Will simple green kill grass? When used outdoors to clean the patio or fence, there is no doubt that this product remains unparalleled when cleaning all sorts of things, indoors, or outdoors.

Using Simple Green to Wash Artificial Grass

It is also one of the best solutions for washing artificial turf grasses. Keep readinf our guide to learn whether it is safe for grass and plants and how best to use it outdoors.

Will Simple Green Kill Grass?

No, simple green will not kill grass or harm the plants in your lawn in any way or form. Note that this spray is a completely safe, environmentally-friendly, and non-toxic formula that is as safe for grass. 

Being an all-purpose cleaner, Simple Green is commonly used to clean surfaces. It is the ultimate cleaning product used all over America and is popular for many reasons.

The manufacturers that make this product claim it to be highly effective yet safe for plants and animals. It is also eco-friendly, non-toxic, and biodegradable and will not harm outdoors. 

– Spillover On Natural Grass

Even though this product is not harmful or toxic to the grass but in case the whole bottle of this outdoor cleaner gets spilled on the grass by accident and stays on it for a long time, it might harm your soil a bit. 

The latter is because of the sodium component that would be the abundant element that would each the roots, and may harm it. Certain ingredients might stay in the soil and interfere with the absorption of nutrients into the roots.

Only allow the spilled and undiluted cleaner to stay on the grass for a short time. In order to get rid of this in a fast way, you must just wash it off as soon as you can using fresh, clean water. The good news is that this product is not even difficult to get off your grass.

– Components of Simple Green

The company manufactures this cleaning product claims it is completely safe and non-toxic for all plant and animal life forms. This product has received several safety certificates from environmental protection agencies. 

  • The predominant ingredient in a simple, clean bottle is just plain and simple water. Water is a harmless, non-active ingredient used as a carrier for other ingredients, and this is the base.
  • Sodium citrate is used to build detergents and acts as an emulsifier in cleaning products. It breaks down into calcium and magnesium in the soil, which makes it quite environmentally safe. However, it is highly water permeable and stays in the soil for a long time. It also tends to decrease nutrient absorption from the soil into the roots slightly.Non Toxic Components of Simple Green
  • Sodium carbonate is a must-have ingredient present in any cleaning liquid, and this is an organic agent in the product. It removes grease, dirt, colors, and odors from all surfaces and helps regulate the pH of the solution.
  • Tetrasodium glutamate diacetate is the agent that reduces the surface tension on the water while cleaning fabric and surfaces, hence it is one of the component. It is used as a surface tension reducer derived from plants and is 100 percent natural and safe when used in small amounts as needed, still it isn’t a chemical compound.
  • Ethoxylated C-11 Alcohols act as emulsifiers and remove oily and greasy stains during cleanup. In this spray bottle, it is used only in small quantities and is safe for grass and non-irritating.
  • Hydrogen peroxide is a bleaching factor that is an essential component without which any cleaning solution is incomplete. Only two to four percent of it is present in this formula which, when diluted with the water present in the ingredients list, is quite safe and acceptable for grass blades.

This product can be used to kill a large number of products both indoors and outdoors. Any washable surface can be cleaned by using this product.


How To Clean Grass?

To clean grass you must separate the leaves and the dust off the dirt from the grass, first dilute the mixture with water, and then you may spray the solution on the grass. Afterward, you may pressure wash it and let it dry.

– Applying the Cleaner

The first step is to clean all gross dirt and other stuff from your artificial turf. This includes removing leaves, dust, and dirt from it. Any old broom in the house won’t work on turf grass; instead, you will have to use one with a very stiff bristle. 

It is a mistake to use a simple, clean solution as it is without dilution. You must collect one gallon of water and mix one to two cups of this cleaning solution in a bucket, it would be best to dilute simple green first, especially near the grass. 

Cleaning Artificial Grass

According to the company that makes this cleaner, adding one and a half cups of this product in one gallon of water is sufficient. Diluting in water makes it safer and helps with producing froth and washing.

The most useful application of this cleaner in the lawn is to clean artificial turfs and grasses. Even if you invest in the best quality and the most expensive artificial grass, it will inevitably accrue stains, smells, and dirt over time. Simple green is a non-toxic, phosphate-free, and solvent-free cleaner that will clean any turf in just a few simple steps.

– Cleaning Process

You can start by making the rinsing and making the part of the grass from which you want to wipe the stains to wetting it. If you want to clean the whole of it, wash it with water first. 

Of course, the best method is to apply the diluted cleaner solution using a long-handled cleaning brush. Because this way, you can easily clean all parts of the turf grass and scrub it properly.

Use a garden hose or a pressure washer to wipe out the cleaner from the artificial grass, and keep pushing the foam toward the edges using the long-handled brush.

If your turf grass is too long, divide it into sections and wash each in the manner mentioned above. The artificial grass needs to be air dried in due time after a good and thorough wash. Subsequently, you can use a grooming brush to hold the bristles up once the grass has dried. 

This is one of the best options because it is one of the most useful utilization of this product in the lawn is when used to clean artificial turf grass. It will easily help rid of all sorts of stains and odors from this grass as it undergoes the ravishes of weather, kids, pets, and dust. 

– Precautions

This product is certifiably safe, non-toxic, phosphate-free, and non-flammable. Still, it would help if you observed some precautions while using it outdoors near grass and vegetables. Learn the target items on which this product can be used without causing any harm. Even if it is non-toxic for plants, there isn’t any use in applying this on your grass, right? 

Another important thing to take care of is always diluting the solution before using it. The manufacturer claims you must add one to one and a half cups of cleaner in at least one gallon of water. This not only makes the cleaning action far easier, but also helps dilute any potentially toxic ingredients in the formula.

Taking Precautions While Using Simple Green

Don’t forget to always wash the solution off with copious water after cleaning. Be especially careful to wash away the products from all nooks and crevices that might be present on the sidewalk or the patio etc.

It makes sense if you are uncomfortable using chemical cleaning products outdoors near sweet grass and plants. But this one is non-corrosive, in addition, you need to be careful not to use it on metal needlessly and without dilution.

This is especially true when washing softer metals like Aluminum. Remember that you must wear rubber gloves and full-sleeved clothes when washing anything with a simple green cleaner. 


– Can Vinegar Be Added To Simple Green Before Use?

Yes, vinegar can be added to simple green before use. This would make the cleaning action of this product even stronger. Vinegar is not only a great cleaner, but it also doubles as an effective antiseptic agent. 

In addition, you may use another effective outdoor cleaning product, is to take four to eight cups of hot water in a spray bottle. Next, proceed by mixing vinegar and baking soda in a cup.

You can pour a few drops of essential oils to give this mixture a fresh scent you may even add a little bit of dish soap would help form a better liquid. The only downside is that this homemade solution will foam less quickly or less than the chemical one. 

– Is Simple Green Toxic For Dogs And Other Pets?

No, simple green is a non-toxic formula safe for dogs and other pets if accidentally ingested. Of course, it would be best to take your dog to the vet if it accidentally ingests large amounts of cleaner. Still, you can rest assured that this is a very safe product and will, at worst, cause mild diarrhea. 

– Is It Necessary To Wash Off Simple Green From Grass?

Yes, you should wash off simple green grass even though it is not particularly harmful to grass blades or the soil. This is particularly important if a large quantity of undiluted cleaner gets spilled over the lawn. Just use a hose to wash off the cleaner as soon as possible, as it is way better than letting it lay there.


It is now very clear that Simple Green does not harm the grass because it is made of organic compounds.

Before we conclude, here is a brief yet concise recap of this entire article.

  • Simple green is a commercial cleaning product safe for grass and plants.
  • You can use this product as a deck cleaner and for cleaning grass, artificial turf, fences, and walls in the lawn too.
  • If you end up spilling pure, simple green on the grass, it is best to wash it away immediately, or else the roots may be harmed.

We hope this article helped answer the question, ‘is simple green safe?’. This product has been manufactured in the most non-toxic and eco-friendly way possible, and you can safely use it anywhere near plants, trees, and grass.

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