Worx turbine WG547 is a 20V cordless leaf blower with a powerful engine and a fantastic sophisticated finish. Its ease of use and other unique features make it a terrific blowing machine.

Featuring Worx Turbine WG547 Leaf Blower

However, this Worx leaf-blowing machine may or may not be the right fit for you, of course this is a matter that would depend on what you need a blower for.

In this article, we’ll discuss all its features, strong points, and weaknesses, so you’ll have a chance to determine if the machine will work great for your needs.

Pros Cons
Easy and comfortable to use The battery depletes fast
Lightweight  Recharging takes time

Worx Turbine WG547 Highlights

Cleaning doesn’t have to be a tedious affair, and with all the features of this powerful blower, you can easily clear indoor and outdoor spaces of debris.

The blower has an easy start feature and comes with several attachments that are perfect for large and small jobs-excellent for both homeowners and professionals.

  • Turbine fan technology
  • Dual speed control
  • Worx turbine 20V battery
  • High air volume capacity
  • Rechargeable and cordless
  • Single handle with a comfortable grip
  • 4.9 pounds in weight
  • Compact design

Worx WG547 Leaf Blower Review

Worx Turbine WG547 Key Criteria
Number of functions
Number of airflow settings
Easy and comfortable to use
The battery depletes fast
Recharging takes time

If you considered all the features a handheld cordless blower should have built in, then you should think of this leaf blower because it has most of them, making it an excellent blower option, which would signify that you will not get exhausted in the long run, because it gets the job done. For starters, it has a relatively high airflow of 360 CFM, which makes quick work of clearing debris. 

However, it doesn’t have a great airspeed to match, but it still gets the job done, because if you consider the strength, this is a unique machine to get all the necessary tasks covered. With this device, all you need to do is go over the area you want to clear with the nozzle and watch the magic happen. 

On the other hand, you should also consider how any user would have the ability to adjust the airflow coming out of the nozzle with its two-speed control. The two-speed control allows users to switch between airflow intensities for intense or light cleaning jobs, moreover, it also gives you a uniform running range, and a smooth speed, that you have the freedom to increase or to stay with the average one.

While you will find many multifunctional blower options on the market, the Worx blower has only one function. It serves as a blowing machine and does it exceptionally as long as it is adequately charged and has no technical issues. It sweeps and blows debris and leaves of all shapes and sizes. 

Even though it has only one function, it serves well as a yard tool. Additionally, this cordless leaf blower is lightweight and very easy to use, and when you use it you will get the job done efficiently and think about how your muscles will not be sore once you cover the task completely.

With a weight of 4.9 pounds, almost anyone can use it, and if you think about it, it is a great investment, knowing that the machine is a productive one which gets things done in a fast pace. As a result of its weight, it is highly beneficial to older people, as the weight will not be an issue for them.

It is important to note that the noise level of this machine is relatively low, only 55 decibels. This makes it suitable for use in most residential areas at any time of the day. Overall, you won’t have a headache once you are done, because the noise level isn’t too high, and your neighbors won’t complain either, this is beneficial whether you are a young person or an old one who is cleaning the yard. 

How Has the Worx Turbine WG547 Evolved?

The Worx Turbine WG547 has evolved by having a reduction in the noise level from the previous model, the Worx WG546, in addition to having a reduction in the weight of the machine as well. The new version is also more powerful than the older one.

Worx Turbine Wg547 is a 20 v Cordless Leaf Blower

To elaborate the matter further, you should consider that the difference between this one and the previous one is not as big; however, it evidently has more power, and this is a matter that shows how the manufacturing company is putting a lot of effort into changing their machins from one model to the other. To elaborate the latter, the significant difference in this model and the change made was the noise level as well as the weight of the machine. 

For example, when comparing it with the Worx WG546 blower model, the WG547 leaf blowing machine has a higher air volume capacity. This means it blows more air per time than previous models.


Features Breakdown

– Turbine Fan Technology

The turbine tech on this blower is practically the powerhouse of the yard tool, and this is why it is safe to say that the capacity is great, making it perfect for a larger yard, or a medium one, where the mess will be a bit bigger and the power is extended.

It produces a large amount of air when the machine is turned on, and depending on the setting you choose, you will get a high or low stream of air, and as the machine has two speeds, you get to choose the pace you work in. 

The amount of air that comes out of the nozzle of the blowers tube depends on this turbine fan technology. The turbine fan technology on this blower is able to deliver 270 to 360 cubic feet of air per minute which means that it will cover 75 miles per hour, depending on the airflow setting you have on, which is really high for a battery-powered blower.

This is the perfect speed for a medium to large yard’s tidiness, because of the efficiency and rise in the power. 

– Dual Speed Control

As previously mentioned, this blower has two airspeed or airflow settings. With the turn of a knob, you can easily change the amount of airflow and airspeed from high to low or low to high while working. 

The control is located at the top of the handle, which is labeled for easy access. The air volume ranges between 270 and 360 CFM, so whenever you adjust it, you can have either of the two volumes. The latter also shows that the noise volume is quite fair, because the load and the force that the power tool has is a great option that you are dealing with.

Blower Has Two Airspeed or Airflow Settings

It is important to note that only one knob controls the airspeed and airflow or air volume of this blowing tool. This dual speed control is functional when you need to manage the amount of force the air from the blower produces.

For example, you will need a low airspeed if you’re doing light cleaning and a high airspeed for heavy-duty work. Large piles of leaves, nuts and heavier debris will require the highest speed setting so that you can sweep them off with all ease, as the machine does it well and effectively.

The tube on this turbine blower has a wide mouth, and as such, you will need to get some recommended accessories like smaller nozzle attachments if you want more blowing force.

– Li-ion Battery

This cordless turbine blowing tool comes with two 20V 2.5 Ah rechargeable batteries that power the machine. Once they’re fully charged, they’re good to go. However, according to many customer reviews, there are some issues with the batteries. For one, the Worx 20V battery does not last long.

It only has about 30 to 45 minutes of run time on low speed and about 25 minutes on high speed, which is an outstanding choice, knowing that the speed of the machine consumes a great amount of well powered battery. That is a short amount of time, especially if you have a large area to clear. 

Also, the batteries take very long to recharge. Once completely drained, it takes about five hours to get them back to a full charge with the Worx blower 20V charger. Many users make up for the short run time and long recharge time by getting extra Worx turbine blower 20V batteries separately, so they can switch out the batteries when they’re drained. 

Overall, remember that one saving grace about the WG547 blower batteries is that they are part of the Worx power share turbine range of adaptable batteries. This means that the power share batteries can be used interchangeably with other Worx garden tools. 

The company has made the matter easier for you, because if you own other other Worx products, the short battery run time and long recharge time might not be such a downside in short, you won’t have to buy extra batteries as you will already have extras from your other Worx yard tools. 

On the other hand, another imporant manner that you should keep in mind is that different equipment from the Worx manufacturer can come with batteries of different voltages. So it’s best to be sure of the battery at hand and stick to 20V batteries that are recommended in the Worx WG547 manual and then you may take things into hand.

For many people, the poor battery performance can be overlooked as a result of its other outstanding features. Overall, if all you need a blower for is to clear light debris from walkways, gutters, and driveways, this blower will be an excellent option for you.

– Single Hand and Comfortable Grip

This turbine cordless handheld blower has a single handle with an ergonomic design. The handle is designed with a special rubber material for proper grip and comfort. When you hold on to the machine and complete the task with a comfortable grip, then you won’t have the feeling that your arm muscles or hand is cramped.

Handheld Blower with An Ergonomic Design

As a result, almost anyone can handle it for extended periods without the risk of hand fatigue and aches. Also, its comfortable grip makes it easy to maneuver, and you can point the nozzle where you need it to go easily.



In this article, we discussed all the key features, highlights, and drawbacks of the WG547 blower and have determined that this blowing tool is a great tool to have around for light leaf and debris-clearing jobs. Now you know why this is a great choice, and how you would use it with its great strength, lightweight, and comfortable grip.

Despite its poor battery life and run time, it has redeeming qualities and is still a powerful blower that generates a high air volume capacity, so it can tackle leaf and debris-clearing tasks with ease. It is best for homeowners with small yards or users who want a blower option for minimal clearing tasks. You should check out the Worx WG543 model which is an older but very popular version.

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