What is a brushless lawn mower, and why is it getting such hype these days? You might be drawn to this curious machine as a gardening and tech enthusiast. Whether it is worth investing money in.

Comprehensive Guide of a Brushless Lawn Mower

In this article, we will be going in-depth on what brushless types of mowers are and what sets them apart from traditional brushed mowers.

Read this article and know all about the basic characteristics of these cordless brushless mowers and see if you would buy one.

What Is a Brushless Lawn Mower?

A brushless lawn mower is stronger in the mechanical system, has good battery life, isn’t noisy, it requires less maintenance, and it has a power mower. In addition, it cuts grass better, it is lightweight and easier to use, doesn’t overheat, and lastly, it has vast vertical storage. 

– Stronger Mechanical System

Brushless motors that power these lawnmowers comprise solely of a circuit board and an intelligent controller. The intelligent controller is a smart computer that controls the motor and tells it what to do, which is what makes the mechanical system stronger. 

The brushless mower has a permanent magnet rotates at the center of a brushless mower, with copper wire rotating around it.

Cutting Grass with Powerful Mechanical Mower

In addition to having both a sensor and an external wiring system deliver electricity to the coil per the smart controller’s orders. 

If the control sensor senses resistance to the working of the mower, it will increase the power supply to the coil and make it rotate faster. When everything seems to be running smoothly, it will sense the decreased resistance and lower the power input to the motor. It keeps increasing and decreasing the engine’s power output as needed, making it a far more efficient machine.

– It Has Good Battery Life

A great deal of energy is wasted in a brushed mower to overcome the friction between the magnet and the coil due to the presence of brushes.

Overall, after eliminating brushes from its design, a brushless mower faces zero friction between the cord and the magnet. This saves a lot of energy, leading to a remarkable prolongation of the battery life.

These mowers are powered mostly by DC batteries that can monitor and control the speed and torque at which the mower operates. Basically, a brushless DC battery lasts way longer than a brushed one with similar use.

– Not Noisy

Using brushless lawnmowers will save you from potential disputes with your neighbors because it has reduced the noise level. The other mowers are notorious for making loud noises that are quite unpleasant.

You will be able to mow grass in peace without subjecting your ears to needless noise pollution, and it won’t seem so much of a heavy errand in the long run, because the noise won’t be bothering you anymore. 

Noise Free Lawn Mower

The best thing about a noiseless mower is the freedom to cut grass whenever you want. Whether you are free early at dawn or late during the night, you no longer have to worry about disturbing the sleep of your family members and neighbors. 

Although these mowers are as quiet as possible, the sound of cutting blades is inevitable. You will still hear the inevitable sound of munching and crunching grass blades. Still, the roar of engines we all dread can be evaded.

– Requires Less Maintenance

Because these mowers do not have brushes, you will have to spend way less on maintenance, because the brush cleaning is what usually takes so much time. Not only will you save time that would otherwise go to constant repair and maintenance. Their smart motor technology is very reliable and can withstand several environmental conditions. 

These motors can cool themselves and not get burned out over time. Now, compare this with mowers that have brushes. Brushes require much time in constant cleaning, washing, and replacing after frequent use, which is basically the key maintenance aspects that will be less of a burden. 

Note that many people who don’t have time for repair usually go for professional repairs and maintenance. With these mowers, you will also save up so much money in that department of repairing and maintenance. 

– Powerful Mower  

Brushless motors are built more powerfully than their brushes counterparts. These can be operated at RPMs of 100,000, whereas brushed motors have an RPM of only 20,000, which is basically five times stronger in terms of power. 

Despite their slim designs, they can handle heavier workloads without slowing down or creating problems.

Powerful Machine Inside Lawn Mower

Even if your lawn grass is wet or slippery, mowers with brushless motors will cut with the same grass zest. Note that these motors are so powerful because their coil is located outside the magnet that spins and produces movement. 

Keep in mind that soil may wind up more and produce more torque. However, if you want to do your job quickly and efficiently without any breaks or stops in the middle, this property will surely come in handy.

– Cut Grass Better

This is the thing that floored us over when using brushless types of lawn cutters, which means the absence of brushes means very little friction during the engine’s working. The result is the creation of a much more powerful rotational torque, which gives their blades incredible cutting efficiency.

These machines may seem small and unassuming, but are better at comparatively cutting thicker pieces of grass.

Their smart motor technology can sense when to spend more energy and increase the cutting efficiency even further. You will find it easier to mow through the grass, even if it has grown long and unruly.

Although mowing through wet grass is not recommended, these mowers are better too. They will cut through moist grass blades without slowing down for one second. Nonetheless, being cordless also helps as there is little risk of an electric accident on wet grass. 


– Lightweight and Easy To Use

Most brushless mowers you see on the market these days are actually lightweight and have more of a sleek in design than other mowers. This not only makes the mower look way cooler than any grass-cutting machine should, but it also makes it far easier to use.

Some of these mowers without brushes are the lightest on the market, and this means anyone can maneuver them easily at any time during the day without feeling extensively tried.

Lightweight Brushless Lawn Mower

Mowing is no longer a chore to dread and run away from. With these quiet and lightweight beauties, you can enjoy the whole lawn mowing experience.

Brushless mowers are mostly cordless, convenient for medium to larger-sized lawns. You will no longer have to carry around and arrange an extension cord all the while you are working. Cords are prone to get damaged every so often and are a big nuisance generally.

– Does Not Overheat Quickly

While brushed mowers work, they tend to produce a lot of heat because of the heavy work load, and this is bad for the engine’s longevity and uncomfortable for the person mowing grass. If you hate this aspect about your mower, it is one more reason to switch over to a brushless one.

Luckily, brushless ones will produce a lot less heat, and this is because they consume far less energy doing the same amount of work. Their coils are located on the outside edge of their motors, which helps them get rid of heat a lot easier.

This special design feature of these machines enables heat to be rapidly lost. Your mowing experience will be comfortable and smooth, and the life of your engine will also improve drastically.

– Vast Vertical Storage

We all love a mower that can be stored easily when not in use, as this is one of the worst things about owning bulky brush mowers. They will take up too much space in the garage or the store room and be a big hassle.

Brushless type of mowers are compact and easily stored even in small spaces. These can be stored vertically, unlike most other mowers. This opens up a huge space within your store room and looks much neater.

Brushless Mower Contains Large Storage

Nonetheless, you must make sure you store it vertically properly, with the spark plug facing upwards. This way, the oil will drain right into the sump.

Place it someplace even so that the machine stays balanced and does not lean to one side or another. Remember that an unbalanced and a vertically stored mowers can topple over and get damaged. 


– What Is the Difference Between Brushless vs. Brushed Motor?

Brushless mowers are way more expensive than their brushed counterparts. In most cases, they are almost twice the price of brushed mowers. This high price is due to their smarter technology and also because they are cordless. 

The price of these innovative mowers might shock you out of buying them. They are not just pricey, but fall properly into the expensive category. The best ones are almost twice as costly as the best-brushed mowers. 

The good news is that they require far less regular maintenance, making them a useful one-time investment, as motors with brushes in their design need constant maintenance regularly.

These brushes must be cleaned after every use, and things often get stuck. They also need to be periodically replaced by newer brushes. After eliminating brushes from your lawnmowers, you will see how little maintenance is required. 

When comparing these mowers with brushed electric lawnmowers, the difference between their battery efficiency is impressive. After charging the battery once, the brushless mower will last much longer than a brushed one. This is because it only runs on a constant energy level sometimes. Instead, it keeps increasing or decreasing its energy use as per needed.

Consider this a one-time investment because these mowers otherwise have a very little maintenance cost. They all come with good warranties and are made as reliable as possible. You will not have to change or repair mowers brushes and cords repeatedly. Once charged, their battery will last much longer and save up on your electric bills.


The brushless mower is an evident one that will help you as it reduces the small quirks that come with the chore.

Before the conclusion, here is a summary of a brushless lawn mower.

  • These cordless electric lawnmowers utilize the most modern smart computer technology to run their batteries.
  • These are very expensive but will need barely any maintenance in the long term. You will save much money that would otherwise go to needless repair and maintenance.
  • The best thing is that they are noiseless and do not produce the usual purring of engines common to traditional mowers.
  • Friction between brushes creates unnecessary heat, which mowers without brushes do not have to deal with.

You are now most intimately acquainted with the workings and designs of brushless lawnmowers.

We are positive that soon these mowers will completely replace the bulky and noisy brushed ones in all lawns across the US. Trust us, lawn owners, you will not regret putting this in your shopping cart.

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