Worx Turbine WG520 is the type of leaf blower that would bring power to your gardening activities with the high-end quality and features you would ever ask for. It pushes up the ranks making its name among other high-tier blowers on the market and offering convenient use.

Product Review of Worx Turbine WG520

However, is it the right leaf blower for your garden, and should you consider it a great purchase? Find out with our guide in this electric leaf blower to satisfy your curiosity and finalize your purchase decision.

Pros Cons
Airflow capacity of 600 CFM Low wind speed 
120 volts of power Corded power system
12 AMP turbine fan

Worx Turbine WG520 Highlights

The Worx Turbine WG520 runs wild with power as it blows debris and leaves out of your path with every use. Moreover, if you are going to invest in a leaf blower such as this one, it is a great choice that would look at the list of the specifications that this blower comes to you with to improve your gardening operations.

Worx Turbine Wg520 Runs Wild with Power

  • Maximum wind speed value of 115 MPH
  • Adjustment switch for variable speeds
  • Airflow capacity of 600 CFM
  • Less noise during use
  • Handheld and lightweight design
  • 12 AMP turbine fan
  • Electric blower with 120 volts power
  • Lightweight 6.4 lbs
  • Three-year warranty

Worx Turbine WG520 Review

  • Number of Functions: 8.6/10
  • Weight: 8.9/10
  • Airflow: 9.1/10
  • Number of Airflow Settings: 8.7/10

The Worx turbine blower takes up the challenge you bring with its powerful force and the electric power system it uses. It’s an electric-corded blower that takes 120 volts to give you the blowing force you need, which means that you must plug it in a spark and move around while you get the job done. Its 12 AMP turbine fan technology also supports the blowing force as it matches well with the power. 

It further adds a sleek and convenient design to the blower to improve easy usability and customer satisfaction. The lightweight blower allows you to use it for gardening with one hand without any strain on your shoulders. It also implements a handle grip to prevent it from slipping out of your hands due to sweaty palms or moisture. 

On the other hand, when you are going to buy this machine, you must also consider how it comes with a wind speed and airflow combination that makes clearing leaves and debris more optimal than you expect. It gives you a wind speed of 115 MPH and an airflow capacity of 600 CFM to get your work done conveniently, which means that it covers a vast space when it does the work, as it reacher proper grounds, and it has a great blowing force. 

On another note, you should also think about how the manufacturing company has set a precise variable speeds on the machine, and the responsibility of this speed switch that comes with the blower handle increasing your use options. You have the liberty to switch it to the level that you want, and the functionality of the speed would change according to the situation you are in and in need to speed change. 

The hyper steam air turbine blower is great since you get continuous use without burning fuel or recharging batteries. It is a specialized blower that does nothing else but gives you optimum performance with a good range for your operations. Its hyper-stream air nozzle isn’t left out, as it further increases the efficiency of this blower during use in your garden.

How Has Worx Turbine WG520 Evolved?

The ​​Worx Turbine WG520 has changed from its previous model the WG519, by having a greater speed force that would cover a bigger area than its old model would have. Moreover, it also consumes more power, as the older version used to consume 7.5, but now it’s 12 amp. 

On the other hand, the Worx WG520 turbine 600 has shown some improvements over time and stands superior to its previous models with its lighter-weight and reduced noise experienced during use. It might appear to lose out in the Worx WG520 vs WG521 comparison, but it still doesn’t do bad as the older version. You can check our full review of the Worx WG521 leaf blower model.

Product Features Breakdown

– Turbine Technology

Worx takes the optimal blower functionality further than others by implementing the jet engine motor function into the blower. You know what the Worx blower is, but you need more information on the features to know what it offers in detail, because remember that this is a great investment, and you must know the reasons why, and the motor it has is one of the options. 

Product Features Breakdown of Worx Turbine WG520

The result is what you enjoy with this blower as the successful implementation gives you high blowing power during use. You get to blow away heavier leaves and debris without stressing much about it being wet or dry when cleaning. 

The 12 AMP turbine feature makes the fan spin more times allowing it to provide more force than you get with other blowers. What you can do is to make full use of this corded leaf blower and enjoy optimal garden and lawn cleaning.

– Three-year Warranty

The blower has a warranty clause attached to it but attracts several conditions before you can benefit, and as it has a three-year warranty. The latter means that when you purchase it, the machine will work to its best potential, and the company is the one who is giving you this confidence. 

Your product has to be brand new and purchased from the Worx website or stores verified as Worx distributors. It has to be properly used without any intentional damages incurred and must not have been used for rental purposes. 

There should also be no record of dismantling or using unauthorized parts to replace the ones in the product. If it meets these requirements, you can enjoy free replacement of parts from the warranty clause.

– Easy Manual

You also get a user manual with the product packaging when you make a new purchase from a verified Worx distributor, and this manual is written in a simple way to help you fix any issue on your own. The manual is present to guide you in the assembly and optimal usage of the blower to maximize your results. 

It comes with sections for different languages, with the mainstream ones as a priority since they are generally used. You won’t need to keep translating the sections making the information easily accessible to use the product properly. So ensure you go through the manual after purchase to learn how the blower works especially as a newbie.

– Wind Speed, Airflow, and Variable Speed Control

The turbine WG520 brings you great speed with high airflow capacity to enjoy variations depending on the task. The maximum air speed output stands at 115 MPH but still works to give you the optimum performance you need. 

It combines with the air volume of 600 CFM, which is quite high, to give you a more efficient force. Now, if you think about it, this is a great force and a great functionality that the blower is offering, because it is getting the job done in a more efficient way.  

You also have a control switch to change between two speeds and airflow for specific tasks that don’t require much force. Your activities get better with the various options you have, with these features, easing your stress.

– Blower Price

Purchasing this blower leaves you with a decision to choose between a new and a used one. The choice has different costs attached, and the benefits you get are different, so you should note that. New Worx WG520 blowers cost is not expensive, while the used ones go for a lesser price depending on the condition, which means that it is will be in a great condition. 

However, the used products will likely not have a warranty clause, unlike the new product. It might also not come with any extra accessories included in your store’s new packaging.

– Electric Corded Power 

The blower uses a corded electric feature since it is designed to be an electrical product that requires plugging in to work. It’s short, limiting the range you get when using it outdoors, but you can always bypass that with extension cables. 

Blower Uses a Corded Electric Feature

Your product also comes with an extension cable retainer to ease the disconnection stress you experience. It keeps your extension cord plugged in, so you don’t worry about disconnection when it snags a tree. As a result of this, when you use it, you should feel free to run wild and go about undisturbed when working to clear your garden or lawn with this blower.

– Packaging

The packaging usually doesn’t come with many accessories in brand-new packages after your purchase, and you might find this strange, but it is ready to accomplish the job. You will find the package to include the blower tool alone as all necessary parts are already fitted to the blower. 

Sometimes, you might find extra accessories included in the package but only on offers made by Worx themselves, as you can find them online and add more things. On the other hand, these extra accessories will definitely not be present in packages for used products. Asides from that, there will likely be no extra accessories included in the package outside the blower and user manual.


That’s the end of the Worx WG520 review that you have been looking forward to, so you have all the details you need. The next step is to finalize whether or not to purchase the blower for your garden activities. Also, decide if you would prefer to get a new or used product and match your finances to your decision.

If you still have an issue deciding but want something less than the Worx turbine 800, then go for it. Avoid changing the Worx WG520 parts to prevent your warranty from being canceled or void. You should also check an older model, the Worx WG514 which is very popular as well.

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