Wooden fence options have improved, transitioning from traditional ones to modern and aesthetically engineered styles. With wood fences originally put up to prevent kids and pets from roaming outside the compound, today, homeowners use the fences for more purposes.

22 Wooden Fence Options Perfect Ideas for Your Home

Here are some options to choose from and fulfill your wooden fencing needs, read them all.

A Detailed List of Wooden Fence Options

1. Basket Weave

This fence style mimics the technique used in weaving baskets, which it derives its name from. 

– Double Weave

Unlike regular fences, a basket weave uses two weaves between posts. The method leaves tiny spaces, preventing curious eyes from looking through for this fence type.

Basket Weave

– Aesthetically Pleasing

Additionally, this fence is more aesthetic, and the pattern created looks attractive. Because of the double weave, the fence is also strong and can withstand considerable impact.

2. Wood Picket

Homeowners mainly install wood picket fences to discourage climbing. 

– Safety Provision

These fences have pointed tops called pickets. If a person or pet attempts to climb, they can end up injured by the tops. Basically, it is build to keep you safe from intruders.

Wood Picket

– Elevate the Design

These fences have reasonable spacing between the pickets and allow outsiders to peep through. To avoid feeling too exposed, consider planting some plants close to this fence to create some obstruction.

3. Wood Lattice

A wood lattice fence is perfect for gardening enthusiasts that love planting climbing plants. 

– Best for Creeping Plants

This fence has its strips crisscrossed to provide an excellent climbing screen for the plants while providing some privacy to the homeowner. These you can plant creeping ivy,

Wood Lattice

– Borderline Features

The wooden strips have to be neatly done to provide an aesthetic finish. With this option, you can choose bright colors for your wood lattice fence, cool or dull ones depending on the statement you want to create.

4. A Preschool Wonder

If you like triggering the curiosity of the onlookers, a preschool wonder is the best fence to use for your home.

A Preschool Wonder

– Specific Feature

It comprises irregularly shaped strips fixed at short distances on horizontal rails. This rustic design has a unique appeal, triggering anyone looking at it to be curious about what is on the other side. It is a statement of creativity.

5. Vertical Slat

For a minimalist fencing design, the vertical slat wood fence can help you actualize the idea. 

– Minimalistic Design

Unlike ordinary fences, this style provides a neat and minimalistic finish when installed. Thin pickets are used, and uniform spacing made to ensure a neat arrangement.

Vertical Slat

– Adjustments

To create a flawless finish, the fence is fixed while the horizontal rails face outside. Hardwood is used for the pickets and the rails to ensure they are durable and that their sleek size does not break at a slight impact.

6. A Mural Fence

You can go beyond the casual or the known features of the usual design and make your wooden fence artistic.

A Mural Fence

– Customize Using Art

When you are an art enthusiast, you see art everywhere. Express yourself by painting some mural on your fence. Use a bright and attractive color combination on your wooden fence, regardless of your design with this wood fence style.

7. Horizontal Slat

Among the creative privacy fence options is this horizontal slat design. 

– Modernizing Look

Placing vertical board fence would help you to literally transform an ugly-looking fence into a modern and unique style. The amazing aspect is that you can build it on an existing fence.

Horizontal Slat

Use treated wood to ensure your slats are strong and durable. With a horizontal wood design, no spaces are left between the slats. Metal brackets come in handy when attaching the slats to the posts.

8. Bamboo Fence

If you are looking for environmentally friendly fencing materials, bamboo is your choice. 

– Long Lasting

A bamboo fence is durable and can withstand harsh weather elements.

– Variety of Material

The good thing about a bamboo fence is you can choose to be complex or keep it simple. It comes in varying styles and colors to make sure that you do not have an option limitation. Also, you can use this material as whole poles or choose to split them into halves.

Bamboo Fence

– Keeping Your Privacy

If privacy is your major concern, you can have your fence tall. The poles can be fixed closely together, leaving no room for outsiders to see what is happening within.

9. Louver Fence

A louver fence is a great deal when considering a wooden fence that provides privacy to your home

– Aesthetic

It is aesthetic and makes you feel like you are in a relaxed, airy environment. 

Louver Fence

– Keeping Your Privacy

The fence allows you to see what is happening outside, but those on the other side cannot have a clear view of activities happening inside.

A louver fence gives you a touch of class and is ideal for use around pools, spas, parking pads, patios, and decks.

10. Composite Wood Fence

Another environmentally friendly fencing option is the composite wood fence. 

– Reusing Plastic

If you are all about going green, you can reflect it by fencing your home with this composite wood fence. It includes using boards made from sawdust and recycled plastic.

Composite Wood Fence

– Providing Privacy

To support the fence, concrete is used to erect the poles where the horizontal rails are fixed. The boards are then fixed close together to provide some privacy to the homeowners.

– Matching With Your Design

This fence comes in different shades of wood colors, allowing you to choose one that matches other elements in your compound.

11. An Arbor Gate

This fence design includes a wooden gate for the entrance, combined with a border fence to keep the eyeballs rolling. 

An Arbor Gate

– Significant Pattern

The border fence is made of wooden slats fixed to create a net-like pattern. The spaces between the slats are big enough to allow someone to see through. To add drama, flowering plants or vines are planted near the fence to allow them to climb and fill the spaces. 

12. Stained Accents

When you want to play with some accents on your wall, stained wood gives you your desired outcome

Stained Accents

– Variety of Choices

Wood such as cedar provides excellent stained accents, creating a semi-transparent finish. In addition, you can even complement it with some flowering plants to create a natural environment. Staining your wooden fence provides a darker color, distracting the outsiders from peeping inside.

13. Reclaimed Wood Fence

The reclaimed wood fence is another design that appreciates conserving the environment. 

– Reused Material

The fence uses pieces of old wood from torn-down buildings. Because it is a combination of wood from different structures, the fence looks truly appealing.

Reclaimed Wood Fence

– Option to Paint it

If you like to give your reclaimed wood fence a makeover, you can always have the option to paint it and try to change it with a resilient paint that can withstand the weather in your area.

14. Post and Rail

A few years back, if you could have mentioned a post and rail fence, people would immediately think about penning animals or a country-style house. 

Post and Rail

– Arrangement Style

The fence is pretty basic and has its slats fixed with huge gaps between each other. Posts are also distributed over long distances and do not provide any privacy to the insiders. This fencing idea is ideal for homeowners only interested in demarcating their properties.

15. Rustic Picket

A rustic picket fence is your ideal design if you want to achieve a handcrafted look. 

– How Wood is Used

Here, wood is used in its irregular shapes, with no sanding done. The end design is a rustic finish that gives you a sense of pride from within. Oak wood is commonly used for making this fence. 

Rustic Picket

– Takes Space

Although it looks stunning when installed, the wood tends to warp after exposure to the weather elements, however, the downside is that the warping makes it look even more aesthetic and taking a lot of space. The trick is to ensure enough spacing is left to allow the warping when it starts taking place.

16. Chain-Link Fence

A chain link fence is an excellent option for homeowners operating on a small budget. 

– Pros

It is easy to install, and you can DIY it. All you need is a chain link and some poles to support the chain link. Wood or metal can be used for the posts.

Chain-Link Fence

– Cons

Although the fence style is affordable, it does not provide privacy to the insiders and this would be its downside. To overcome the challenge, climbing plants can be used, and when they mature, they provide some opaqueness. 

17. Vinyl Fence

Shades of wood are used on vinyl fences to mimic their natural appearance. 

Vinyl Fence

– Effortless to Maintain 

Vinyl posts are used on this fence, and then metal and wood used for reinforcing it from the inside. This wooden fence style looks aesthetic and is easy to assert.

18. White Picket

A white picket fence is timeless and goes well with any house design. 

– Style

This fence is usually short and has its slats fixed at considerable distances. Privacy is not a thing with this fence option, although the style is aesthetically pleasing.

White Picket

– Repair Requirement

A white picket fence requires regular maintenance to keep it looking good. Paint it whenever the paint begins to peel to protect it from weather elements. When choosing the paint, ensure it is resistant enough to protect your wood from the elements.

19. Curved Lattice-Top

Add class and drama to your outdoors by raising a curved lattice top fence. 

– Creative Idea

It is among the best wood fence ideas that portray the utmost creativity. It features a shadowbox panel with pickets fixed on both sides to create a rail fence. Because the pickets are fixed on both sides, it creates a continuous 3D effect to your wood fence style.Curved Lattice-Top

– Modern Design

Curving the top of the lattice creates a modern ambiance. A curved lattice top provides privacy to dwellers of a home as it is of a good height, and the pickets are closely fixed, in addition you can even paint it to match your aesthetics with this fence type.

20. Log Privacy Fence

When choosing materials for our wooden fences, we often opt for materials we can get readily from the market. 

– Neat Style

These wood materials are often cut and sanded. But, if you are looking for a rustic look, these materials cannot provide you with what you want.

Log Privacy Fence

– Consider Placing Logs

As you use logs, they are typically in their natural state and are uneven. Intertwine them to create a brilliant finish that brings out an authentic look. Log privacy fences have small spaces, but they do not allow prying eyes to see through.

21. Pallet Fence

A pallet fence is a simple DIY project that anyone can complete. 

– Provision of Privacy

You can create this fence regardless of your expertise, provided you have the pallets. It provides privacy for your home.

Pallet Fence

– DIY Project

If you are a DIY beginner, you can get a pretty basic fence, but enough to ensure whatever happens inside remains. If you have more experience as a DIYer, you can be as creative and dramatic as you want.

22. A Trellis Fence

This wooden fence idea is ideal for homeowners that only want privacy in specific areas in their compounds. 

– Pros

Then plant climbing, and ornamental plants create a perfect partition. You can place different plants even tall yet skinny trees in the middle, or even place some string lights around them to match your back yard.

A Trellis Fence

– Cons

The down side of this type of wood fence is that a trellis fence does not go around the property. Place a trellis on the area you want privacy, which can be between you and your neighbor or your home and the street that you are on. Although it can be a focal point in your compound, it is hard to see what is happening inside the partitioned area.


With many wooden fence options available from different providers, it can be challenging to pick a design.

Some of the most outstanding to consider are:

  • When choosing a fence, you must make sure that your privacy is protected like the pallet fence.
  • You can always match your aesthetics with the fence and even add art to it like the mural fence.
  • A modern touch can be added to the fence, by painting on the wood.
  • You can always go environmentally friendly with your choice of fence, by deciding to go with bamboo fences.

Sometimes, it does not feel right to leave our properties without demarcation. Children, pets, and outsiders are the main inspiration for putting up fences.

If you feel stuck with the best fence design for your home, you can get some inspiration from this list and get your project rolling for your wooden fence options. 

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