There are several types of peaches that you will find around you to choose from. Juicy and packed with enough nutrients, each of the types come with a distinctive flavor and are a perfect summer treat.

Large Group of Peach

In this detailed guide, we list over 40 types of peaches that you never knew existed.

Learn to identify each one of them and get a clear understanding of what sets them apart from the rest.

Red Globe PeachesFreestone variety that ripens in mid-august and is sweet.Sun Haven PeachesRound red peach that ripens early in the season and is highly flavored

Types of Peaches What Makes Them Special
Freestone Peaches Large yellow peaches that are very sweet and fall apart easily from the pit when opened
Early Amber Peaches Sweet and juicy, this freestone variant is dark red outside with white flesh within
Nectarines No-fuzz peaches that are juicy and sweet with white or yellow flesh
El Dorado Peaches Medium-sized peaches that do not contain much flesh and juice. They grow on short dwarf trees
Honey Babe Peaches Peaches With a rich flavor, these peaches are very sweet and have a soft yellow flesh within
Forty-Niner Peaches Soft and delicate yellow peaches that are mildly sweet
August Pride Peaches Large Californian peaches that are red on the outside and yellow inside. They have a sweet and aromatic flavor
Madison Peaches Sweet and firm flesh that is deep yellow
Ventura Peaches Californian medium-sized peaches with a slightly acidic flavor
Tropic Snow Peaches Yellow and red skin with white flesh, they taste sweet with a dash of tanginess in their flavor
Polly Peaches Mid-sized white peaches that are very sweet and juicy
Reliance peaches  Yellow peaches that are soft and juicy. Mildly sweet
Clingstone Peaches Thes ehave red flesh that does not easily get separated from the pit. They taste sweet with a slightly acidic flavor
Peento Peaches Yellow peaches from California that are flat shaped. The flesh is soft and sweet
Cardinal Peaches Firm flesh peaches which is mildly sweet
Cresthaven Peaches Highly juicy, these peaches are large with a firm flesh
Melba Peaches Large peaches with yellow skin outside and white flesh inside
Arctic Supreme Peaches Firm yellow flesh with a sweet and tart-like flavor. The skin is red with dashes of cream
White Health Cling Peaches White and red peach with soft juicy flesh
Snow Beauty Peaches White peach with strokes of red on the skin and a soft and juicy pulp inside
Semi-Freestone Peaches Hybrid variety that is very sweet and can easily be separated from the pit
Babcock Peaches Fuzz free peaches that are small and have a sweet and tangy taste
Red Haven Peaches Fuzz free peach with a red outer skin and creamy pulp flesh inside
Coronet Peaches Yellow peach with a tangy pulp inside
Saturn Peaches Sweetest peach variety that is flat with a sweet and acidic flavor
Melting Flesh Peaches Pulpy and juicy flesh that can get very mushy
Baby Crawford Peaches Small peaches with orange and gold skin and a rich sweet taste
Frost Peaches Late-season peach with a reddish skin and a tangy taste
Halloween Peaches Large peaches that are harvested in late October and come with a yellow skin and yellow flesh inside that is mildly sweet
Rio Grande Peaches Red-colored peaches with a sweet yellow flesh
Southern Sweet Peaches Apple looking peaches from California
Angelus Peaches Large and elongated yellow peaches with a mild flavor and coarse texture
Contender Peaches Medium sized orange peaches with a rich aroma and sweetness
Elberta Peaches Large Georgian peaches that are firm and yellow in color
Empress Peaches Red colored peaches that ripen late in season, with a sweet juicy flesh
Fairhaven Peaches Medium sized yellow peaches with a fine textured flesh
Glohaven Peaches Large peaches with no fuzz and a tough skin that are tangy to taste
Harken Peaches Medium-sized red and yellow peaches that are sweet to taste
Indian Blood Peaches Mexican peaches that are medium sized with a tough skin.

The Top 40 Types of Peaches

Here is a comprehensive list of the best peach varieties you can find. Peaches come in different colors and sizes, but you don’t have to be confused. With our guide, you’ll be a peach master in no time.

No matter what type you choose, you are sure to get juicy and pulpy goodness!

– Freestone Peaches

1. Freestone Peaches

The most common types of peaches in South Carolina, these peaches are large with a yellow inside flesh that is extremely sweet. What really sets these peaches apart is the fact that they open out easily and the flesh can fall from the pit smoothly.

It is easy to slice and less messy to eat directly. Apart from direct consumption, they are perfect for baking and canning.

– Early Amber Peaches

If you are looking for really sweet and juicy peaches, then do not look beyond the freestone varietal peaches. This is a variety that is popularly found in and around the areas of Florida and comes with an incredibly sweet and juicy taste.

Most supermarkets stock this firm, non-messy type that is a favorite of most peach lovers. This fruit has a dark red and yellow outer skin with white flesh inner pulp.

– Nectarines

2. Nectarines

Peach lovers often dislike the coarse fuzzy texture on the outer skin of peaches. Here is an interesting type of peach that does not have any fuzz.

Nectarines are smooth on the outside and have juicy white or yellow pulp inside. The most common nectarine varieties are nectar babe, southern belle and harko. These peaches provide all the pulpy sweetness without the annoying fuzz.

– El Dorado Peaches

If you are looking for medium-sized peaches for making desserts, then you can consider these peaches. These grow on short dwarf trees and, due to their size, do not contain much pulp or juice. This is the reason it is commonly preferred in cooking rather than for direct consumption.

– Honey Babe Peaches

Looking for a complete sugar bomb? Then honey babe peaches are just the right one for you. They have an overwhelmingly rich and sweet flavor that most peach lovers would prefer. The flesh is soft and yellow and easy to directly eat without creating any mess.

– Forty-Niner Peaches

Originating from the state of California, these peaches are large, soft and delicate to the touch. Their skin is mostly yellow and they are mildly sweet with a subtle peach flavor. This is the reason this variety is often reserved for baking and preserves.

– August Pride Peaches

Here is another variety of peaches from California. With red and yellow skin, this versatile variety is extremely sweet and aromatic. It can draw any peach lover towards it and the rich flavor can be used in cooking, jams, jellies and preserves.

– Madison Peaches

Looking for a firm peach to make preserves? Madison peaches are the perfect one as they have tough flesh that is easily separated from the pit. The taste remains sweet despite the pulp being firm. The color of this peach transitions from a deep yellow to a red shade closer to the pit.

– Ventura Peaches

Another one of the peach varieties that is from the state of California, Ventura peaches are mid-sized with a distinctive flavor. They taste sweet but also carry a characteristic tanginess in them. It is this mix of sweet and tanginess in the taste that makes it a favorite of many. These peaches have red-blushed skin which turns yellow with time

– Tropic Snow Peaches

3. Tropic Snow Peaches

Another sweet variety, these peaches are extremely delicious due to the mix of acidic flavors in the flesh. On the outside, they are yellow and deep red, while on the inside they contain snowy white flesh. Not only are these peaches delicious to eat, they are also a sight to behold.

– Polly Peaches

A perfect solution for desserts and cooking is Polly peaches. They contain high levels of sugar with a substantial amount of juice in the pulp. They make delectable dishes, jams, preserves and jellies. If you are looking for a variety with a subtle peach flavor high on sugar, then this is the right one for you.

– Reliance Peaches

Originating from New Hampshire, these are among the types of yellow peaches that are juicy, soft and pulpy. If you prefer peaches that aren’t very sweet then this is your perfect choice. The taste of this variety is mild and not very overpowering. It is considered to be one of the hardiest peach trees.

– Clingstone Peaches

4. Clingstone Peaches

Clingstone peaches are a type of freestone peach, but with a difference. The flesh cannot be easily separated from the pit which makes it quite a messy fruit. Apart from this, the red flesh is juicy, soft and very sweet, with a slightly acidic flavor. These peaches are preferred more for cooking than for direct consumption.

– Peento Peaches

5. Peento Peaches

These are yellow peaches found in the states of California and Washington. The skin of this type ranges from yellow and orange to a deep red. These peaches are flat shaped and hence are also called saucer peaches or donut peaches. The flesh is tender and is deliciously sweet and can be used in cooking, canning and for preserves.

– Cardinal Peaches

Are you looking for a delicious type of peach that has the perfect taste without being overpowering? Here is a sweet option that will serve you just right. These peaches have flesh that is firm or semi-soft with a crunchy consistency, making them an excellent choice for producing preserves.

– Cresthaven Peaches

6. Cresthaven Peaches

This variety is a complete delight as they are large and pulpy. They have high juice content in comparison to other peaches, yet are not soft and mushy. The flesh inside remains firm and tough and is easy to manage without being messy to cut or eat. As a result, they have a longer shelf life, making them perfect for preserves, jellies and jams.

– Melba Peaches

Here is another large variety of peaches that is pulpy and juicy and is a very popular option for making pies, purees and ice creams.  With yellow skin and white fleshy pulp, these peaches are sweet with a distinctively rich flavor.


– Arctic Supreme Peaches

These are clingstone varietal peaches and are high in flavor. The flesh is yellow or white with a firm texture. The taste is almost sweet and tart. You can identify these peaches by looking at their skin, which is a mix of red and cream shades.

– White Health Cling Peaches

7. White Health Cling Peaches

These peaches grow in Maryland and come with the white and red outer skin. This white peach is large, which makes it pulpy and juicy on the inside. If you are looking for peaches for purees then this may well serve your purpose.

– Snow Beauty Peaches

This is another variety of white peaches that have a dash of red on the skin, with a soft and juicy white inner flesh. Delicious in every way, this fruit is best eaten as it is. The sweetness is mild and the pulp is smoothly textured.

– Semi-Freestone Peaches

8. Semi-Freestone Peaches

These peaches are a hybrid variety of clingstones and freestones, which makes it a perfect blend of the two. You will find them as sweet as clingstones and the flesh can be easily removed from the pit, just like a freestone.

It is non-messy and the firm pulp has just the right amount of flavor and juices, which makes it perfect for eating directly, cooking, baking, canning and preserving.

– Babcock Peaches

These peaches have fuzz-free and smooth outer skin. This variety is comparatively smaller in size and has a distinctive taste mixed with tanginess and sweetness.

– Red Haven Peaches

9. Red Haven Peaches

Another gem in the list of non-fuzzy peaches is this red haven variety. You can easily spot them with their dark red outer skin. Cut the fruit open to find a yellow and creamy peach flesh inside that is mildly sweet to taste. This makes it a perfect option for preserves, jams and jellies.

– Coronet Peaches

Coronet peaches are yellow on the outside as well as on the inside. This variety tastes acidic and is commonly used in making desserts.

– Saturn Peaches

10. Saturn Peaches

If you are wondering about what type of peaches are the sweetest, then the Saturn peach is a perfect fit for it. With an overwhelming peach flavor, these peaches are flat and almost look like a small pumpkin. The flesh is really sweet without any acidic flavor to it. Saturn peaches may often be referred to as doughnut peaches due to their unique shape.

– Melting Flesh Peaches

These peaches can tend to be quite a messy variety as the flesh will fall apart once you remove the skin. It is difficult to cut this variety as the pulp is mushy and oozes out a lot of juice. These are best suited for use in pies and desserts.

– Baby Crawford Peaches

Baby Crawford peaches have orange and gold skin. These yellow flesh peaches are small in size and are sweet to taste. They have a rich peach flavor and contain high levels of sugar.

– Frost Peaches

Frost peaches have reddish skin and pale flesh. They are medium-sized and are tangy to taste. The fruit generally comes late in the peach season.

– Halloween Peaches

These peaches are harvested in late October, hence their name. This variety is very large and comes with yellow skin that have red spots all over. The flesh is yellow too and it has a mildly sweet taste.

– Rio Grande Peaches

Rio grande peaches originated in Florida. This variety has a really smooth yellow flesh that has a rich and sweet taste. The outer skin is yellow with a reddish tinge.

– Southern Sweet Peaches

11. Southern Sweet Peaches

These peaches look like apples due to their deep red skin and similar size. The variety comes from California and is very tasty with its own distinctive taste.

– Angelus Peaches

These peaches are fairly large and elongated in size. They have yellow skin and flesh. This variety has a mild flavor and a coarse texture, therefore it is perfect for baking and canning.

– Contender Peaches

12. Contender Peaches

Contender peaches are medium-sized with orange skin and yellow flesh. This variety ripens in mid-season and the flesh is aromatic and sweet, with a rich peach flavor.

– Elberta Peaches

13. Elberta Peaches

Elberta peaches are large and one of the popular types of peaches in Georgia. This variety is firm and the flesh is yellow in color with a rich flavor. The skin is golden and red in color.

– Empress Peaches

This variety has pink and red outer skin and yellow flesh. You will find that this peach variety ripens only late in the peach season. The flesh is extremely sweet and juicy, making it quite messy to directly bite into.

– Fairhaven Peaches

Fairhaven peaches are medium-sized and ripen in mid-season. The skin is yellow with specks of red blushes. The flesh is firm and yellow with a fine texture, and it has a honey-like taste. This makes it perfect for cooking, pies and canning.

– Glohaven Peaches

Glohaven peaches are large with yellow skin and flesh. The variety has no fuzz and is completely smooth. The skin is tough and the taste is tangier in comparison to various other peach varieties. They are best suited for cooking and canning.

– Harken Peaches

This variety is medium-sized with red outer skin and yellow flesh. It is very sweet to taste and does not brown when left out, even when already cut. This variety is perfect for canning.

– Indian Blood Peaches

A variety from Mexico, this is medium-sized with red skin and yellow flesh. The skin is tough and the flesh has a stringy texture. The taste is flavourful with a pleasant aroma.

– Red Globe Peaches

14. Red Globe Peaches

Another variety of freestone, these peaches are firm yet have extremely sweet flesh. This variety serves well for ice cream, pies and canning. They ripen in early to mid-August.

– Sun Haven Peaches

These are a highly flavored variety. It is almost round with bright red skin with blots of gold. It ripens early in the season.


Peach OrchardYou have now received a deep insight into the different types of peaches that are available in the season.

Here is a quick summary so that the next time you get a peach you know which one it is. 

  • You will find many types of peaches in a range of colors, textures and tastes.
  • Where some peaches have yellow, red or golden skin a few others have a white exterior. The pulp inside too may be yellow, cream or white.
  • Different peaches have different tastes — from an overpowering sweetness to a subtle tanginess in the pulp.
  • Nectarine, Babcock and Redhaven peaches are fuzz-free and have smooth skin which can directly be consumed.
  • Saturn peaches are the sweetest peach variety that has a distinctive sweet taste with a dash of tanginess to it.

Having read this detailed list of the different types of peaches, you can now easily name the types. From the list above, which one would you pick as your favorite?

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