks more than when your blower takes too long to start or takes too much of your effort, enough to dishearten or distract you. 

Well, Troy Bilt hears you as they have included the new SpringAssist technology in the TB51BP, which prevents this from happening to you. The SpringAssist starting makes pulling the cord easier which means that you do not have to pull on the cord repeatedly. Instead, you can start the blower easily with just one pull of the cord, and with all ease, the task would be managed. 

Comfortable Wear

As we all know, nothing is worth more than a comfortable operation, but working with a hard and unnecessarily fatiguing device is the worst thing to go through on a day when you want to relax on.

Padded Straps to Provide Comfort

To cater to this, the following machine is one that has included every feature in its blower that could prevent you from hating yard work. 


This blower does not just come with padded straps to provide comfort to the operator but also comes with a harness that ensures that the blower remains on your shoulders without inflicting any pain. Additionally, the chest strap, according to several product reviews, makes sure that the blower stays where it should and does not fall when you bend. This only speaks for the consideration Troy Bilt ensures for all its customers.


This review shows you why the TB51BP is one of the best blowers out there. Even other Troy-Bilt backpack blower reviews will testify to the credibility of this blower. You now know how efficient the build-up of this machine is, even the way that it runs, and how this is a great choice for bigger lawns, due to the greatness of the engine.

To request info about the product specs, buying process, or any current promotions on the price, you can check out any of the shopping toolstools as a source. Do not hesitate about this blower and go for it, as comfort, convenience, ease, and power are the key features that make it stand out in the market and the homes of its users.

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