Where to get gas for lawn mower that is of the best quality yet reasonable enough to buy regularly is a common query among gardeners.

Where To Get Gas for Lawn Mower at a Reasonable Price

With this in mind, did you know that you can keep an empty container at the back of your car trunk and fill it with regular gas the next time you visit your local petrol pump? A gas-push lawn mower also needs high-octane fuel that produces lower emissions, just like your car.

Read this complete guide to find out where to purchase premium and high quality gas for your lawn mower.

Where Can You Get Gas for Your Lawn Mower?

💥 You can get gas for your lawn mower from gas stations, the local mechanic, and home and garden stores. Alternatively, you can also order the right type of lawnmowers gas online at pretty low prices if you do not have access to a gas station or store nearby.


Other places you can purchase mower gas from include the specific manufacturer of your lawn mower’s gas and specialized stores.

– Buy From Gas Stations

Regular gas that is used to power cars and other vehicles works just fine for lawnmowers. Hence, your local gas station is the most convenient place to get gas for the mower. It would help to visit it regularly to get your car or truck tank filled up.

The thing with gas stations is that they are present near most urban areas, and even the smallest towns have a tiny station at one corner or another.

Driving a self-propelled lawn mower on the road or the streets is legal only in certain rural townships, and that too with a proper driving license. When taking a mower out to get a gas refill from the gas station, follow all the rest of the rules of traffic.

In some states, you must also display a slow driving sign at the back of the mower. That is why it is best to fill a gas can with gas and bring it home to fill the lawn mower gas tank instead.

If your local gas station offers a wide range of gas options, you can choose the best quality high-octane gas for your lawn mower. Make sure to ask them for unleaded gas if available.

– Buy From Lawn Care Shops

Many people don’t think of it, but lawn and garden supply stores also stock up on gasoline and other fuels for lawnmowers. This is a better option for those of us who are not experienced in pumping our gases. Sure, self-service gas stations have a lot of benefits, but it is safer to transport gas in a container from a store than a gas pump.

This is because these shops sell lawnmower gas in safely sealed containers. Canned gas is also touted to be of a much higher quality than those offered by gas pumps. Unfortunately, this is true when there is little price difference between canned and uncanned gas.

You can scour through the aisle and select the brand of gasoline you like best. Make sure to have a look at the ingredients list on the back to see which one has the best additives and fuel stabilizers added to it.

Many stores place premium-quality, ethanol-free fuel in separate aisles for customer ease and convenience. If there is still any confusion, a sales representative will always be available to guide and help you.

Although there are many reasons why home and garden stores are our favorite places to buy gas for mowers, there are also certain disadvantages. First, well-stocked stores like these are only present in large towns and cities.

Even if there is one in your town, you will probably have to drive longer to get there and get fuel. Second, canned fuel will be more costly and might only sometimes fall within an average person’s budget limits.

– Order Gas Online

So what if there is no home and garden shop near your vicinity and your local gas station has poor-quality leaded mower gas? You can always order any gas you like online from amazon or any other delivery system you like. This is a great alternative for those who live in rural areas or prefer to go out sparingly.

Going online to buy gasoline has the added advantage of having too many options available. You can order any gas, within any price range, from any manufacturer within a few days. Many options also need to be clarified, especially if you have only recently purchased a lawn mower.

Order Gas Online

That is why you must do thorough research first to be sure of the type of gas you want for your fueled-by-gas lawn mower. Always opt for a reliable seller and website from which to order because there are a lot of dupes around. See how many positive reviews the seller and the manufacturer have before buying from them.

It might be tempting to go online and click on the first fancy cheap item, but this could waste your hard-earned money instead. If you have friends and family interested in lawn care, ask for their recommendations and advice.

– Buy From a Mechanic Shop

There is no reason why your local neighborhood mechanic doesn’t keep fuel for self-propelled gas-powered lawnmowers around. Again, the gas can be something other than specifically for lawnmowers. You can ask the mechanic to fill your container with a high-octane unleaded gas used for cars.

No one will sell you gas at a better price than your mechanic. One downside is that the mechanic doesn’t offer a wide range of gas types. This is not such a bad thing to see. They know better the best gas type for your particular gas mower. If you want a particular blend of gas, they are again better equipped to source it for you at a much more reasonable price.

– Get the Leading Brands

Leading brands in the industry specify which type of fuel to use for their gas lawnmowers. Of course, mowers like the Stratton engine one perform best when given the right fuel type. However, even if you go for a reasonably-priced ethanol-free regular gas with a fuel stabilizer and keep it changing every six months, your mower will stay in good working condition.

There are two main types of gas types that we recommend our readers go for. If you have invested a lot in your mower and want to keep it in top-notch condition for a long time, then go for a premium high-octane gas type.

Get The Leading Brands

This fuel burns smoothly and produces very little emission, producing as little noise as possible. A high-octane might be the only option for your home mower in certain states with very strict emission laws.

The second best option is to buy ethanol-free gasoline, which is cheaper than premium octane gas. This gas is a suitable short-term alternative for a small engine, but they do eventually begin to cause engine wear and tear over time.

– Order Online for a Four Strokes Engine

The best and most expensive lawnmowers have a four-stroke engine, which has the advantage of being quite low maintenance over the long term. Most gas-push modern mowers these days come built with a four-stroke engine. 

How this engine works is that it has two valves that open at different times during a working cycle. They have separate tanks for oil and gas and do not mix them while running. That is why you need gas with an octane number equal to or higher than 91 for this. Shops and pumps in small towns do not stock up on such high-quality fuel, and you might have to order online.

– Ask a Mechanic for a Two-Strokes Engine

A two-stroke engine has been the standard engine design for mowers since the 1980s. As always, it has its pros and cons, especially when compared with a four-stroke engine. A four-stroke one is rapidly replacing it because it requires much more frequent maintenance.

Ask a Mechanic for a Two-Strokes Engine

This engine can handle gasoline and fuel with slightly lower octane levels. Although we do not recommend it, you can also use ethanol fuel in these engines. If you are using these slightly lower-quality fuels, then make sure to replace them regularly and avoid overheating the machine.

Another important thing to remember while buying gas for a two-stroke engine is that it needs oil to be mixed in with the gas. That is why you must be clear and always ask your mechanic to mix the right amount of gas and oil. We prefer going to a mechanic instead of buying oil and gas and mixing it at home.

– Go to the Manufacturer for Small Engines

The right gas for a small engine can best be bought from a well-stocked home depot department or the manufacturers online. Mowers with small engines have low-compression rations, so buying very high-quality and expensive gasoline needs to make more sense.

Go to the Manufacturer for Small Engines

You can purchase any reasonable-quality gas free of ethanol that contains useful additives. If your local gas pump provides gasoline of this type, you can buy it from them too.

Frequently Asked Questions

– Can I Use Regular Gas in My Lawn Mower?

Yes, you can use regular gas in your lawn mower. Gas that is meant for vehicles can also be used for your self-propelled mower, provided that it is the best quality. Like a car, your mower also needs high-octane and unleaded fuel to keep its small engine from being damaged.

Whenever you take your automobile out for a gas refill, take a container and fill it in to bring home to the lawn mower. It makes no difference that you are using a regular gas as long as it is safe, just make sure that you take the proper precautions when transferring the gas.

– How Long Before I Buy New Gas For My Mower?

How long before you buy new gas for your mower depends on the usage and quality of gas, but it is recommended to change it every 6 months. The more you use a mower, the quicker your fuel will get eaten up and you will have to get a refill.

If the fuel is low-quality and does not contain stabilizers, it might break down within one month. Expensive gasoline that is premium quality and has been treated well can last over a year. As a general rule of thumb, whether or not you have bought the best fuel, you still need to change it every six months to keep the engine running.


A lawn mower is not a cheap lawn care item to purchase and maintain regularly. You must always get the best possible gas quality to power it.

  • The easiest spot to go to for a gas refill for your mower is the gas station. You cannot legally drive the mower there, so it’s best to take a can, fill it with gas and bring it home.
  • Search online for garden or hardware stores near you because many stores sell canned gasoline.
  • Ask your mechanic to refill the gas in your mower at least once every six months.
  • When ordering gas for a gas push mower online, make sure that you are purchasing from a reputed and well-reviewed seller.

As laws around the world get stricter regarding carbon emissions, you need to go for gasoline that is the best possible quality these days. Whichever source you decide to purchase yours from, make sure that you trust them first.

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