Unbreakable trimmer line is the dream of everyone who has had to deal with the strings breaking every time they set out to de-weed their lawns.

Unbreakable Trimmer Line

What are these lines, and how can you get them an uninterrupted grass and weed trimming experience.

Let us see if unbreakable string trimmer lines exist and how to get one that is at least long-lasting. 

Unbreakable Trimmer Line

An unbreakable trimmer line is rare, because sooner or later, they all wear out and begin to break. That being said, some lines are stronger and more durable than others. Investing in premium-quality spools and using them the right way can extend the life of an average line much more than normal.

– A Weed String Trimmer

A string trimmer is an invaluable lawn tool that uses a string vibrating at a high frequency to uproot weeds from the ground. This is why it is also affectionately termed a weed eater or whacker. Note that there are two types of these machines currently in vogue these days; gas-fueled and electricity-fueled.

It is one of the simplest machines with a very simple engine. The spark plug is mostly fired, and a pull-type mechanism starts the trimmer. However, you must know that the gas string trimmers have fuel types of engines that have only a carburetor and an exhaust system.

A Weed String Trimmer

The energy produced by the engine is transferred to the trimmer’s shaft via a gear system. The shaft is attached to the trimmer head and rotates at high speeds.

The trimmer head is where the trimmer line is located and adjusted as it spins very fast. The line sticks out from the trimmer head and acts as a sharp blade that cuts grass and weeds. Weeds stuck in the rotating line are also neatly uprooted from the soil because of rotational energy. 

Reasons Making Trimmer Lines Unbreakable

Who doesn’t want a trimmer string that lasts as long as humanely possible? When using a high-quality and heavy duty trimmer line, you must ensure that your machine is compatible.

No matter how thick and strong the line is, it will bring if the engine needs to be stronger to run at the high speeds required. Peruse the machine’s instructions manual to see what line would work best.

A line that is thicker than one inch in diameter is not going to break that easily. We have been using magnum gator line supertwist wires about one inch thick. These can mow a few large-sized lawns without breaking. Thicker wires need more energy to keep them sharp and will break easily under a smaller engine. 

Manufacturers often twist trimmer strings to make them unbreakable—these last almost twice as long as their untwisted counterparts. If your grass has outgrown a lot, then a twisted wire should be your go-to choice for whacking it. 

– Basic vs Reinforced Trimmer Line

Most basic weed trimmers out there come with a standard nylon cutting line. This nylon is mono-filament but hardened to withstand grass and weed cutting. These come in a variety of thickness that affects their performance. Thicker lines are harder to break, but require more engine power to vibrate.

On the other hand, the heavy duty grass trimmers use nylon strings reinforced by stronger materials. The best comercial trimmer lines utilize titanium force to reinforce the nylon string and make it as unbreakable as can be. Other times, nylon is reinforced by materials such as composites or polymers. And these are the key difference between them. 


Long Lasting Lines

In order to have a proper long-lasting trim line, because an unbreakable one is nearly impossible, you must consider the trimmer line shape, the quality of the line, the amount of overworking the blade and steer clear of the hard surface. Additionally, the way you whirl it impacts its durability.

– Trimmer Line Shape

Strings for trimmers are made in four main shapes when cut at their cross-sections. This impacts how long-lasting your string will be. Different shapes mean these lines have different uses from each other, and you need to be careful of this.

However, you must acknowledge the round lines are very thin, especially if you buy a thicker one. The only shape that is more unbreakable is the twisted one. These do not have particularly sharp cutting edges and rip weeds from the soil.

Square trimmer lines or star-shaped ones are sharper and mostly used for cutting grass and short weed blades. Sadly, this also makes them prone to frequent breakage. The sharpest line that is also pretty strong is the serrated one, but it still needs to be stronger than the round-shaped one. 

– Use A Good Quality Line

Your weed eater string line must be of the best quality to withstand the cutting grass simply by vibrating at high speeds. Never settle for low-quality, cheap lines because they only last for a short time. Note that if you do so, you will end up replacing cheap trimmer lines so often that it won’t be worth it anymore.

Hence, you can always buy from a store you trust that deal only with authentic products. When ordering online, see that the trimmer seller has good reviews. It is also wise to research and order a line that will outlive others.

Use A Good Quality Line

A wire with a round cross-section is going to last the longest, as the second best is a string with a star-shaped cross-section. Square string trimmers are the weakest, and you should use them only for mild usage.

Similarly, buy the thickest wire and try to get one pre-rolled by the manufacturer. Rolling trimmer wires into the spools is a bit complicated and, if not done properly, will lead to constant breakage.

– Don’t Overwork the Weed Warrior

It is wise to remember that a weed trimmer is supposed to whack weeds off the soil. It is not something you can do to cut the entire jungle from your long-neglected backyard. Overworking this delicate machine will lead to frequent breakage, regardless of its quality. 

– Steer Clear Of Hard Surfaces

Stay away from hard surfaces if you want your string line to be nearly unbreakable. Remember that these machines have been designed to cut soft vegetation like grass and weeds. Moreover, they work by using a vibrating string that acts as a blade but is not a blade in reality.

Naturally, the wire will snap whenever it comes in contact with hard obstacles like stones, fences, or the stony boundary of your patio. Even commercial grade trimmer lines like magnum gatorline will only hold up a little longer if you keep hitting it on hard surfaces repeatedly.

Steer Clear Of Hard Surfaces

That is why you must first clean your lawn of solid debris before taking the weed eater string trimmer out.

There is a proper way of holding this machine and using it, especially if you hold it properly and use it at slow to moderate speeds, you will have better control over it. That way, you can timely avoid hitting potential obstacles with the string. 

When cutting grass in the corners, you must tilt it on its side at 90 degrees. This way, you can cut the sharp edges of the lawn as neatly as possible without hitting the strong walls or the fence.

– Old And Frequently Lines Are Not Unbreakable

Remember that old spool that had been lying around your garage for years before you finally decided to put it to use?

It is most definitely going to break even if it is stored properly. Even the best commercial trimmer line turns brittle over time, especially when exposed to the sun at any point during its storage.

Most manufacturers suggest you discard any line that has been with you for five years at least. This factor is more pertinent for the nylon type because metal trimmer lines usually last much longer than this.

Even if your line is only a year or two old but has been used a lot, it will begin to break easily. This will happen if you habitually lend your trimmer to anyone who asks for it. Always using the strimmer at full power also exerts too much pressure on the string, no matter how unbreakable you think it might be.

Take out only a little wire while cutting weeds. Long wires are more prone to snapping off compared to shorter ones. When the wire is too short, say only a couple of inches long, it will have a hard time cutting weeds and, instead, break again and again.

These are just a few obstacles you might face in your quest for an unbreakable line. If you take care of these little things, you can enhance your string’s life even if it is used a lot.

– Whirl It Properly

One of the reasons why your trimmer line keeps breaking might be because you keep rolling it the wrong way. This line is meant to fall off naturally at the end and shouldn’t have to be tucked out. If you have to keep pulling the string out now and then, this means that you need to reel it properly. 

Start by removing the spool from the trimmer head by pushing and twisting it. If that doesn’t work, refer to the instruction manual to read how it should be done. Unloose at least 20 feet long line from the separated spool. Look for a hole in the middle of the spool that you have just separated.

Whirl It Properly

Take one end of the open line and stick it into the hole present in the middle of the spool. Pull on the line until the middle is reached, and you have two equally long parts of the line left. Take both ends and start winding them around the spool simultaneously and equally.

While winding both lines, avoid crossing lines as much as possible. Some crossover might be unavoidable, but you must go with it. The more the lines crossover, your trimmer will get stuck while working.

Once about eight inches of the line is left on both sides, stop winding and insert both ends through holes on either side of the spool. You may even put the spool back into place and ensure it is securely fixed before you start working with the trimmer again.


We can’t believe that you made it through this entire article in such a short time!

Let us recap everything, so you remember the most important points regarding unbreakable lines of trimmers.

  • Practically speaking, no trimmer line doesn’t break, but you want to use one that lasts as long as possible.
  • The thicker the string, the more reinforced it is, and the more twisted, the longer it will last.
  • Using a single line too much, and that too on a hard surface will decrease its longevity and cause it to snap early.

We hope you’ve understood trimmer lines and what makes them last as long as possible. After getting help from the information given here, we are confident you will not have to deal with a constantly breaking trimmer line again.

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