Watering succulents with ice cubes is a great idea. It is the best method appropriate for these plants that can make sure you never overwater them and never leave them without water.

Watering Succulents With Ice Cubes

In this article, you will read everything about succulent plants and ice cube watering, along with the best alternatives. So read on if you want to find out what’s best for your succulents!

Why Water Succulents With Ice Cubes?

Watering succulents with ice cubes is a great idea because it supplies the plants with water over short periods. In addition, it can prevent overwatering the flowers or stopping the newbie gardeners from leaving them with soil dry as a rock.

Succulents are present in every gardener and plant lover home. They are beautiful flowers that can be used for decoration in various themes and are even great for events. These plants are easy to grow and do not have any particular conditions that are hard to meet. Thus succulents are perfect for beginners with little to no plant experience but who want to have some.

However, there is a big issue with this seemingly easy-to-nurture plant – it requires moderate watering, but that is not always easy to control, and many just overwater and kill the plant.

Therefore many people use a simple trick to water succulents – ice cubes which has a few good benefits:

  • Ice cubes are slow releasing water system;
  • They are a way to water the plant without even being there;
  • Favorable for the plant’s roots and moist absorption.

The Ice cubes may appear like an odd method. However, it’s a good way of controlling the water that moisturizes the plant’s soil. It melts slowly during the whole day, thus constantly watering the plant. At the same time, the water that will reach the succulent roots will be slowly absorbed. 

As a result, they will not rot, and the plant will stay healthy. This way, those who lack a green thumb will not overwater or dry out their succulents.

– Which Succulents Should Be Watered With Ice?

Watering succulents with ice cubes is perfect for all succulents that are grown in pots. Specifically those who love to have moist soil that will be drained slowly over time. Examples of such succulents are the orchid and the snake plant, which favor this form of watering.

Note that not all succulents need equal amounts of water. Some require more than others. Therefore, the number of ice cubes should be chosen based on their needs.

Watering your succulents with ice cubes is excellent if they are in containers. However, that is not wise if they are in a garden. That is because out in the open, the soil dry faster thanks to the sun’s rays, and more water will be required to keep it moist.

In addition, a weakness of the ice is the light and heat. The sun will melt the ice cubes faster, destroying their purpose of slowly releasing the water. Thus ice cubes are only for the in-door potted plants. Otherwise, the amount of cubed ice will be immense, and the method will get impractical compared to regular watering.

Author Tip: Watering a succulent with an ice cube is a good option. Yet, remember not to overdo it and put only one to two ice cubes depending on the pot size.

– How To Water Them With Ice Cubes Safely?

To water succulents with ice cubes safely, you must make the ice from hard tap water and put them in the plant pot. Make sure the ice does not touch the plant but is near the corner of its container, and let it melt. 

In addition, remember that while making the cubes, the water must be left to stay at room temperature for at least two to three days. That way, the chemicals that the hard water contains will disperse. Also, it is crucial to keep the ice away from the plant to ensure it will not freeze. This way, when it melts, it will slowly do its job of moisturizing the dry soil and not killing your plant.

How To Water Them With Ice Cubes Safely

While watering with ice cubes may not be for all plants. They are perfect and safe regarding succulents and their capricious watering process.

These plants need a constant slow working water system; therefore, using ice cubes is favorable for them. The best example, again, is the orchids. Some even sell the plants with instructions for watering them with ice cubes. 

Note: Use the old-fashioned water can if the plants are in your garden.

– Best Alternatives to this Method?

The best alternative to watering succulents with ice cubes is to use a watering can. Another way is to bring the plant into the sink and water the soil thoroughly. Both methods ensure the soil is adequately moisturized, eliminating the need for a slow-release system.

Aside from ice cubes, these are the best ways to water your succulents, and it’s more direct but equally effective. But, of course, you first must consider whether your pot is big or small. 

If the pot is easily carryable, bring it to your sink. Make sure to use tap water to the point where it comes from beneath the container. This way, you will moisturize the flower. Even though this alternative is good, using ice cubes is easier and better, especially if your plants are potted in small containers. 

Sometimes, you can’t use ice cubes to water plants because of their big containers. The water will not be enough. Instead, you can use a watering can and pour hard water till you see it coming out of the saucer. In this method, the pivotal point is that you only water the soil until it becomes soggy.


Tips to Remember When Using Ice Cubes

Is using ice cubes to water your succulents easy? By no means, in fact, the process of watering them this way can be pretty tricky. While watering may appear like a seemingly straightforward process.

Moisturizing succulents this way is bound by rules and a watering schedule that you should use to make sure that your plant lives. Many factors play a role, and you should remember them.

– Be Careful to Not Freeze the Plant

The reason you have to be careful when watering succulents with ice cubes is that they do not like cold. Most of these plants do not fancy low temperatures and are very delicate. Thus, if you put ice cubes in a way that they directly touch plant parts, you risk killing them. 

Be Careful to Not Freeze the Plant

Not only that it can freeze it, but it may make it rot or get an infection. Thus always put the ice cubes on the soil, not on the leaves or touching the succulent.

– Drainage Holes Are Crucial

Every watering method requires the plant to have a way to drain the excess water. That is why even if you use ice cubes to water your succulents, you have to make sure that there are drainage holes to allow the possible excess water out.

Sometimes even the best indoor succulents pots do not have holes, and as many new gardeners tend to do, the plants end up overwatered. That can happen even with the cubed ice method. Thus make sure the container has them, or you can make them yourself.

– Do Not Use Too Many Cubes

Watering your succulents well is something you must do, but it is not by putting in many ice cubes. For this method, you must put approximately two to three pieces. However, they will most likely provide enough water to your plant.

Many people do not understand that putting too many ice cubes can cause the plant to freeze. Remember that they change the temperature and the whole point of the method is for them to melt and slowly release water. If you put too many, they will not melt right, the water will be cooler, and you may freeze the plant.

– Ice Cubes Are for Succulents in Small Pots

When using the ice cube method, it is essential to have the right pot. It does not mean you have to have a pretty one but instead, one that has a drainage hole and is of the right size. This way, you will be sure that the cubes will be enough to water the plant and will not leave it dry.

Ice Cubes Are for Succulents in Small Pots

If you use the method for a plant with a big container, you risk leaving it. The principle is similar to that with the ones potted in your garden – there will be more soil to moisture, less water, and a harder way to measure it. These can turn the process of watering your succulents with ice cubes into a complex situation.

– Soil Composition

That is because succulents are plants that need to have well-draining soil, which at the same time, allows the plant to freely and quickly absorb the water. That means the mix you will be using should be of two parts. One of the organic materials and another of the gritty ones will allow the water to drain quickly.

– Never Use Ice Cubes Right After Potting

Plotting your succulent in a new pot is stressful for every plant. That is why you should never water them with ice cubes right after the process. Instead, leave them for a few days to a week, and afterward, you can put an ice cube in their pot.

Never Use Ice Cubes Right After Potting

It is essential to remember that we do not stress the succulents right after we pot them. It is bad for the plant as any watering can cause infections and kill it. With that in mind, using iced cubes, even with the slow release of water, is still dangerous.

How Often Should You Water the Succulents With Ice Cubes?

You should water the succulents with ice cubes as often as the specific plant requires. For most succulents, you can find out by checking the soil. Another way is to check the leaves. Without water, the usually plum and full of water succulent leaves will get thinner.

The method of watering your succulents with ice cubes is similar to every other one. However, with or without it, you ought to observe your plants. Notice if there are any physical changes in them and what they are. This way, you will be able to easily prevent them from getting dry.

Suppose you are a new gardener and can’t pay attention to every small change in your succulents. Instead, use the well-known thumb method to measure the moisture in the soil. Simply stick your thumb in it and see if it is dry or moisturized within the first few inches. If that does not work for you, simply use the standard, which is two to three ice cubes per week.

– What Happens When You Forget To Water Your Them?

Forgetting ice cubes in your succulent pot is normal and nothing to be afraid of. These plants are pretty tenacious, and some of them can survive for weeks without water. Nevertheless, regularly water your succulents with ice cubes, so they don’t wither.

Many gardeners know that succulents are plants that absorb water quite slowly. Thus they need moist soil but don’t overwater them. With the ice cubes watering, your plants will constantly receive water till the cubes melt. 

Once they do, it will be the turn of the moisture to get absorbed. All of that gives you time in case you forget to water it. The whole process takes up to a week. Thus you do not have to worry even if you forget to put the ice cubes in your succulent pot.

Tip: Watering with ice cubes won’t be enough if you plan to go on vacation for over a week. Ask someone to check on your succulents.

– Watering Succulents With Ice Cubes During Different Seasons

Watering succulents with ice cubes is always a good idea, and it does not matter what season it is because, in most cases, your plants are in-door. That means the ice cubes will be able to melt and provide water to your flowers.

It is important to note that if your pots are in a cold room, that will not allow the ice to melt because it will need a temperature above zero degrees. Therefore, do not use this method of watering if the room they stay in is not above it.

It will not be beneficial for your plants, as it will not allow the water to melt; thus, they may dry up and die. Another aspect is that if you put ice, it will not thaw in the cold, and you risk freezing your plant!

While the winter can be problematic sometimes, using ice cubes to water your plants during the summer can also bring issues, especially for the people who just found the art of gardening. In summer, the ice melts faster due to the heat, and the water evaporates at quicker temps. Thanks to that, it will be even harder to figure out how much water your plant needs. 

Both the coldest and the hottest seasons can be troublesome when you use ice cubes to water your succulent.

To solve this, you must keep your plants in a place where the temperature is consistently above zero. Also, occasionally measure the soil and see how dry it is. Finally, take notes and create a watering schedule to know how many ice cubes are needed for your plant.


In most cases, watering your succulents with ice cubes is a good idea that can work well. Most succulents can benefit from it as long as they are not planted outside in the ground.

Through our article, you could see why this method is so efficient when it should not be used together with a few alternatives.

Now it’s time to recap the best points of watering with ice cubes:

  • The method with the ice cubes serves as a slow watering system that moisturizes the succulent soil over a long period.
  • It is completely safe and can be used for most potted succulent plants.
  • The best alternative way to water these plants is by using water can till their soil gets soggy, yet there is no excess water in the saucer.
  • Succulent plants should be planted in specific well-draining soil that can allow good watering and drainage.
  • Succulents should be on a tight watering schedule that can change during the seasons, and because of that, be it with ice cubes or not, you should pay attention.

Watering succulent with ice cubes is one of the best ways to ensure your plant will not get overwatered. But, at the same time, it will not get dry either. This way, you can enjoy the beauty of your flowers and be worry-free.

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