Worx Turbine Fusion WG510 is a multiple-function yard tool is handy to have around as a homeowner. This machine functions as a leaf blower, vacuum, and mulcher all in one tool, and it makes gardening and general lawn maintenance easier and faster.

Worx Turbine Fusion Wg510 Electric Leaf Blower

With all its functions, you’re probably curious about how it operates and whether or not it has any disadvantages. Keep reading this article as we have written about everything you need to know about this electric leaf blower to help you determine if it is the right tool for you.

Pros Cons
It has multiple functions It can be messy to use
It is straightforward to operate It can be heavy to operate over long periods
It has a high-blowing capacity
It comes with a leaf bag for easy debris disposal

Highlighting the Properties

This Worx leaf blower/vacuum tool combines the power of an electric blower with the added benefit of multiple functions.


All its features are tailored specifically for user comfort and convenience, and you would see how they would be practical for you.

  • Powerful blowing capacity with a turbine fan technology
  • Two-speed control
  • 3 pounds in weight
  • 3-in-1 function
  • Strong metal shredder
  • 12 AMP motor
  • A reusable leaf collection bag 
  • Wide-mouth blowing tube
  • Corded and electric
  • Three-year warranty

Narrowed Down Review

Worx Turbine Fusion WG510 Key Criteria
Number of airflow settings
Number of functions
It has multiple functions
It is straightforward to operate
It has a high-blowing capacity
It comes with a leaf bag for easy debris disposal
It can be messy to use
It can be heavy to operate over long periods

Yard work is so much easier and faster with leaf-blowing tools. Now imagine how much easier it’ll be with a tool that has more than one function. The Worx Turbine Fusion leaf blower is known to be a mulcher/vacuum as well, and it is a corded electric leaf-blowing tool.

Having three functions in one machine makes yard maintenance easy and convenient, and this is one of the reasons many users love this tool. You can easily switch between each function without any tools, and you don’t have to buy extra equipment for your yard.


The Worx fusion blower has an ergonomic design for convenience and ease of use. With a weight of fewer than 10 pounds, users can operate it with a single hand. However, when you escalate the usage of the tool, then it would start to feel heavier when it has been in use for hours, especially when the detachable leaf bag starts getting full.

The weight isn’t a big concern as the blower comes with a strap attachment that helps to balance out the weight. Overall, you can choose to operate the blower with or without the strap, depending on how it feels to you, as it is detachable.

On another note, if you need a leaf-blowing tool with a high force that will help the functionality, this blower has got it; hence, with its 12 AMP electric motor, it generates 500 CFM of airflow at a speed of 65 MPH.

Although you must note that 65 MPH is a low airspeed, the air volume this machine produces generates enough force to blow huge piles of debris with ease; additionally, the vacuum also works great with this airflow and air speed.

This Worx blower also has an airflow or air speed control feature, and having so would make your job quite easier, as you can adjust the airspeed or airflow for more control during tasks. You may also use the high-speed setting to tackle open spaces like driveways, lawns, and decks, and the low-speed setting for more delicate tasks like cleaning corners and other tight spaces.

– How Has Worx Turbine Fusion WG510 Evolved?

The Worx Turbine Fusion WG510 has evolved from its previous model the Worx WG509 by having a greater air volume of 525 CFM when it used to be 350 CFM. On the other hand, the weight was 8.6 lbs; now it is heavier, as it is 9.3 lbs.

Evolving Worx Turbine Fusion WG510 Blower

It’s easy to compare this blower with previous models as there are many differences. It is a handheld blower with a mulch ratio of 24:1 which is much better than the 16:1 mulch ratio of the previous blower. This means that it shreds debris into finer particles.


Features and Detailed Guide

– Powerful Blowing Capacity With a Turbine Fan Technology

The Worx 3-in-1 blower/vac mulcher has a powerful blowing capacity. The turbine fan technology on this blower is an added benefit as it produces a high airflow of 500 CFM at an airspeed of 65 MPH. As a result, you can make quick work of all types of debris, including grass, dust, small nuts, and pines with this blower.

Many users have found that it also comes in handy with clearing light snow, so it’s useful all year round, which means that this is a great benefit that it also has, but of course, you should be cautious with the matter.

On the other hand, one drawback of this tool is that it has a low airspeed. However, its high air volume makes up for it. If you’re a homeowner with lots of trees and shrubs, you will need a vacuum or blower to do regular yard maintenance. Luckily, this Worx WG510 blower performs these two functions and more.

– Two Speed Control

The ability of this blower to switch between speed settings is one of its advantages. With this feature, you can power through loads of debris at high speed, or perform more gentle cleaning with its low-speed setting.

Control Switch is Easily Accessible at The Top of The Blower

Moreover, the control switch is easily accessible at the top of the blower’s handle, which means that you will not struggle to find it, and switching it would be very easy.

– Medium Weight

With a weight of 9.3 pounds, this Worx 510 blower makes it slightly heavy, or in other words, it has medium-weight. Although it is easy to carry about, you will feel the strain on your arm and shoulders if you use it for long periods, and you would get tired if the task to accomplish is bigger.

In this case, the strain will become more obvious whenever you use the vacuum or mulching feature as the added weight from the leaf bag will come into play. The overall of what you will be carrying about when you’re vacuuming is dependent on the type of materials you’re getting rid of.

The good thing is that this unit comes with a strap attachment that you can easily attach or detach. The strap helps to balance out the weight and makes the blower more comfortable or convenient to use, making the weight a minor problem. As a result, you won’t be as tired, because the machine would be settling pretty well and comfortably.

– 3-in-1 Function

As previously stated, this Worx leaf-blowing tool is multifunctional- it performs three functions with one tube. It is the easiest way to rid your space of unwanted debris. You can use its blower function to gather scattered leaves, and cut grass and other debris quickly and efficiently.

You can also decide to skip this blowing step and just use the vacuum feature to get rid of dust, leaves, grass, and pines, while the tool simultaneously mulches the waste.

Basically, when you are using this machine, you would see how it is easy to switch between functions or tasks when using this blower. Unlike the Worx WG512 which doesn’t automatically switch between the blower or vacuum function, you can easily switch between the functions of the Worx 510 blower by attaching or detaching the leaf bag, and in short, no additional tools are needed.

– Strong Metal Shredder

This blowing unit has a powerful metal impeller that makes quick work of mulching the debris it vacuums. The shredder makes quick work of all the debris (large and small) and shreds them into very fine dust.

Blower Shredder Makes Quick Work

This dust can create a mess and get into places you don’t want it getting into, so we recommend that you wear protective gear like nose masks and goggles, so that you would be safer when working with the machine. Although you might still need to take a shower when you’re done working, the protective gear will help to reduce the effect of the dust.

– Reusable Leaf Bag

The Worx Turbine Fusion replacement bag is responsible for holding shredded debris. It is easy to attach and detach from the unit, which is why you won’t need any work tool for this. The bag is large enough to hold a sizeable amount of debris, so you won’t need to empty it frequently during tasks.


– Corded and Electric

This yard tool is a corded blower, and unlike cordless blowers or battery leaf-blowing machines, you can keep using it for as long as you need, without worrying about recharging, as long as it is connected to an outlet. The cord is shorter than many users would like, but that is an easy fix as you can get a long extension to expand your reach.


This Worx leaf vacuum, mulcher, or blower tool has satisfied many users with its high blowing capacity, 2-speed control system, and ease of use. In this article, we highlighted how the Worx WG510 parts work to give the outstanding performance the machine is known for.

If you are looking for a machine that would help you in the leaf blowing task, together with mulching, and vacuuming your yard, this is why the WG510 is a great choice, although it may become heavy when you use it for an extended time; however, it is worth it.

We also listed and discussed its amazing features and some of its downsides as well. With all this information, you can determine if this tool will be a great investment for you.

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