Worx Turbine WG519 is here for your help if you need help to maintain your yard neat and organized. With the help of this blower, you can quickly clear your yard of leaves, grass cuttings, and other waste. Being an advanced yet simple to use for prolonged periods, it is a favorite of many.Worx Turbine WG519

Therefore, it is time to test this Turbine blower if you wish to advance your lawn care and take it up a level; continue reading this article, as we give you the details about how it functions to all the necessary specs.

The Main Features of This Blower

Worx Turbine WG519 Key Criteria
Number of functions
Number of airflow settings
Lightweight (6.61 lbs)
Hyper stream nozzle
A large garbage collection bag
Less noise production
Limited battery life
Lacks cruise control

Wireless electric lawn care equipment like the Worx Turbine 120V cordless blower is quickly becoming a need for homeowners who keep up their yards regularly. This blower offers several up-to-date specs, that you should know so you would see the top reasons why it is the best that you can invest in.

  • 450 cubic feet per meter maximum air volume
  • 61 lbs weight
  • 40-inch length
  • 11-inch height
  • 6-inch width
  • 120 miles per hour maximum blowing force
  • 120 volts
  • 75 dB noise levels
  • 5-amp motor
  • Two speed settings

Worx Turbine WG519 Review

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  • Weight 8.5/10
  • Airflow 8.5/10
  • The number of functions 8.5/10
  • Number of airflow settings 9/10

Powerful handheld blowers like the Turbine WG519 make yard work quicker and simpler. This particular one receives a rating of 8/10 for weight, 8.5/10 for airflow, another 8.5/10 for the number of functions, and 9/10 for the number of airflow settings due to its excellent performance.


This blower has a turbine fan that can propel air at a speed of up to 120 mph, enabling it to remove difficult dirt, grass clippings, and leaves from hard surfaces and tight spaces. Not only this, but this blower also has a lot of other features that make it one of the top choices available.

One of the key features of the Turbine WG519 is its ergonomic design which includes a comfortable grip and a lightweight build that makes it simple to wield for lengthy periods. Given its light weight of 6.61 lbs, you can move it around your yard without fatigue. The blower also includes a soft grip handle that adds to its comfort and use.

The strong motor of the blower is one of its most notable qualities. It has a 7.5-amp motor that can propel the air at a speed of up to 120 mph. As a result, it is simple to swiftly clear huge areas since the powerful airflow can even move heavy trash. The motor is also made to be effective and quiet, making it simple to use without upsetting your neighbors, and as you use it, it would only make noise as much as 75 dB, which is fine for a leaf blower.

Additionally, this electric leaf blower includes a number of accessories that increase its adaptability. You may use a variety of nozzles on it to change the airflow and speed to meet your needs. The wide nozzle comes in handy to swiftly clear out big areas, while the smaller nozzle helps to access smaller regions.

The blower also has a tube extension that may be used to extend its length for improved reach in tight nooks and crannies, and this would also be helpful for you as you try to tackle dust and debris.

The airflow and speeds of the blower are easily adjustable, thanks to the control panel’s straightforward design. Overall, for anybody seeking a strong, portable, and adaptable electric leaf blower, the Turbine WG519 is a great option.

It is supported by Worx’s reputation for quality and dependability. The Worx handbook provides instructions on how to disassemble Worx leaf blower, as well as guidance on maintenance and troubleshooting. With these modifications and enhancements, the WG519 is a fantastic choice for anybody searching for a strong, adaptable blower.


– How Has the Worx Turbine WG519 Evolved?

The Worx turbine WG519 has evolved by having a cord lock that would ensure safety, and it is also much lighter than its previous models, as this model is 6.61 lbs, which means that it would be much easier to work with as you clean the yard from leaves.Worx Turbine WG519 Evolution

The WG519 includes a number of upgrades and additional capabilities over its previous versions, making it a more sophisticated and effective instrument. It can handle heavier and wetter leaves and debris, which the previous models found challenging, because of its enhanced power which enables faster and more effective debris clearance.

The WG519 features a more powerful motor than the WG521, with a maximum airspeed of 120 miles per hour as compared to WG521’s 85 miles per hour. The Worx WG521 nozzle is also flat while the WG519’s is round.

Let us compare the Worx WG518 vs WG512 vs WG519. The WG512 has a maximum air volume of 600 CFM and a maximum airspeed of 110 mph, compared to the WG518’s maximum air volume and maximum velocity of up to 450 CFM and 120 mph. This means that the WG512 has more power, but the right choice depends on your requirements.

The Worx WG520 parts diagram and design differ somewhat from the WG519. For comprehensive information on parts and assembly, always consult the handbook for your particular model to be more elaborated into the detailed aspects.

As a whole, the WG519 is an excellent pick for anybody looking for a powerful, portable, and adaptable blower. While some Worx models may provide greater maximum airspeed or runtime, the WG519 is a well-rounded option with an adequate balance between power, weight, and specs.

A Detailed Look at Its Features

– Powerful Motor

The WG519 is one of the most potent blowers on the market because of its 7.5-amp motor which produces airspeeds of up to 120 miles per hour. Because of the motor’s efficient and quiet construction, it is simple to operate for lengthy periods, making it the perfect blower for homeowners since it can do difficult tasks swiftly and efficiently.

You can use the machine with all ease, knowing that it is good to be used for medium-sized yards, and this way, the power will help you to speed up the cleaning process.Worx Turbine WG519 Motor

– Lightweight Construction

With only 6.61 lbs in weight, the WG519 blower is made to be lightweight. It is one of the lighter blowers on the market, which is advantageous for users who need to operate the blower for prolonged periods or who have trouble handling bigger equipment.

The WG519’s lightweight construction also makes it simpler to control and maneuver in confined situations, such as around trees or other obstructions. Overall, due to its lightweight feature, the WG520 blower is a convenient and user-friendly option for individuals who want quality equipment for cleaning leaves and debris from their yard or outdoor places.

– Cord Lock

The Worx Turbine Fusion adapter is built in a way that it has a cord lock, and this is a necessary feature that one should look for because it decreases the risk of any particular accidents from taking place. The reason why it is important is that it would lock the cord from accidentally being taken off, or being plugged out, as it may be harsh and cause the electrical cord to be torn, and this would be such a hazardous situation, in the long run.Cord Lock in Worx Turbine WG519

– Quiet Operation

The WG electric blower is one of the quieter blowers on the market. It has a 75 dB noise level because of its newly designed fan and airflow system, which dramatically reduces noise levels compared to prior versions.

This characteristic makes it the perfect tool for residential usage because it lessens interruption for both users and their neighbors. As a result, users’ productivity and efficiency increase since they do not have to stop working, and this is because the operation of the machine won’t cause you any hassle during your work.

– Variable Speed Control

Many modern blowers, including the WG519, have variable speed control as a feature. The user can modify the airflow of the blower to match the demands of the current task. It enables users to alter the blower’s strength based on the activity at hand in order to avoid accidentally harming property or causing debris to fly in undesirable directions.Speed of Worx Turbine WG519

With variable speed control, you can increase the force for more demanding tasks, like clearing away wet leaves or debris from concrete, or dial it back for delicate tasks, like clearing away debris from flower beds without harming the plants.


– Hyper-Stream Nozzle

The WG519’s hyper-stream nozzle creates a high-velocity, jet-like stream of air that is ideal for difficult tasks like removing heavy, moist trash or obstinate leaves. This nozzle is a great tool for hard yard work since it allows the user to handle even the most difficult chores. Homeowners can swiftly remove leaves and debris from their lawns, gardens, and roads using the hyper-stream nozzle rather than spending hours raking or sweeping.


This Worx Turbine leaf blower is more than just a blower: it is a powerful tool that completely revolutionizes your yard work experience. With its strong motor, numerous attachments, and silent operation, this tool helps you speed through even the most difficult chores.

Since the WG519 is a reliable tool, why settle for a simple blower when you can have high-performance equipment that makes your yard work a breeze? Try the Turbine WG519 now and make your yard work easier and more effective!

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