Troy Bilt TB272V is a powerful and versatile blower designed to deal with even the toughest of lawn debris. With its multi-function construction, it can handle both blowing and vacuuming in one.Troy Bilt TB272V

Its ingenious engine is exactly what makes it so perfectly suited to the needs of everyone, from first-time lawn maintainers to seasoned professionals.

In this review, we aim to provide you with the full breakdown and nitty-gritty details of all its prospects and features, so if that is something you would like to learn about, continue reading.

Delving Into the Main Features

Troy Bilt TB272V Key Criteria
Number of functions
Number of airflow settings
Extremely powerful engine that makes working with stubborn debris easy
Multiple functions to do both blowing and vacuuming for best efficiency
Large fuel tank, accommodates prolonged periods of runtime
Spacious collection bag included
Slightly higher noise levels when compared to electric blowers
Relatively heavy weighted (16.66 lbs)

We have found from using this Troy Bilt leaf blower / vacuum that it is designed for individuals with small to large-sized lawns. With its impeccable engine power and dual functionality, it is incredibly versatile; moreover, it can easily handle larger tasks and this is the leaf blower that runs on fuel as its source of power, and it won’t let you down.

  • Powerful 27 ccs 2-cycle full-crank engine
  • Variable throttle for speed
  • Ergonomic handle grip for reducing vibrations
  • Dual action nozzle for precision control
  • Cruise control
  • Vacuum kit included
  • Spring-assist technology for an easy start
  • Collection bag with a capacity of 1.5 bushel
  • Weight of 16.66 lbs
  • Handheld design
  • Air speed up to 150 mph
  • Air volume up to 450 CFM
  • 14 fluid ounces fuel tank capacity
  • Two-year warranty guarantee included

An Intricate Guide and Review of the Troy Bilt TB272V

  • The number of functions 9.5/10
  • Weight 7/10
  • Airflow 10/10
  • Airflow Settings 9/10

After putting it to the test, we give this blower a 9.5/10 for the number of functions available, as it does both blowing and vacuuming, which makes your entire yard work easier!

Then a 7/10 for weight, a perfect 10/10 for airflow as it does not get much better than this based on our first-hand experience, and a 9/10 for airflow settings. So overall, our team holds this blower to quite a high standard as it performs extremely well in all domains because of its valued aspects.


This Troy-Bilt electric leaf blower/vacuum stands out amongst the noise and the vastly over-saturated leaf blower marketplace, with its unique dual functionality. The effective combination of blowing and vacuuming into one device is incredibly time-saving as you do not have to run two different devices at once.

Additionally, it makes for a more comfortable operation, and this is because of the way that the machine moves and how it works as well. With the TB272V, instead of hauling two chunky pieces of machinery around your lawn, all you need is one to do both tasks.

When your Troy-Bilt leaf vacuum blower shows up on your doorstep, you receive some extra goodies alongside it, which is always a plus. This includes additional TB272V parts such as the vacuuming kit and the collection bag, a Troy-Bilt TB272V manual, which is very helpful in illuminating all the steps on how to use your blower properly, and the warranty that comes with it.

The gas leaf blower comes with a two-year-long warranty guarantee for the consumer’s peace of mind, so you do not have to worry about receiving a defective product. With this blower, you get two whole years to use it comfortably and be sure everything is in perfect working condition.

– How Has the Troy Bilt TB272V Evolved?

The TB272V has evolved and has incorporated new innovative technology to improve usability and overall performance. It has a speed that can be changed, and this allows for far better control and precision as well as better aiming for tighter spots.Evolution of Troy Bilt TB272V

There are several ways in which Troy Bilt has taken initiative and made improvements to the TB272V the likes of which make it far more advanced than any of its preceding versions. To elaborate further, the company improved its production by introducing the variable speed throttle, which lets you adjust the speed of the air that is expelled out the end of the blower.

Second, in this model we have better ergonomics and an anti-vibration grip handle, which offers the user a strain-free and comfortable operation. Since the older versions seemed to induce more user fatigue, Troy Bilt noted this and made adjustments to enhance the comfort for their customers further.

And last, they further enhanced their already powerful engine to accelerate the force and power it generates. This makes it extremely efficient and effective, as it can handle any task, no matter how challenging, within a matter of minutes.

An advantage some other models have over the TB272V, like the Troy-Bilt blower vacuum TB320BV, is in weight. The TB272V weighs in at 16.66 lbs whereas the TB320BV weighs 14 lbs, though we find that this is not a crazy big difference and hence it does not hold as much relevance.


Further Investigating the Main Features and Specifications

– Mad Powerful Engine

This Troy-Bilt leaf blower 2-cycle has a 27 cc engine that creates such immense power that it generates air speeds that go up to 150 mph and an insane air volume capacity of 450 CFM. This sheer power and force ensure that this blower is up to whatever task you need of it. No matter how challenging the task at hand is, this blower can handle them all and this is because it isn’t fixated on one issue in the matter, only.

– Blower to Vacuum in a Matter of Minutes

This blower features a multiple-purpose engine that is capable of both blowing and vacuuming. Hence, you can do both tasks simultaneously with the same device, and this is a great choice because as you invest in it, you would see the machine doing the two just by a single switch.Troy Bilt TB272V Blowing Capacity

Additionally, the conversion from the blowing mode to the vacuuming mode is seamless and easy, as it lets you effortlessly switch between the two modes without the need to spend a lot of time preparing your device before it is ready to vacuum after blowing and vice versa.

– Throttle for Varying Speed

The TB272V blower features an adjustable throttle trigger that comes equipped with cruise control for maximum control and convenience. The cruise control lets you set the speed you wish for the blower to continue working on and then just let it go off without any need to hold down any buttons, reducing cramping in your hands as the gas-powered machine would run in a smooth way.Throttle Speed of Troy Bilt TB272V

– Comfortable Handle Grip and Vibration Absorption

The grip handle is designed to boost ergonomics and absorb any vibrations from the engine. Since the vibrations no longer reach the user’s arms and hands, this makes for a comfortable and easy on-body operation, which is sure to be loved by many. This is the feature that would stand from the others because it is a key notion that the company thought about the comfort of the end-user, and placed this feature.

– Spring Assist Technology

This blower is equipped with spring assist technology that makes it easy to pull start the blower, which is usually a common problem with other gas-powered blowers as per our expertise.Spring Assist Technology in Troy Bilt TB272V

This is more efficient than other starting mechanisms as you do not have to tiresomely pull on cords for long periods only to start your blower and tire even before beginning the yard work, and it would also give you a steady hold in the use of the machine.

– Vacuum Kit with Collection Bag

The blower comes with an included vacuuming kit and a high-capacity collection bag for shredding and collecting leaves and debris in one go. The bag has a capacity of 1.5 bushels which is very spacious and can hold a great deal of debris so that you do not need to frequently pause your yard work and empty it before you can continue on your task.


– Two-Year Warranty

As mentioned above, the blower has a two-year warranty guarantee. This means you can test out the blower for a whole two years and be at ease knowing that if, for whatever reason, you notice a fault or defect, your blower will be replaced immediately. This also speaks for the trust that you would build as Troy Bilt puts in their products, and this is why they know that the quality they provide is like none other.


This Troy-Bilt TB272V review shed light on all of its most crucial features and specifications. We hope this has helped guide you on whether it is the perfect one for you.

Through our practical knowledge, we highly recommend this blower as our top choice for individuals who need a reliable and easy-to-use but powerful blower that can manage almost everything you throw at it.

We find this blower to be a reasonable option for those with large lawns and heavy-duty cleanups, as our analysis of this product revealed that it is one of the most powerful available options.

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