You might be asking “Where is the spark plug on a lawn mower?” if you are one of the many people who wonder where this piece is located, especially if you’re not very technically or mechanically inclined.

Locating the Spark Plug on Your Lawn Mower

Don’t worry, this complete guide will help you locate the spark plug in your lawn mower and even teach you how to care for it.

Where Is the Lawn Mower Spark Plug Located?

💥 The lawn mower spark plug is always located inside the mower’s engine. For a push lawn mower model, the plug is often found on one of the sides of the engine. Riding lawnmowers can have different engine types, which makes it more difficult to find the spark plug.


Before you start worrying, the spark plug is very easy to identify, so finding it won’t be that difficult. However, not all lawn mowers have their plugs located in the same location. This is because each manufacturer will have its own machine designed to its specifications.

The answer to finding the spark plug lies in the type of lawnmower you have at your disposal. Finding it requires identifying what the piece looks like. In order to locate the plug faster, we’ll begin by learning the possible locations of your spark plugs.

– Determine the Possible Locations

Not every mower has the same location for its spark plug, but the piece is always found in the engine of the lawnmower. There are two basic types of lawnmowers, and learning about them can help you easily locate the general area for your plug.

A Guide to Cleaning the Spark Plug

For a push lawn mower model, the plug is often found on one of the sides of the engine. Here, you will find the piece connected to the cylinder on one side while the other end will be connected to a cable and a covered hood. If you find this piece, proceed to the next step.

If your lawnmower is a riding model type, then simply do the same step as with a push lawn type. However, you should note that riding lawnmowers can have different engine types. This can make finding the spark plug a bit harder.

For example, some lawn tractors have their engines located at the front part of the mower, which is covered. Zero-turn riding mowers, on the other hand, have rear engines that are partially covered. This is why you should take a look at the engine and start inspecting the piece.

To make everything easier for you, here are the usual locations for many popular lawnmower brands:

  • The Craftsman spark plug is usually found in the front part of the lawnmower engine. Most models have the plug located in the middle or just below the front side of the engine. The Craftsman zero-turn lawnmower will have its plug located on the rear side of the engine, where the spark plug cables are.
  • For Toro models, the plug is usually found on the side of the lawnmower engine, especially the tractor types. To access the spark plug, open the hood of the lawnmower and look for the spark plug hood and cable. Usually, Toro models have their plugs on the right side of their lawnmower engines.
  • If you have a Husqvarna lawnmower, the location can be a bit varied. Most of the time, you’ll need to look for the left side of the engine. This is where the spark plugs are typically located for this brand, especially the lawn tractors. For zero-turn models, spark plugs are often found on the engine’s back sides while push mowers have the plugs in the front and center.

– Identify What a Spark Plug Looks Like

Not everyone knows what it looks like, so here’s what you should look out for. Typically, spark plugs are covered by the hood and wire. The first component you will see is the wire sticking out from one side of your lawnmower’s engine.

These small cables or wires are almost never concealed, so they should be easy to spot, especially if your lawnmower has a small engine. The wire or cable is usually black in color and short, with a thickness of about a quarter of an inch.

One side of the wire will be connected to a plastic piece that forms a right angle. This plastic piece is typically thick and forms a hood, covering the spark plug itself. To access the plug, pull off the hood. Here, you will see a white ceramic body with a metal terminal. This is your spark plug.

What Does a Lawn Mower Spark Plug Do?

A lawn mower spark plug initiates the combustion of the engine. By igniting the air and fuel mix inside the cylinder of your lawnmower’s engine, the spark plug jumpstarts the engine so you can cut grasses in a more efficient manner.

Locating the spark plug and understanding its function is important, especially if your mower has performance issues. Even if you don’t have any issues, learning the spark plug’s location is still essential in case you need to change it. The spark plug is vital to how your lawnmower works.

– Cleaning Your Lawn Mower Spark Plug

A mower spark plug can still be cleaned if the piece is not damaged. Although most of the time, it’s easier to replace them than to clean them. Clean plugs often have a tan or light gray color. If your spark plug has oily deposits, soot, or carbon, then your plug needs to be cleaned or replaced.

Identifying Possible Locations on Your Lawn Mower

A dirty spark plug can be caused by a dirty air filter. When filled with dirt, the filter causes unburned fuel to accumulate as soot residue on the spark plug. Under this condition, the plug experiences decreased performance, which ultimately affects the engine of the mower. So, having your lawn mower’s air filter clean, will help keep your spark plug clean too!

To remove the piece, pull on the wire to release the top of the spark plug. Take a spark plug wrench, and turn the plug counterclockwise. This will loosen it enough to help you remove it completely.

Most homeowners rarely clean the lawnmower spark plug as it is quite inexpensive nowadays. As part of their lawn mower maintenance, homeowners buy a lot of spark plugs to stock up in case of replacements.

– Reusing Old Spark Plugs

You can definitely reuse the spark plug in your lawnmower, assuming that it is simply dirty and has not been damaged in any way. To clean it, simply douse the plug with rubbing alcohol. Use an old toothbrush to scrub the plug gently to remove any oil that may be present in the piece. Continue until the piece is sufficiently cleaned.

However, if the lawn mower spark plug gap is too narrow or too wide, you might need to adjust it. You’ll need to check the gap with a spark plug gap gauge. If you don’t have this tool, then you may be better off replacing the old spark plug with a new one.


Locating the spark plug on your lawn mower is important, especially when you have to clean or replace the piece.

Here’s what to remember when looking for the plug:

  • The location of the spark plug can vary depending on the brand, make, and model of the lawn mower.
  • The piece can be easily identified by the spark plug wire that connects it to the engine.
  • Spark plugs can be cleaned as long as they are undamaged; however, it’s easier to replace them with new ones.

Now that you know how to determine where the spark plug on your lawnmower is, go right ahead and look for it! Let us know how this article worked out for you.

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