Wooded backyard ideas are a common query for people living near a forest. Here, we present several ways to revamp a backyard with a wooden outlook for various budgets.

Wooded Backyard Ideas for The Home

Read ahead and take your pick! Wooded backyards are an excellent framework for some beautiful landscape design, and a well-furnished forest backyard will turn the focal point of your home.

List of Wooded Backyard Ideas

Wooded backyard ideas would easily add value to your property while providing a well-furnished area to sit and relax with friends and family. If you want to add some greenery, you can also explore and work on some backyard garden ideas!

Remember that a good design is purely subjective, and some of them may not work for your terrain. We recommend keeping those backyard landscaping ideas in mind while deciding. 

1. Elegant Patio

If you live near a forest, you are closer to nature than hundreds of people living in concrete jungles. In this case, a key option is to keep the outdoor space as natural looking as possible. In this case, a wooded patio with a seating area is a good option.

Elegant Patio Ideas for House Backyard In Wood

A wooden pergola with a natural stone fireplace will look great with the natural woodland look of the forest surrounding the area. You can choose some wood with a rustic texture that gives off a natural look.

Combine this with a ceiling, floor, doors, chairs, beams, and railings with wooden features or a rusty texture. All of these will blend perfectly with the unaltered look of your backyard forest.

You may also choose a neutral-colored cushion to add more variety to the scene. These features will give off a cozy vibe, and you will feel right at home. A wooded patio with a sitting area will become your go-to spot for relaxation and outdoor time.

In addition, you can include an outdoor grill and a mini-fridge to further expand on the idea. It will be a unique gathering spot for family and friends, as it is not common to have a forest-side getaway spot in a house.

2. Fence

A wood fence is a simple creation that gives so much elegance to your backyard, it’s a simple fence made of wooden panels and posts. It offers a fresh and natural look to your backyard, which is awesome if your house is next to a woodland area. Even in urban settings, it provides an effectively simple and clean look.

Wooden Fence for House Back Yard Ideas for Protection

This fence type is the best if privacy is a priority for you. It is excellent at keeping intruders away from your home, whether they are people or woodland wildlife. Most wooden fence panels are tightly knit (have no gaps), so you will also be safe from peeping toms!

After the fence, you can expand and add a living area to the backyard. If you have modern furniture, you can pair it with a modern wood-slatted border for a coherent look, or you can opt for a fence with a withering texture for a more natural look. You can enhance your backyard with the look you have always envisioned.

Line the fence with ornamental grass, climbing vines, and plants to add another level of natural look to the area. You can even create a shade garden if you have an enclosed space with little sunlight. Add a fireplace, and you have a perfect spot for chatting and hanging out with your loved ones.

3. Wooden Pathway

Chic wood is a composite that combines large wooden panels with clad surfaces to give it a modern detailed look. So, if you want a modern spin on natural wooded backyards, consider getting a chic wood finish for your yard, which would be the pathway you can set on the ground.

Wooden Pathway Home Yard Ideas in Wood Elements

You can have the floor entirely done with chic wood or install large panels at equal distances. Combine this with a gravel stone ground, and you have a natural look with modern features.

The chic wood and gravel have neutral colors, and you can offset this neutrality with bright-colored cushions and wooden furniture. This will give the scene a new look, combining nature and the modern world.

You can build a living area to have a relaxing place outdoors, or you can leave it as a walkway surrounded by plant beds. If you don’t visit your backyard often, you can choose to have a chic wood backyard as an excellent beauty feature for your home.

4. Backyard Pool With Wood Deck

If you live in a place with a hot climate, there is a high chance there is a swimming pool in your backyard. You can use this opportunity and decorate the area with a wood finish, or a deck that’s made of wood simply by installing a wood patio to give it a natural look. You may even add some plants alongside the pool and a rock garden. 

Backyard Pool With Wood Deck Tropical Feel Suburban Home

In addition, you can also line one side of the pool with trees and artificial grasses. Set up wooden benches to lie down around the pool when you are not swimming. If you have several pieces of furniture for the area, you can make it into an outdoor recreational area. The woodwork, swimming pool, and natural look will give off a feeling of vacation in your backyard.

If you like to spend some time around the pool often, you can add more features, like a stone fireplace to go with the wooden finish which would elevate the aesthetics. You can install lights so the areas look alive even at night. You can plant pots and rope lights, adding to the natural look.

It is worth mentioning that getting a new pool patio can be expensive, and it will take weeks to finish building and installing it. So, if you can afford it, the poolside will become your new favorite spot in your home.

5. Reclaimed Furniture

Reclaimed wood or lumber is recycled wood originally used for construction, it is called reclaimed wood because it has a past where it was used in structures and buildings. The wood is then recycled to meet the modern requirements for eco-friendly homes.

Reclaimed Furniture from Wood An Eco Friendly Solution for Yard Interior

Owing to the age of the wood, it has a unique old rusty look. You can use this look as a guideline to design and backyard living room with a reclaimed wood finish. You may utilize this material to your own advantage according to the backyard’s space and the ambiance you want to achieve.

If you have a beautiful scene, you can always choose to build an open backyard with reclaimed wood furniture. The easy solution is to combine it with a rough marble floor and fireplace to compliment the wooden textures, hence you can add a fireplace with a dark metal chimney to add a modern flavor to the scene. The colors of the backyard, with a scenic view as the background, make for a great time.

Alternatively, you can enclose the space with concrete walls, reclaimed wood posts, and finish. Whether you go for an open living space or an enclosed one, the combination of reclaimed wood and marble is an excellent choice for an old stone and wooden look. If you decide to add an outdoor kitchen as well, you may do so with this reclaimed furniture.

6. Multiple Leveled Deck

You can make a two-level wooden deck with wooden stairs if you have enough space. This will introduce a unique look to your backyard that is not often seen—a simple backyard sitting area on a level lower than the rest of the house.

Multiple Leveled Deck For Home Yards In Wood

The upper level can have a concrete pathway lined with plants and pots. You can set up a small chair and table on the upper deck to add variety to the area. Enclose it with a wooden fence to keep the site private and safe.

Wooden stairs can be built to access the second level of the living space. Lined with dark-colored walls will add variety to the overall scene. Walls lined with floating benches and cushions will add a homely vibe to the scene. Add a stone fireplace, and you have a perfect place to gather and relax with your loved ones.

You can also choose to add variety by having a concrete floor for the lower level lined with stones of different sizes. This multilayered backyard will add an uncommon scene to your home while also adding value to your property.

7. Japanese-Themed Backyard

A Japanese-styled wooden backyard is a great way to introduce an exotic view to your home. You can choose a wooden pergola with a Japanese architectural finish. Add small lamps and plants alongside a bamboo fence for a complete look.

Japanese Themed Backyard with Wooden Fence Bamboo Sticks and Greenery

You can also choose a gravel stone floor with plants lined with colored rock boundaries. On top of this, you may even add a bamboo pathway that will give a bit of a Japanese countryside look to your backyard. Especially during the rain, the dark gravel floor and the light bamboo walkway will be a beautiful scene right in your house.

Other options include a high wooden fence with large stone slabs on the floor to provide a path through the soil floor. You could add a few bamboo trees and flowers to add a natural touch to the scene. To further escalate this scene, in particular, you can also add the Sakura trees, often linked with the Japanese theme. The pink and white leaves will add a refreshing and soothing sight to your backyard.

8. Backyard With a Trellis Fence

A trellis fence is a fence with a lattice of wooden panels, as they would bring a nice form of shade into your backyard landscaping journey. It has been around for a long time and was formerly used to support climbing vines in vineyards. But now, it is a famous option for modern fence design in front and backyards for a shade garden.

Backyard With a Trellis Fence Back Yard Ideas for Protection

You can use this design as a basis to give your backyard a vineyard looks with wooden furniture and floor. Add on a pergola, and you have a covered area where you can sit and relax with your family. You can do some garden design as well. For example, you could add a stone lining around the garden beds and place stylish lamps for some beautiful lighting.

Using the trellis to its full potential, you can choose to have vines and climbing roses in the backyard or even climb ivy plants. The only thing left would be to add in some lounge chairs, and you have the perfect place to relax after a hectic weekday.

9.  Garden Bed

Another great idea is to create woodland garden beds in your backyard garden. To add texture and variety, you can create a multilayered natural garden filled with different native plants of different colors.

Garden Bed for Home Plants and Backyard Trees Ideas

Different levels can be separated with retaining wall to help with the slopped flower beds. You can add concrete planters on the top level closest to the homes to give a coherent look to the house behind it.

The second level can have the desired bed theme would have a mulch floor filled with plants of different colors, textures, shapes, and sizes. The mulch will give the impression that the garden was here long before any construction.

You can add a sitting space at the bottom with stairs leading you through your woodland garden. It will honestly give an impression of a walk through the forest to a living area where you would sit and have some relaxing time in nature if find the back yard garden ideas satisfying.

10.  Wood Wall with Water Features

Landscaping a heavily-wooded area is quite tricky. You can add to the all-natural look of your backyard by installing a water feature. Combine this with a lining of grass and shrubs, and it will transition smoothly into the forest behind.

Wood Wall with Water Features

Water features are one of the great ways to add a luxurious look to your house. But this is not the only advantage. The sound of flowing water is a great way to induce a soothing effect in your brain. Thus, a water feature is both style and nature combined into one.

Combine this with wooden stairs and concrete-floored living space with couches, a table, and a fireplace, and you have a perfect natural sanctuary in the concrete jungle of a city.


Although a wooded backyard introduces a unique landscaping challenge, there are plenty of ways around it. Wooden floors, fences, and panels combined with concrete and metallic features provide the perfect blend of modern and natural characteristics to your backyard.

Whether you like an open backyard living space or an enclosed mulchy garden, there are ideas for wooded property options for everyone. With so many possibilities to choose from, which idea do you think works best for your backyard?

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