Vinyl fence decorating ideas include ways to style up your fences. A vinyl privacy fence is usually very easy to maintain and doesn’t require constant touchups (compared to a wood fence or metal fence), which is why your one-time decoration will last a long time.

Vinyl Fence Decorating Ideas

So whether you have short picket fences or tall privacy fences, we have a long list of ideas to get your imagination running. Get ready to put your creative hat on.

List of Vinyl Fence Decorating Ideas

1. Give Your Vinyl Fence a Contemporary Look

Sometimes only switching up the color makes all the difference. A gray/ beige color gives out a contemporary and clean vibe. To further prevent the space from looking dull, you can always accessorize with mirrors.

Contemporary Look Decorative Vinyl Fence

This hack will also make your compact space appear bigger. We promise you won’t be disappointed with how much difference a small mirror can make.

The contemporary touch can be further reinforced by adding pieces like sitting furniture. See? Nothing too heavy on your wallet!

2. Rail Planters

This is probably the first suggestion you’d hear from everyone. There’s just something about green that uplifts the beauty of everything.

Attractive Rail Planters on the Fence

How to hang things on a vinyl fence, you ask? Special S-shaped fence hooks available now in the market allow you to hang your plants seamlessly on your fences.

While going for rail planters, be careful not to go overboard to the extent that your fences are covered completely. While looking for cute planters, sample options are available online to help you achieve a green decorative fence.

3. Fence Art

You can’t possibly go wrong when it comes to art and paintings. Add a splash of your favorite colors on your fence, and you’re good to go!

Colorful artwork on Fence

This DIY vinyl fence wall decor can be as simple as letting your toddler create an abstract with his painted hands or if you’re feeling creative, go for painting your favorite mural.

This piece of art can be easily achieved with supplies available at your home. All you need to do is brainstorm what you want to paint on it.

4. Adding Lights To Your Fence Post Caps

Adding lights to your vinyl fencing is an idea that will make your vinyl fence post cap look radiant, and honestly- adding lights makes everything look like a fairytale setting.

Decorative lighting on Fence Post Caps

The fence lights and deck lights (if you have any) will illuminate your outdoor fence and show off your garden decor and wall art at night.

Many companies in the market sell weather-proof post cap lights. They are also wireless, relieving you of the worry of plugging them in.

5. Let The Ivy Do Its Thing

The characteristic that sets vinyl fences apart from traditional wooden fences and wrought iron fences is that the former are weather-resistant. Thus, it is safe for the ivy to join the list of your “vinyl fence accessories.”

Green Ivy Climb on White Vinyl Fence

Letting the ivy climb is also going to answer your query about how to hide a white vinyl fence or a bad wall. Furthermore, the climbing ivy wines are a blessing for homeowners who want to elevate their outdoor living or want a vinyl fence covering due to privacy concerns.

Ivy wines are fully capable of climbing on all kinds of fences. However, ensure that your vinyl fence is installed firmly, so it doesn’t fall under the weight of the wines.

6. Put Up Raised Beds Alongside Your Vinyl Fencing

Raised flower beds have so much potential to add structure to your garden. Putting raised flower beds on your vinyl fence will create opportunities for flowers to bloom and various plants to grow!

Raised Flower Beds That Elevates the Look of Vinyl Fencing

It is an easy DIY that can be put together by reusing your old and useless planters. Just paint them a color of your choice and watch them bring vibrancy to your outdoor space.

Putting up raised flower beds requires little to no investment. You can browse for options for placing them or using your amazing aesthetic sense!

7. Use Roses to Cover Up Those Worn-Out Fence Panels

Your rickety garden fence does not have to look like a rickety garden fence anymore. Climbing roses can disguise any rustic patches your fences might have.

Roses Covering Old Vinyl Fence Panels

Over the last two decades, climbing roses have become quite popular. The market supported this trend by providing ample varieties to choose from.

You now have the freedom to pick whatever size or color you like. The flowers are a great way to glorify your outdoor space while hiding what needs to be hidden.

8. Include a Gate

By gates, we do not mean massive gates, but rather small metal garden gates that match the aesthetic of your fences. These gates will add beauty to your garden and provide extra security.

White Vinyl Fence Adding Gate to Elevate the Look

You’d be surprised at how this idea will elevate your fence decorations if there are any. To make the gate a little bit more attractive, you can put an arch over the gate.

9. Adding Fence Tips

Apart from being a decorative idea, one advantage of having a fence tip is that it gives a very welcoming and homely feel to whoever sees it. Fence tips have been a favorite among all age groups.

Adding Decorative Tips on White Vinyl Fence

Vinyl fence tip panels come in a variety of styles. There are styles with round tips, and then they are styles with dog-eared tips.

Such fence tips are for sure going to make your garden stand out. Plus, they will distinguish them from the rest of the fences in your neighborhood.

10. Outdoor Chalkboard

What better idea than to convert your boring fence into an outdoor chalkboard? This idea is bound to be a hit among children, but adults will enjoy it thoroughly.

White Vynil Fence Outdoor Chalkboard for Fun Activity

Summertime is all about fun activities, and this outdoor chalkboard would be a win-win situation for you and your children. What better way to keep them entertained and far away from gadgets?

Installing an outdoor chalkboard is a wonderful and inexpensive idea. It is not only going to make your fence look pretty but will also keep your kids entertained at the same time.

11. Monogrammed Decor

A monogram is a good option if you are not planning to do much with your fencing. The metal monogram is durable, so you don’t have to worry about bearing the cost repeatedly.

Monogrammed Decor Vinyl Fence

The monogram comes in many shapes and sizes and is customizable as well. You can always paint it differently when it becomes monotonous for your taste.

You can also create this monogram at home if you know how to weld. But, it would be wise to look for stores online as it is not too expensive.

12. Utilizing The Old Picture Frames

We are sure you must have some old picture frames in your house. It is time to take them out and put them to good use!

Old Picture Frames to Add on Fence

Picture frames will structure your fences while making them all the more pretty. They do not have to be placed in the same manner; looking for unique ways to put them up would be a much better idea.

Supposedly you do not have old picture frames at home; they are quite easily available at dollar stores. Get them in different sizes and play with how they can be incorporated into your fence decoration.

13. It’s Time to Reuse the Cracked Plates

Every household has cracked or mismatched plates that are too dear to be thrown away. Well, it’s time to take them out and decorate your fence with them.

Cracked Plates to Glue on Fence

The once mismatched plates are going to look in place and beautiful once you decorate your fences with them. 

Even if you don’t have such plates at home, your nearest thrift store is bound to have them in stock.

14. Tires as Planters

The useless tires can be put to good use by using them as planters for your fence. We love this idea as it is a great way to upcycle your tires and use them as decoration for your fence at the same time.

Tires as Planters as Fence Decoration

You can place them on the hooks as they are, or you can paint them in the color of your choice. The painting idea can easily be a fun activity with your kids.

Tires go well with fences, so there is no need to worry about how they will be placed. Before you know it, your neighbors would incorporate the same idea on their fences!

15. Wooden Crates as Shelves

You might have some old wooden crates in your house that you haven’t gotten around to throwing away. Well, we have a DIY through which you can put these crates to good use.

Wooden Crates as Shelves Decorating Fences

These wooden crates will add beauty to your fences when painted with vibrant colors. You can place plants or tools in them to make them look more attractive.

Setting up these wooden crates requires a hammer and a few screws. You can cover up your entire fence with these crates, too, with a bit of spacing.

16. Putting the Hub Caps To Use

Hub caps are easily available at salvage yards. You can get them in bulk and won’t even have to pay much.

Hub Caps To Use on a Fence

These hub caps can be painted in bright colors and can be used to give an image of flowers on your fence. They are available in different sizes, which means you can add a variety of DIY flowers to your fence.

This idea does not require much effort to be put all together. Soon your fence will be the center of attention in the neighborhood.

17. Animated Decorations

We like anything and everything animated, and we bet so do you. Incorporating animated decorations into your fences is bound to turn heads!

Animated Decorations in a Yard

Although it isn’t difficult to do it yourself, there are stores out there that can make it even easier for you. You can get them custom-made according to what you’re going for.

18. Inspiring Quotes

Having so many options can be a bit overwhelming. So why not choose something simple to your fence’s aesthetic?

Inspiring Quotes on a Vinyl Fence

You can paint your favorite inspirational quotes, or even your favorite lyrics, onto your fences. All you need is paint and a few hours to complete this task.

Adding a quote, or a lyric, to your fence is something unique and personal and is bound to motivate and inspire you every time you look out the window.

19. Birdhouses

Adding birdhouses is not only going to make your fence look beautiful but will also attract many birds. This idea can be as simple or as fancy as you want.

Birdhouses Fence Decorating Ideas

Adding birdhouses means that you are going to be hearing the birds chirping all day long. Colorful birdhouses will also have a pleasing effect on your eyes.

They are pretty easy to maintain. They do not require a large investment, a quick stop at your local thrift store and you’re good to go!


This guide has compiled some of the best vinyl fence decorating ideas. The ideas are chosen based on uniqueness and cost-effectiveness. Most of these do not require much effort or thinking, just some good aesthetics. We are sure you are bound to find something that you like. 

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