Walkout basement landscaping ideas transform your basement from an empty open space to a cozy living area. A walkout basement is slightly different from a traditional basement as it typically includes a door and some windows.

6 Walkout Basement Landscaping

Walkout basements are a great feature of any property as they add intrigue and sophistication to the design. They are also a great place to gather with family and friends.

Walkout Basement Landscaping Ideas

1. Roofless Place With a Fireplace

The most straightforward idea is a traditional walkout basement patio, connected directly to the house through doors. The open space can be landscaped in any way you like. To achieve a natural look, you can install big gravel stone and make a patio that nicely complements the grass carpet.

Roofless Place With A Fireplace

– Features

The sloped ground around the basement patio will give it a descending look, and if you do not have such a space, you can create this slop by piling up a truckload of dirt. All these things will be considered during the designing process, and you will know how your basement will look before construction begins, which is a key feature.

However, right after the patio has been created, you have many options to populate the area. If you want to keep it simple, you can arrange a couple of chairs centered around a table or a fireplace. This will turn it into a compact and cozy space for everyone to hang around and spend time with each other.

If you have enough space, you can add an outdoor kitchen or a grilling machine. Doing this gives you access to a beautiful picnic spot right at home. It will also allow you to spend more time in the open and help you relax after a hard day’s work. The fresh air and green grass will help soothe your mind.

– Benefits

Keep in mind the available space during the design process, and the benefit is that you can catch costly errors through this because it will be according to your landscape’s area that you will create this to fit.

Make sure the materials of the patio and the overall look compliments the rest of your property. Remember that the benefit is that you cannot overcrowd the area with unnecessary embellishments, as it is supposed to be relaxing.

2. Bricked Walkout

If you want a more modern scene in your basement, you can construct it with bricks. Ideally, we use the same material installed on your home so it matches nicely with the surrounding property. You will also not have to worry about trimming and caring for the grass carpet, as you can set an outdoor living room.

Bricked Walkout

– Features

The bricked basement patio also allows you to transform that area into a living room. You can install couches, chairs, and tables, making the perfect spot to hang out during pleasant weather. It is also an excellent space for family gatherings and hanging out with your friends, and it would be a great addition to your house.

This is an excellent option for smaller houses that cannot create an indoor living room. You can easily make do with an outdoor living room, and even if you have enough space in your house, being outdoors is always better for getting fresh air and enjoying the natural sights around your house.

One final thing to consider is that if your outdoor living room has no roof, you must choose your furniture carefully to withstand different weather conditions. If you live in an area that receives a lot of rainfall, consider making a roof that will keep your furniture safe and allow you to hang out even with the rain pouring down outside.

– Benefits

Use design elements that will complement your home, and it would not be costly, because you can set it according to your budget, or maybe even find some key elements at a thrift store.

Install sturdy furniture that will not wither away with different weather conditions. Design your living room by keeping in mind the available space and avoiding overcrowding the area.

3. Adding a Fountain

If a living room is not fancy enough for your taste, you can take it a step further and add a fountain on your basement patio. A fountain is an instant increase in the beauty and interest of the area. It will also do well to increase the overall value of your property. However, keep in mind your budget when incorporating these design features.

Adding A Fountain

– Features

Sometimes you do not care about the functionality of your basement, and your primary target is the looks and appearance of the area. Installing a fountain is a great way to elevate the beauty of your basement patio. The sound of flowing water is also a great source of relaxation for one’s mind.

As mentioned earlier, the design materials should blend beautifully with the rest of the property. But no matter the texture and quality of these materials, the centerpiece fountain will attract all the attention. So, make sure you choose a fountain with the perfect size and shape that will add beauty to the scene.

To further enhance the visual beauty, you can add potted plants or creeping vines to add a natural element that will complement the modern aesthetics of the rest of the area. You can add chairs and a table near the fountain and make it into an excellent option for intimate gatherings with your family and close friends.

– Benefits

You have the freedom to choose a fountain that will easily fit into the scene and not take up too much space, in addition to the cost of the fountain.

In addition, if you decide to add furniture, make sure it can withstand the occasional water splashes. Keep an eye on your budget, as modern landscaping design can sometimes become expensive.

4. Add Water Features

Fountains are not the only water feature that can be incorporated into a walkout basement patio design. In fact, there are many stylized water features that come with different levels of sophistication in their design and can be used to fill up different amounts of space. Some places may not be suitable for fountains, but water features can fit in every vacant space.

Add Water Features

– Features

Water walls and waterfalls are also great ways to incorporate water features when you have too much space. Fountains may not be enough to fill a vast space, and buying an enormous fountain can be pretty expensive. Water features can also be expensive, but they offer more flexibility in the look you are trying to achieve.

A well-designed water feature will quickly steal the attention of any gathering. Like fountains, they are a great way to increase your property’s value. The sound of flowing water is proven to have a soothing effect on our minds, which is another positive point of having a water feature. Your basement patio will become your ultimate relaxation zone.

Water features are available in all sorts of designs and materials. You can find modern waterfalls that blend well with your property’s walls, or you can get one with bricks and stonework to give a more natural look. You can also incorporate plants in the design that will add to your desired natural look.

– Benefits

Get a water feature only if you have enough space and can afford it, this one can range according to your budget in addition it is one that would last for so long, as it would add so much value to your house.

5. Sunken Patio with A Tiered Staircase

We have been discussing basement patios built on one level, but sometimes the available area is not as flat. If your house is built on a slope, there is a high chance you do not have enough flat space to build a single-level basement patio. But it cannot stop you from building one.

Sunken Patio With A Tiered Staircase

Many design options are available for multi-layered or sunken-styled basement patios that can be linked together with a tiered staircase. You can incorporate a multi-layered deck that flows down alongside the slope of your home. You have the option to keep the design simple, and the multiple layers would do the trick of building interest.

Having multiple decks also allow you to have a lot of sitting area. You can create an outdoor living room or set up a dining table. You can arrange a lot of gatherings with family and friends. It would also beautify the otherwise vacant space around your home.

You can add plants and trees for decoration purposes. It is a great option to line plants along the staircases with the help of retaining walls. Retaining walls are a great design feature, and adding simple or flowering plants will add to their overall value.

– Benefits

Make sure the design elevates your property and does not make it more crowded, because this would be depending on the size of the basement that you have. It will most likely be without a roof, so choose your furniture and decorations by keeping in mind your local weather conditions.

In addition, the benefit of this is that you can try and incorporate flowering plants to add more natural aspects to your design.

6. Wide-Open Space

Our final idea for you is a wide-open walkout basement patio adorned with surrounding landscaping. The primary requirement for its implementation is the availability of a vast vacant space. If your property meets this requirement, you can choose from practically unlimited landscaping options.

Wide Open Space

– Features

Landscaping designs are the best way to embellish any area with natural assets. The good thing is that these natural assets don’t have to be natural, and you can use artificial ornamental grasses and plants. But to get an authentic look, you would incorporate trees and flowering plants in your designs.

This might increase your work, but the beauty and serenity they bring are worth the extra effort. A walkout basement surrounded by beautiful landscaping with flowers and trees is the perfect escape from the daily routine. Since you will have a lot of space to work with, you can incorporate many natural features.

Rock gardens blend well in such a design. You can use large stepping stones to make a path to the basement patio. You can plant shrubs and bushes of varying sizes along the rocky areas. You can build a roof over some deck areas to enable a sheltered part of the basement. Your options are limitless, and it comes down to your creativity.

– Things to Consider

Even when you have wide open spaces, it is easy to overcrowd them and make them feel congested, so keep these considerations in mind, as a benefit. Think about your local climate and make the necessary arrangements to enjoy outdoor time even in harsh weather.

If you plan on incorporating plants, the best ones to choose are low maintenance and do not produce a lot of litter.


Walkout basement landscaping ideas range from basic to sophisticated. There is something for everyone that will translate well with your space and budget. Make sure you keep in mind the following aspects of basement landscaping:

  • Always consider your budget before the design process, so you don’t run into problems.
  • Choose low-maintenance assets for your basement deck so there is more relaxation and less work.
  • Landscaping a walkout basement can depend on many factors, like available space and resources. But there are so many options that if you have a walkout basement, you can implement something beautiful.

Which one of these ideas is the best, in your opinion?

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