Worx Turbine WG584 is an innovative, low-noise electric blower with decent power to remove leaves from your yard with ease. If you want a piece of equipment with sufficient air capacity and power at a competitive price, this is probably it.

Review of the Worx Turbine WG584 Leaf Blower

But how powerful is this electric-handheld leaf? We will discuss the features of this tool, and why you should invest in it.

Pros Cons
Easy to use and maneuverable Requires two batteries to operate
Adjustable speed Not powerful enough for larger lawns
Lasts long on a single charge
Two-year limited warranty

Worx Turbine WG584 Highlights

The Worx Power Share Turbine blower is a nice yard blower that offers many features for the price and adequate to remove dry debris or stubborn leaves without producing fumes or at the expense of your comfort.

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Investing in this machine is a great way to clear out your lawn and you yard in an efficient manner.

  • 90 MPH
  • 430 CFM
  • Brushless motor
  • Turbine engine
  • Variable speed control
  • 40V Battery (Dual 20V Batteries)
  • 3 lbs weighed
  • Ergonomic design
  • Two-year limited warranty

Review of the Worx Turbine WG584

Worx Turbine WG584 Key Criteria
Number of airflow settings
Number of functionalities
Easy to use and maneuverable
Adjustable speed
Lasts long on a single charge
Two-year limited warranty
Requires two batteries to operate
Not powerful enough for larger lawns

One of the impressive things about this turbine cordless leaf blower is the number of functionalities it possesses. It has three different speeds, coupled with a turbine fan tech that lets you blast through the yard with ease.

This is a factor that you would determine which pace you want to work with, and you can maneuver it according to your task and its greatness of it.


Turbine fan tech is a type of jet engine motor that boosts the power of the blower to allow you to achieve optimal clearing results. However, if you want more power to remove stubborn debris, activating the Turbo feature is necessary, but you must be aware that it would reduce the battery charge.

On another note, the fun part is you can set the blower to any of these speeds with the click of the variable speed control button. The issue with the control switch is it is a bit weak, but it is fine to switch, and it would continue working well with this electric leaf blower.

In addition, note that the blower isn’t loud, despite having the Turbo technology, and this would be due to the fact that it is a brushless motor that would feature this characteristic. On the same notion, remember that due to its low noise, you do not need to stress about causing any disturbance to others who may be around you.

Moreover, the airflow is decent for the price, although we had more expectations. The blower spins at 21,900 RPM, which delivers about 430 CFM of air capacity to give you moderate power to clear your area.

This is adequate for light to medium tasks. Subjecting this machine to a more-demanding job could damage the parts, which is why you must be keen on abstaining from doing so.

The advantage cordless electric leaf blowers have over corded electric and gas-powered is weight. Cordless tools tend to be lighter than others, although they are often less powerful than their counterparts.

With just over seven pounds, you can operate this tool with one hand and move it about without issues. It lives up to the company’s claim that you can have a good grip while it is getting the job done.

You can tweak the airflow to suit your preference: this means that you can move from speed one, the slowest, to speed two, and to speed three conveniently, and if you want to enhance clearing, you can toggle the switch to activate the Turbo feature. Each of these settings delivers a different CFM and airflow.

For instance, speed one is designed to deliver an airflow of 270 CFM at 55 mph. Speed two takes it further up to 320 CFM at 65 mph, while speed three maxes out at 360 CFM at 75 mph. And lastly, the Turbo setting amps up to 430 CFM at 90 mph.

– How Has Worx Turbine WG584 Evolved?

The Worx Turbine WG584 has evolved by having a brushless motor when the previous version, the Worx Turbine WG519 was not. As a result, the previous version was louder than this one, as it had a noise rate of 75 dB, but now it’s 62 dB, which is more comforting.

Worx Turbine Wg584 Has Evolved by Having a Brushless Motor

This blower is an improved version of the Worx WG547, with better air volume and power. The latter delivers an air flow of 340 CFM at 75 mph, less than what the WG584 delivers. Although the WG547 is lighter, the WG584 offers a better value for money.


Specificity of Each Feature

– Air Speed and Ability

At 90 mph, this is not the fastest cordless leaf blower; however, it is enough if you want a handy blower for clearing small areas, or small to the almost medium-ranging size of yard.

The blow tube delivers an airflow of 430 CFM that will clear your yard in one pass. The combination of the air speed and volume will make it more efficient to clear debris easily and to unclutter out the leaves that have fallen.

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– Turbo Engine

One of the best features of this product is the efficient brushless technology and turbo engine. The company thought about the best way to make this tool more powerful than its predecessor, and the addition of a turbo engine came to mind.

Efficient Brushless Technology and Turbo Engine

In our tests, this engine didn’t disappoint. And knowing that these added features come at no extra cost is commendable.

– Brushless Motor

On another note you, should also remember that the motor makes the tool more dynamic and reliable in performance, while the Turbine technology gives the machine a jet-type performance without sacrificing ease of use and quietness.

Moreover, the brushless motor is also an important feature in this machine, because it would reduce the noise being released together with increasing the durability as well. With all these built into the engine, not only will you be happy with the performance, but you’ll feel as though you have a futuristic blower.

– Variable Speed Control

This tool features three speeds and a variable control switch that allows you to toggle between each speed. Setting this piece of lawn equipment to various speeds allows you to work on specific areas of your yard.

For example, speed one is the option that allows you to work around pavements, tight corners, and walkways easily. It is also effective at clearing grass clippings and debris from sidewalks after mowing.

Speed two works best at removing leaves and small debris from open lawns, while speed three clears relatively damp leaves faster than the first and second speeds. And if you have stubborn dry leaves on your lawn that refuse to let go, you can switch to Turbo by simply flipping the switch.

However, you should know that the Turbo boost is nowhere near the more expensive battery-operated blowers, such as the EGO Power+ LB5804 that offers twice the airspeed, but it delivers sufficient power to remove a pile of leaves from your yard.

– 40V Battery

While similar cordless blowers are powered by a 20V battery, the Worx WG 584 turbine blower is powered by two 20V batteries. This gives you more power to take on tougher yard cleaning. Each lithium battery has 2.5 amp hours that last up to 40 minutes when used at the highest setting.

In addition, at lower speed levels, a single charge can last up to an hour. The great part about this is that is you can use the Worx leaf blower 40v battery to power other Worx tools. That saves you some money on purchasing extra batteries.

There’s also a battery gauge that tracks the amount of battery left. It lets you know when you need to recharge or swap out the battery. To check the percentage of the battery, simply activate the battery indicator.

The indicator turns green when the batteries are fully charged and turns red to show a defective battery. Using a battery-powered tool means you will avoid the fumes and gas expenses incurred, which is good for the environment and your pocket.

There’s also a dual-port charger included in the Worx 40V blower package. The charger recharges both batteries simultaneously in about 180 minutes. If you intend to charge one, expect a full charge in less than 110 minutes.

As with all lithium-ion batteries, you should get at least two years of life out of the Worx batteries before replacing them. That’s more cost-effective when compared to continually purchasing gasoline in gas-powered leaf blowers.

– Ergonomic Design

Even with the two batteries and the Turbine leaf technology included, the weight of the Power Share tool is minimal. It is easy to lift and use for an extended period without feeling fatigued. The lack of an extension cord is partly responsible for the low weight too.

Turbine Leaf Technology Included on Worx Turbine Wg584

In short, the manufacturer reveals the tool is designed for one-handed operation, and they weren’t bluffing. The ergonomics make the tool convenient to handle and move about, and doing so, you won’t get as tired in the long run when you use it.


– Two-Year Limited Warranty

The Power Share blower has a two-year limited warranty that could extend to three years when the owner registers the tool online. The warranty covers the blower if the machine arrived with defective or faulty parts within the coverage period.


Worx Turbine WG584 blower isn’t bad specs-wise, as seen in this Worx WG584 review. The innovative features and battery make the turbine tool one of the best cordless leaf blowers for the money.

The Worx nitro 40v leafjet blower delivers sufficient power to clear stacked leaves, while the improved battery life is better than other electric models at its price, thanks to the efficient brushless motor and dual batteries.

This isn’t the kind of blower you would want for vast lawns and clearing heavy piles of wet leaves. But for small and moderately-sized lawns, you would be happy with Worx Wg’s performance. You can also check the newest leaf blower version, the Worx wg585 model.

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