Nestled in the heart of Florida, where strawberries reign supreme, Plant City comes alive every year with the much-anticipated Florida Strawberry Festival. This annual celebration draws visitors not just from the Sunshine State but from around the globe.

The bustling strawberry festival in Plant City: vendors selling ripe berries, families enjoying carnival rides, and live music filling the air

💥 Quick Answer

The Florida Strawberry Festival will be held from February 29 to March 10, 2024.

Having attended the festival several times, I can assure you that this event transforms Plant City into a wonderland of strawberry delights. From the juiciest strawberry shortcakes to impressive strawberry-themed attractions, there’s always something magical to experience.

So, mark your calendars and get ready for a berry good time! Whether you’re a local or planning a trip from afar, the Florida Strawberry Festival promises fun-filled days and nights for every member of the family. 🍓

Florida Strawberry Festival Overview

The Florida Strawberry Festival in Plant City, FL, is a celebration of agriculture, culture, and community, held annually during the peak of the strawberry harvest. This event draws thousands, uniting them in festivities that highlight the best of the Sunshine State’s produce.

History and Significance

The Florida Strawberry Festival began in 1930, rooted in showcasing the peak strawberry harvest. This event’s purpose was to unite the community and celebrate Plant City’s booming agriculture. It has grown over the decades into a major attraction, blending tradition and modern entertainment.

Plant City, known as the winter strawberry capital, hosts this fair with rich displays of livestock, fine arts, and horticulture. Over the years, the festival has become a staple in Florida’s cultural calendar, drawing visitors statewide and beyond.

Annual Events and Highlights

Visitors can enjoy various activities, from thrilling midway rides to animal shows. Concerts are a significant draw, featuring big names in country, pop, and rock music.

The midway is filled with strawberry-themed attractions, including games and goodies like strawberry shortcake and pie.

The festival also showcases Florida’s agricultural bounty with exhibits of fresh produce and contests for the best crops. Every year, locals look forward to classic events like the Strawberry Queen pageant, parades, and vehicle shows.

Plant City’s festival is more than just berries—it’s a celebration of community spirit and local culture. Guests of all ages find something to cherish, whether it’s the nostalgia of homemade crafts or the excitement of modern attractions.

Attractions and Entertainment

The 2024 Florida Strawberry Festival in Plant City, Florida, offers a mix of stellar entertainment and delightful strawberry-themed delicacies. Visitors can enjoy a variety of concerts, rides, and culinary experiences that celebrate the region’s famous berry.

Music and Performances

The festival’s concert lineup is always a highlight. This year, the festival features legendary acts such as The Oak Ridge Boys and Bill Haley Jr. & The Comets. Another fan favorite is Jimmy Sturr & His Orchestra, bringing energy and excitement to the stage.

Concert tickets are sold separately from the festival admission, which gives us the flexibility to choose our favorite acts without committing to the entire concert series. Apart from headlining concerts, there are numerous local performers and street entertainers offering a diverse array of musical styles.

Additionally, private performances ensure that music fans can find something suiting their preferred genre and mood. The concert areas are well-organized, providing ample seating and standing areas to accommodate the enthusiastic crowds.

Culinary Delights and Crafts

Plant City’s festival is a paradise for strawberry lovers. From classic strawberry shortcake at the St. Clements Shortcake Booth to strawberry milkshakes and strawberry cookies at the East Historical Society Shortcake Booth, the treats are both plentiful and delicious. The Entenmann’s Strawberry Tent offers an array of fresh strawberry confections, ensuring no palate leaves disappointed.

Besides strawberries, the festival provides an impressive selection of other foods. Local vendors sell everything from freshly grilled corn to artisanal cheese. The crafts section is brimming with handmade goods, perfect for souvenirs. I find strolling through these booths, chatting with the artisans, to be one of the most enjoyable parts of the event, a charming complement to the strawberry-themed fare.

Practical Information

The Florida Strawberry Festival in Plant City offers a variety of activities, entertainment, and local treats. To make the most of your visit, understanding ticket prices and available facilities is essential.

Tickets and Admission

The 2024 Florida Strawberry Festival runs from February 29 to March 10 at 303 BerryFest Place, Plant City, Florida. Adult tickets are priced at $15 each, while children between the ages of 6-12 can enter for $5. Kids under 5 get free admission when accompanied by a paying adult. Buy tickets either at the Ticket Office on-site or online in advance.

It’s wise to consider VIP passes if you want to skip the lines and get some extra perks. Group discounts may also be available if you’re planning to attend with a large party. Check the official website for discount days and special deals.

💥 Also, keep an eye out for promotional codes or early bird offers for even lower prices.

Facilities and Services

Once inside, you’ll find bathrooms, drinking water stations, and baby changing areas conveniently located throughout the grounds. Parking is available to the north and south of the festival venue. Look for signs directing you to the TECO Expo Hall and other key areas.

Several Festival Preferred Hotels are close by for those traveling from out of town. Make use of the official Mobile App for up-to-date information on schedules, maps, and parking. Information booths are also scattered across the festival ground to help you with any queries.

The **Administrative Building** and **Media Center** are the go-to places for lost and found inquiries or media-related needs.

For your convenience, numerous food vendors, rest areas, and shade spots are spread out. Maintenance staff will be on hand to keep the area clean and safe, ensuring a pleasant experience for all visitors. Don’t forget to check out the livestock and other attractions while you’re there!

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