White Monstera Care Infographic
White Monstera Care Infographic

The variegated monstera plant, also known as white Monstera, is a subspecies of the monstera deliciosa plant. It makes a fantastic indoor plant as its contrasting white and green colored leaves add an unprecedented level of funk to your living space.

The best thing about this plant is, of course, how easy they are to look after! Let’s look at how to care for this plant properly.

What Is White Monstera?

White monstera, also called Monstera albo borsigiana, is a subspecies of the monstera deliciosa plant. It has big variegated leaves that have large green and pure white patches on them; they can grow to be 10 to 35 inches long and 30 inches wide. The stems of this plant are also quite long and striped, much like its leaves. 

White Monstera Care

Care for the variegated monstera albo plant by providing it with indirect bright light, watering it every seven to nine days, and keeping it under high humidity and temperature levels.

Learn how to grow white Monstera here.

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