Weed Eater WE7B is a compact electric handheld leaf blower that is perfect for light-duty cleanup jobs around the house or yard and is loved by users primarily for its ease of use, lightweight, and easy start.

Weed Eater WE7B Compact Leaf Blower Review

Although Weed Eater is famous for their line of green string trimmers, it took it a step further by including a solid line of green electric corded blowers, which the WE7B is part of. One more popular leaf blower from Weed Eater is the FB25.

With a unique green color and handy design, this blower is one we think every small or medium-sized homeowner should have, so in this review, we will look at its features comprehensively to help make your next purchase easier.

Pros Cons
Lightweight and compact design It does not have multiple speed options
Very good power at an affordable price Short nozzle
Easy to start and use
Noiseless operation

WE7B Highlights

Not only is the Weed Eater leaf blower lightweight and easy to use, but it also has a few extra features that help improve its user-friendliness and the fact that it is an electric model saves you from continuously inhaling toxic fumes while you work, as with gas blowers. Many qualities make this handheld blower a suitable option for your light or average blowing needs.

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  • Corded Electric Handheld-Blower
  • 7.5 Amp 120V Motor
  • Push Button Start Engine
  • 230 Cubic Feet per Minute Air Volume
  • 120 Miles Per Hour Airspeed
  • Weighs 6.2 lbs
  • Noise Rating: 68 dBA
  • In-built power cord lock mechanism
  • Two-year Limited Warranty

Weed Eater WE7B Review

Weed Eater WE7B Key Critera
Number of Airflow Functions
Number of Functions
Lightweight and compact design
Very good power at an affordable price
Easy to start and use
Noiseless operation
It does not have multiple speed options
Short nozzle

Handheld corded blowers are expected to be lightweight for easy carriage and maneuverability, as well as help to reduce user fatigue. In this case, note that the Weed Eater Elite electric blower is no exception, with a net weight of just 6.2 lbs.

A combined airflow of 230 CFM air volume and 150 MPH speed puts this blower at average compared to other handheld electric corded blower models. Although the machine’s speed is sufficient for good blowing efficiency, the air volume might not be powerful enough for blowing wet leaves or large debris, which would save you the hassle of clearing out the twigs and debris with all ease. 

On the other hand, you must remember how this blower is not meant for heavy-duty cleanups, so the airflow is sufficient for light cleanups of leaves, grass clippings, under bushes, and other light debris. On the contrary, it actually also suitable for blowing around your garden as it won’t uproot your flower beds.

The WE7B does not come with multiple speed options like other blowers, for some this would an advantage so that they would know that the machine has a uniform drive. This might be a slight drawback, especially for those who like being in control of their blower’s power output.

Instead, it has just one speed option, limiting the range of power outputs users can choose from. However, since the blower was not made for heavy-duty cleaning, you can use that only speed option to clean a variety of surfaces easily.

It can be inconvenient when you have to keep stopping your cleanup to reconnect the plug of your blower due to accidental disconnection. As a result, if you wish to have an increased efficiency, Weed Eater designed the WE7B with a cord lock mechanism that prevents the plug from disconnecting from its power source during use, and this is a benefit because the source of its power would not wear off from an instant.

If you have a huge yard, the cord that accompanies the blower might not be long enough to cover it, and sometimes, the device does not come with a cord at all. Basically, think about it as a way that you would need to purchase an extension cord. Hence, the cord lock also helps to secure the extension cord to prevent disconnection while keeping it in place and out of your way while working, so you do not trip on it mistakenly.

Due to its compact design, the blower has a short nozzle that is perfect for the type of blowing it was designed for but is not suitable for precision blowing. A number of people might also find this short nozzle inconvenient since there is no extra nozzle attachment, or even as a spare accessory to be attached to it. 

Regardless, the WE7B is an easy device to use as you can avoid the stressful process of dragging and pulling the pull cords on other blowers to start them. This one has a button you simply push, and the blower powers up immediately.

How Has the Weed Eater WE7B Evolved?

The WE7B has evolved by having a decent air output compared to other electric handheld blowers for medium-duty cleanups.


It also has a cord lock feature that helps to keep the cord out of your way while blowing, which is a feature that only a few corded leaf blowers have. 

WE7B Features Breakdown

– 7.5 Amp 120V Motor

The Weed Eater WE7B is powered by a 7.5 Amp 120V motor with a cord that is plugged into a constant power source. The motor supplies power to push the 230 CFM and 150 MPH airflow. Unfortunately, most times, the blower does not come with a cord, so you would have to purchase an extension cord. 

7.5 Amp 120V Motor

Before you buy one, you must match the gauge of the extension cord to the power of the motor and ensure that the cord is long enough to cover all areas you intend to blow. You can also use a gauge calculator to determine the type of extension cord to purchase because using the wrong one can damage the motor.

On this note, remember that the benefit of this electric handheld corded blower is that you get to work as long as you want, as long as you have a power source, without worrying about the battery draining or your fuel running out.

However, the only challenge you might encounter is constantly pulling a cord behind you while working. To solve this issue’s occurrence, the blower has an in-built cord lock that holds it in place, so it doesn’t disconnect from the power source while working.

– Airflow Capacity

With an air speed of 150 MPH and an air volume of 230 CFM, this blower generates a decent airflow for its size and price. Although the air volume is not as impressive as other handheld corded blowers, making it an average blower, it is enough to clean gutters, driveways, patios, cobwebs, and other surfaces around the home efficiently. 

Airflow Capacity of Weed Eater We7b

It is also suitable for blowing around delicate plants and mulch without displacing them. On the other hand, the airspeed makes up for this unimpressive volume, as it can quickly move large leaves or debris. This means that the machine will run smoothly and function properly without any noise, getting the job done with all efficiency. 

– Lightweight and Easy to Handle

This blower rounds up to a weight of just 6.2 lbs, making it easy to handle around your garden, driveway, walkway, or inside the home while blowing for a long time.

We7b Lightweight and Easy to Handle

When you use it for a prolonged time, you will not have any soreness up your muscles, and you won’t feel like it was such a big task because the matter will be much simpler to tackle with its lightweight characteristics. 

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The blower’s weight is one you will appreciate if you have used other handheld corded blowers and had your arms worn out easily while blowing. You will also appreciate it if you are one of those that prefer doing all their blowing at once, as you would not fatigue quickly.

– Ergonomics

With user-friendliness and comfort in mind, the WE7B was designed with an ergonomic handle to give users a firm and soft grip. The blower can be easily assembled or dismantled for easy storage and portability. 

Ergonomics Feature of Weed Eater

However, suppose you have plenty of room in your garage to store the blower in its assembled state. In that case, you can keep it like that to avoid reassembling it before subsequent use. But whether you decide to dismantle it or store it like that, it is compact enough to be stored anywhere.

Unlike gas or battery-powered blowers that often weigh about 10 pounds, making it difficult to use on more expansive areas over a long time, this one is perfect for long hours of cleanup around the house or lawn.


This is because it would not wear out your fingers and arms or make you tired quickly, the latter is due to the comfortable design that the company has put together. This lightweight means that the blower can be used easily by older people, women, and even children who want to help with yard work.


The WE7B 150 MPH 230 CFM 7.5 Amp corded electric handheld leaf blower is a handy, good-quality device for average blowing chores on small to medium-sized yards. It might not be as powerful as some blowers in its category. 

Homeowners will have no trouble using this device for their gutters, decks, driveways, sidewalks, gardens, or even their homes because it has sufficient blowing power. Still, it has enough power for light to blow on any surface, and we could not have asked for a better offer since it comes at an affordable price so here is a rundown of all the features of this Weed Eater blower. You can check out the newest model, the Weed Eater WE12B leaf blower.

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