A white rose flower is often a symbol of purity and innocence. The white rose is a popular choice for brides since the 19th century, insisting on a rose bouquet for their wedding. The beautiful white rose bouquet is also a prized catch for many bridesmaids.

A Perfection Beauty of a White Rose Flowers

Let’s discover more about the white rose, its meaning, and how you can even grow some for your own from the list below.

List of White Rose Flowers

Here are 20 of the best white rose flower name varieties to choose from, they aren’t the same, although they are roses, they don’t have the same requirements which help them thrive.

1. Bridal Sunblaze 

This is honestly the most ideal for weddings, as connoted by its name. This white rose flower scientific name is Rosa x ‘Meilmera’. In order to see these roses bloom and gracefully grow, they must absorb full sun, as they will show 40 of their beautiful petals.

A Radiant Celebration of Love

The bush can grow up to 12 to 18 inches tall and wide. Although the plant is small, the double blooms easily impress anyone with its low maintenance and disease-resistant nature.

2. Easy Elegance Snowdrift 

This variety grows really quickly while resisting diseases. Gardeners love this low-growing rose bush as it is almost full of pure white flowers all throughout the summer season. On the other hand, in the winter season, they must be pruned properly because that is how they will renew and grow the following year.

Winter Wonderland Wedding

The Easy Elegance Snowdrift can grow up to four feet tall and spread at the same measurement, as they grow in a bush. Its glamorous fragrance attracts pollinators every time the blooms appear.

3. Chantilly Cream 

Grow this exquisite hybrid tea rose to experience its fruity rose scent during spring and summer days and nights. The creamy petals that surround the light-yellow centers of each bloom never fail to bring a classic aesthetic to any garden.

Delicate Chantilly Cream Rose

You can let this variety grow to its full five feet height and three feet width. However, if you’re looking for a manicured look, then you can trim the Chantilly Cream because they grow in a proportionate way.

4. Flower Carpet 

This low-growing variety really does look like a lush floral carpet when in full bloom. It extends up to two feet tall and can easily spread up to three feet wide. They would grow next to each other and thrive together.

A Delight Flower Carpet in Garden

Nonetheless, the Flower Carpet is ideal for areas where you want to cover bare patches of earth or unsightly rocks, they usually raise the aesthetics of the area they are found in. You can even grow this gorgeous variety on a sloping lawn for a glorious flower cascade.

5. Lichfield Angel 

The heavenly scent of white floral rose and hints of clove make this medium-sized bush ideal as a garden hedge. The flowers start off peach-colored before maturing into creamy white blooms.

Monumental Masterpiece Lichfield Angel

Lichfield Angel grows up to three feet high and three feet wide. You’ll enjoy cultivating this variety for its round blooms as they nod in the wind.

6. Iceberg Rose 

Elegant and bursting with blooms, the Iceberg variety displays medium-sized white roses that contrast perfectly with its glossy green leaves. The sweet fragrance is a huge draw for gardeners as well.

Buddleja Davidii in Flower Garden

Grow the Rose Iceberg bush as a hedge as it can reach up to four feet tall and three feet wide. You may have to pluck the blooms as bouquets and centerpieces during the spring and summer months for a classic feel.

7. Tranquility Rose 

The cool white blossoms of this variety bring a captivating fragrance and elegance to any garden. A traditional tea rose, Tranquility brings gardeners peace of mind as it is also disease-resistant.

Symbol of Peace and Serenity

Tranquility grows up to four feet tall and four feet wide, making this vigorous grower an ideal garden border. Grow this one if you want to encourage friendly insect pollinators in your garden while treating yourself to its sweet romantic scent.

8. Winchester Cathedral Rose 

This is one of the most romantic cultivars for your garden. The Winchester Cathedral Rose has tinges of pinks in its creamy white petals. A single white rose can sometimes have small pink splashes on its petals.

A Floral Tribute to History

When gifting the Winchester rose, keep in mind that this white rose flower meaning would symbolize innocence, when the recipient is especially close to you. These white roses look even better when paired with other roses or flowers with contrasting colors.

9. Adelaide d’Orleans Rose 

The buds of this glorious climbing white roses start out as pale pink before opening up as pure white blossoms. As they are rambling white roses, you’ll need to place them on supporting structures, such as trellises, pergolas, or even on tress.

Royal Beauty in Bloom

The Adelaide d’Orleans has medium-sized white roses that are scented lightly. While they flower for a short time during the middle of summer, they are wonderful cultivars due to their uncomplicated beauty by how they look.

10. Partridge Rose

Each rose flower that springs from the Partridge cultivar is simple but quite fragrant. The rose blossoms are small but bloom frequently for several times over a long period. This cultivar can be trained to climb, but generally, they are grown as ground covers.

A Unique and Exotic Bloom

Gardeners love the Partridge rose for its easy maintenance because it is not picky about the soil that it is grown in. In addition, this cultivar can take partial sun and still look brilliant and healthy, unlike most white roses, which require full sun.


11. Madame Hardy 

Madame Hardy has a strong fragrance that permeates all throughout the summer air when in bloom. No wonder that this cultivar is still as popular as it was when it was grown in the 1830s. When it becomes fully open, Madame Hardy roses have green eyes in the center of each blossom, which set them apart from most roses.

Madame Hardy A Timeless Classic Rose

While their beauty is magnificent, Madame Hardy’s blooming time is short. If you happen to have them flower in your garden, you just might have to literally stop and smell the roses.

12. Rambling Rector 

If ever there is a name that gives a white rose flower meaning, it’s the Rambling Rector cultivar. Only by bringing the name alone to mind it is a plant that grows in a rambling manner, producing white roses reminiscent of the pure intentions of the clergy.

Climbing Rose with a Lush Display

The white rose blossoms are small, pure white, and highly fragrant. If you’re planning to grow them, prop the Rambling Rector against a mature tree or a strong structural support.

13. White Parfum de Provence 

This particular cultivar looks a bit high-maintenance, however, you must know that it is actually very easy to care for because it tolerates partial shade. One white rose blossom usually comes off each stem, making the White Parfum de Provence a wonderful specimen for cut rose arrangements.

A Fragrant and Elegant Rose

What makes this specific cultivar popular as a garden plant and as a cut flower is its strong fragrance. If you’re looking to grow or enjoy White Parfum de Provence roses, you can easily find them in garden centers or florists.

14. Desdemona 

The extended flowering period of Desdemona roses make this particular cultivar very popular in rose gardens. White roses appear from early summer and last well into autumn, prolonging their resplendent beauty, as well as their strong fragrance.

Desdemona A Tragic Beauty of a Rose

Enjoy the intoxicating scent of Desdemona roses in the early morning hours, where they are at their strongest. Grow them near your window so can take in their amazing fragrance.

15. Boule de Neige 

Most people easily mistake Boule de Neige roses as camellia blossoms due to their uncannily similar appearance. The white rose blooms grow in small clusters, and the white rose petals have a stunning silky texture. The small white roses are strongly scented, which most gardeners appreciate.

Boule de Neige Snowy White Rose

Boule de Neige roses are not vigorous growers, and they can grow up to four feet tall. This cultivar makes a wonderful low hedge or border, especially when planted in mass.

16. Countess of Wessex Rose 

The Countess of Wessex rose is one of the longest-lasting flowers, which is the reason for its enduring popularity. The flowers first appear from the last fall of the season and disappear at the first frost of the next season. While the color tends to lean toward cream instead of pure white, its scent more than makes up for it.

Royal Beauty in Bloom Rose

The fragrance of the Countess of Wessex roses is strong, which makes them perfect cut flowers all throughout the year. Even better is that they look like classic red roses, except for the color, making them even more popular in floral arrangements.

17. Meidiland White 

The Meidiland White rose cultivar is a beautiful spreading plant, covering rocky, sloped, or rolling grounds with their impressive foliage and flowers. Once the white roses begin to show, your garden ground becomes carpeted with amazing white blooms.

Meidiland White A Pure Rose

When the ground is covered in snow-white blossoms, it gives every single white rose meaning by symbolizing purity and freshness. Indulge your senses with the Meidiland White as it blooms from spring to fall.

18. Meizorland Drift 

The Meizorland Drift cultivar is a cross between a miniature rose and a ground cover rose. They are popular in many gardens with rocky terrains and patchy spots because of their ability to crowd the ground with foliage and flowers.

A Low Maintenance Ground Cover Rose

The small white roses are as dazzling as snow, making gardens areas look like snowdrifts in the late spring through fall. If you’re looking for a rambling, disease-resistant rose that’s tolerant to cold and droughts, this is your choice.

19. Sea Foam Rose

The creamy white blossoms of the Sea Foam rose leans toward the colder hues. The sun requirement for this rose would be bright and full sun, to open all 35 to 40 petals.

Beautiful Sea Foam Rose with Leaves

It is a shrub rose, which grows around two to three feet. However, in areas with warmer weather conditions, it can grow taller than usual. Sea Foam roses can spread quite wide, around six feet, upon maturity. This is a wonderful cultivar if you have sloping landscapes or rocky outcroppings in your garden.

20. White Simplicity

White Simplicity is a wonderful option if you’re looking for an attractive hedge rose. What makes it perfect for this purpose is its dense branches, which can grow up to five feet tall and spread to about three feet wide. Its rose meaning is as literal as it can be, which is pure, white, and simple.

White Simplicity Amazing White Rose

Once in bloom, White Simplicity simply dazzles with its creamy white flowers. You can grow this as a border hedge or as a focal plant in a perennial flower bed.


White roses are wonderful expressions of our feelings and emotions when gifted to people dear to us. Depending on the exact shade of white you are looking for, or a particular scent you’re after, these white rose selections can add an elegant vibe to your garden. 

We recommend Easy Elegance Snowdrift for the light scent, while Iceberg is the best in class when you are after cut flowers to be placed indoors. In addition, it would be very nice touch to any style of home that you have decorated.

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