Variegated plants have multicolored leaves, and many plant species fall into this category, with each of them having their own unique patterns, colors, textures, and blooms.

Variegated philodendron leaf decoration plants

On account of their striking designs, plants with variegation make excellent indoor plants and additions to outdoor gardens.

In this article, we take a look at what this category of plants is, how these patterns are caused, why plants lose variegation, and some of the most remarkable plants in this category.

If you are searching for your next house plant, this is exactly the all-in-one guide you need, so read on to find out more!

List of the Best Variegated Plants

Variegated plants is a category that encompasses plants with leaves that are multicolored and have unique patterns.

These patterns can look like anything from stripes to blotches, ribs to a marbled pattern and more. Plants with variegation in their leaves can be found in a plethora of bright vibrant colors that you would not expect on leaves. Examples include splashes of pink, white, silver, pale yellow, etc. against emerald green leaves.

Different kinds of variegated indoor plants offer unique patterns and bright, dynamic colors. The following is an expansive list of some of the most beautiful variegated plants.


1. Variegated Monstera Albo

1. Variegated Monstera AlboThis plant is also known by its botanical name Monstera borsigiana “albo variegata.”

While this list is in no particular order, we would not be surprised if this plant made it to number one on every list purely on account of the striking effect its blossoms of pure white have on the viewer.

2. Stromanthe Triostar

2. Stromanthe TriostarAlso goes by its botanical name Stomanthe Sanguinea “Tricolor.”

If taken care of in medium, filtered light, this plant with its white and green foliage will leave every onlooker awestruck.

3. White Fusion Calathea

3. White Fusion CalatheaThe botanical name of this plant is Calathea “Fusion White.”

This is a highly variegated plant; a mesmerizing sight with leaves that look painted with white splashes and lilac purple undersides.

4. Royal Variegated Banana

Botanical Name- Musa x paradisiaca “Ae Ae”

This plant is great for someone who is a fan of ornamental foliage that acts as a bold statement piece in your space.

5. Orbifolia


Calathea orbifolia is the botanical name of this plant.

Its large dark green leaves striped with light green shades add character to whichever space they are placed.

6. Polka Dot Plant

6. Polka Dot PlantBotanical Name- Hypoestes phyllostachya.

This species is rather unique even among other types of variegated foliage thanks to its green leaves dotted with pink, lavender or rose-colored spots.

7. Aglaonema

7. AglaonemaThis plant’s botanical name is Aglaonema pictum tricolor.

This is undoubtedly one of the best choices of houseplants, ideal for any living space that could use a touch of greenery.

8. Mosaic Plant

8. Mosaic PlantBotanical Name- Fittonia

This plant is also called the nerve plant, and it branches out into many breathtaking varieties, so no matter what colors or designs you prefer, you are likely to find one you will love!

9. Aluminum Plant

9. Aluminum PlantAlso known by its botanical name Pilea cadierei.

As the name hints, this gorgeous plant has silver patterns that remind you of aluminum against striking shades of dark green. They are truly a sight to behold.

10. Prayer Plant

10. Prayer PlantOften referred to by its botanical name Maranta leuconeura.

The leaves of this plant are velvety dark green spotted with yellow dots. They are called prayer-plants because they fold up like hands in prayer in the absence of light.

11. Painted Leaf Begonia

11. Painted Leaf BegoniaBotanical Name- Begonia rex-cultorum

It’s easy to see why people fall in love with this plant because of its captivating patterns and a variety of colors and textures.

12. Crinkle Leaf Begonia

Also known as Begonia moyesii

The plant may be modest, but its deeply veined crinkled leaf with rich maroon undersides never fails to make a strong statement.

13. Balfour Aralia

13. Balfour AraliaBotanical Name- Polyscias Scutellaria “Balfourii”

Ming aralia, with its deeply cut leaves, or Parsley aralia, with its dense curly leaves, create breathtaking textures indoors.

14. Silver Inch Plant

14. Silver Inch PlantThis plant’s botanical name is Tradescantia tricolor.

Beautiful oval-shaped leaves with hints of red, purple, and white adorn this popular trailing plant.

15. Silver Satin Pothos

Also known by its botanical name Scindapsus Pictus “Argyraeus.”

This is an easy-to-manage houseplant with silver reflective variegation on velvety heart-shaped leaves that are soft to the touch.

16. Moon Valley

16. Moon Valley PlantPilea involucrata” Moon Valley” is the botanical name of this plant.

With leaves like waffles, the color and texture are standout characteristics of this plant. When exposed to bright light, it also produces creamy white blooms.

17. Watermelon Peperomia

17. Watermelon PeperomiaBotanical Name- Peperomia argyreia

This plant’s leaves look very similar to a watermelon! This small plant is ideal for decorating tables and shelves.

18. Swallowtail Plant

Botanical Name- Christia obcordata

This fascinating plant has gorgeous mahogany stripes on wing-like leaves that resemble a butterfly.

19. Variegated Swiss Cheese Plant

Also known as Monstera deliciosa “Albo-Variegata.”

With its eye-catching gigantic leaves of white and green, this plant takes variegated to a whole new level!

20. Speckled Japanese Aralia

Also known by its botanical name Fatsia japonica “Spider’s Web.”

This plant’s foliage is patterned with white tones that blend in wonderfully with the green tint. Seasons and the age of the plant influence the variegation.

21. Fruit Salad Plant

21. Monstera Thai ConstellationBotanical Name- Monstera “Thai Constellation”

One of the most attractive plants with patterns, as well as one of the most expensive.

22. Friendship Plant

Billbergia “Hallelujah” is the botanical name of this plant.

The red-green leaves of this beautiful bromeliad are covered with white splotches, giving it the appearance of being splattered with colors.

23. Cryptanthus

23. CryptanthusBotanical Name- Cryptanthus zonatus

The burgundy to a dark shade of green of this rose plant is accented by infrequent white cross bands. A true show-stopper!

24. Pearls and Jade Pothos

24. Pearls and Jade PothosAlso known as Epipremnum aureum” Pearls and Jade.”

This is a trademarked species developed by the University of Florida, and it is one of the most gorgeous pothos varieties available, featuring white and silver variegation on the foliage!

25. Variegated Jade Plant

25. crassula ovata tricolorThis plant’s botanical name is Crassula ovata “Tricolor.”

This variant is more attractive than conventional jade plants, and it’s also quite easy to grow.

26. Birkin

26. philodendron birkinAlso known by its botanical name Philodendron “Birkin.”

The philodendron is among the few plants having patterns with deep leaves mixed with pale yellow markings that resemble a fine artist’s sketch.

27. Silver Vase Plant

27. Aechmea fasciataBotanical Name- Aechmea fasciata

With rubbery curved leaves, it is often known as an “urn plant,” and is speckled in silver and sea green. It mixes nicely with the pink flower bracts and blue flowers of this plant.

28. Philodendron Burle Marx

28. Philodendron Burle Marx alboBotanical Name- Philodendron Burle Marx albo

Its long, thin leaves are highly varied, with hues ranging from speckled pink to green to yellow.

29. Flapjack

29. Kalanchoe thyrsiflora.This plant’s botanical name is Kalanchoe thyrsiflora.

The plant is known for its leaves, which are a unique blend of giant paddle-shaped foliage in green, red, orange and yellow colors that can change depending on the light.

30. Variegated African Violet

30. Saintpaulia Ionantha ModestyBotanical Name- Saintpaulia Ionantha “Modesty”

The simplest description of this plant is that it is the African violet’s prettier cousin!

31. Cleopatra Snake Plant

Often referred to by its botanical name Sansevieria “Cleopatra.”

This is a species with beautiful designs on delicate foliage that make a gorgeous rosette that can provide a bit of charm.

32. Agave Lophantha

Also goes by its botanical name Agave “Quadricolor.”

Except for its small size, this one is no exception to the beauty of all agaves. To get the most out of it, place it in a bright location on a balcony or deck.

33. Dwarf Jade Plant

33. Portulacaria afra variegataBotanical Name- Portulacaria afra variegata

This plant is the perfect variety for bonsai.

34. Pin-Stripe Calathea

34. Calathea ornata.This plant’s botanical name is Calathea ornata.

What could be more appealing than a real plant as a centerpiece? A good example is this calathea variety.

35. African Mask Plant

35. Alocasia amazonicaAlso known by its botanical name Alocasia amazonica.

The plant’s brilliant green foliage, which is complemented by pale green veins, takes center stage. The texture is smooth and glossy, and the shape resembles sharp arrowheads.

36. Tineke Rubber Plant

36. ficus elastica tinekeBotanical Name- Ficus Elastica “Tineke”

The broad foliage of the variegated rubber species has yellow, white, pink or red patterns. Some use a combination of all four colors to create the impression of a rainbow.

Close up the leaves pattern of variegated plant

Flower Distinguishing Qualities
Variegated Monstera Albo Beautiful green leaves with white splatters
Stromanthe Triostar Awe-inspiring white and green foliage
White Fusion Calathea Mesmerizing leaves with white splashes and purple undersides
Royal Variegated Banana Bold ornamental foliage
Orbifolia Dark green leaves striped with light green shades
Polka Dot Plant Green leaves dotted with pink, lavender, or rose spots
Aglaonema Vibrant green decorative plant
Mosaic Plant Available in many colorful varieties
Aluminum Plant Silver patterns against striking shades of dark green
Prayer Plant Velvety dark green leaves spotted with yellow
Painted Leaf Begonia Comes in many colors and captivating patterns
Crinkle Leaf Begonia Deeply veined leaf with rich maroon undersides
Balfour Aralia Comes in two varieties, with either deeply cut leaves or dense curly leaves
Silver Inch Plant Oval-shaped leaves with hints of red, purple, and white
Silver Satin Pothos Silver patterns on velvety heart-shaped leaves
Moon Valley Waffle-like leaves that turn creamy white in good sunlight
Watermelon Peperomia Leaves look like watermelon
Swallowtail Plant Mahogany stripes on wing-like leaves
Variegated Swiss Cheese Plant Gigantic leaves of white and green
Speckled Japanese Aralia White tones blending with a green tint
Fruit Salad Plant The most attractive and expensive variegated plant
Friendship Plant Red-green leaves with white splotches
Cryptanthus Burgundy rose plant with white cross bands
Pearls and Jade Pothos Leaves with white and silver variegation
Variegated Jade Plant Prettier than the traditional jade and easier to grow
Birkin Deep green leaves with pale yellow markings
Silver Vase Plant Silver and sea green variegation on leaves
Philodendron Burle Marx Speckled pink, green, and yellow leaves
Flapjack Giant paddle-shaped green, red, orange, and yellow foliage
Variegated African Violet The African violet’s prettier cousin
Cleopatra Snake Plant Beautifully delicate foliage
Agave Lophantha A smaller magnificent plant from the agave family
Dwarf Jade Plant The perfect bonsai variety
Pin-Stripe Calathea Gorgeous white stripes on lavishly green leaves
African Mask Plant Green foliage, with pale green veins, and a smooth and glossy texture
Tineke Rubber Plant Broad leaves with yellow, white, pink, or red patterns


Variegation in plants can offer the best of both worlds in any living or workspace by not only offering the benefits of plant life, but also the extra bonus of striking aesthetics. Some key points you should take note include:

  • Variegated Monstera Albo plants are a great way of adding personality and character to your space.
  • The Stromanthe Triostar’s green and white leaves will amaze all your visitors.
  • White Fusion Calathea plants have beautiful lilac colorations that are as unique as they sound.
  • Royal Variegated Banana plants prove to be great ornamental plants, displaying a bold foliage wherever they are placed.

From all the examples illustrated in this list, by now you know that there is an array of stunning and unique variegated plants out there, and all you have to do is a cursory search to find out which pattern and plant fit your personality and taste the best. 

And there you have it; a new gorgeous addition to your collection of houseplants!

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