In this product comparison review, we’ll take a close look at the Worx wg505 vs. wg509 trivac leaf blowers.

Comparison of Worx wg505 & wg509

We’ll let you know everything we found out about the similarities and differences between these two user-friendlygardentime-savers and what kind of situations each can handle.

We’ll let you know the advantages and disadvantages of each of these products, and you’ll see a side-by-side comparison of their specs, features, and performance.

Worx wg505 vs. wg509 Product Comparison Overview

Worx wg505

Worx wg509

Weighs 9.5 pounds Weighs 11.5 pounds
Metal impeller Metal impeller
Mulch ratio 16:1 Mulch ratio 18:1
12-amp corded electric power 12-amp corded electric power
Air volume 350 cfm Air volume 350 cfm
Variable air speed 80 to 210 MPH Variable air speed 80 to 210 MPH

Worx wg505 Main Product Features

  • Worx trivac blowerwith vacuum and mulcher
  • Easy to hold with one hand in blower and vacuum modes
  • Variable-speed air 80 to 210 MPH
  • Air volume 350 cfm
  • Dimensions 20 x15 x9 inches
  • 1.2-bushel Worx blower bag included

Worx wg505 Review

The main advantage of this Worx trivac over earlier versions is the metal impellers in place of plastic parts on older models. The metal impeller makes the 505wg capable of reducing leaf matter to a 16:1 ratio compared to 10:1 on earlier models with the plastic impellers. Metal impellers are also more durable and less likely to break or wear out quickly compared to plastic.

This Worx leaf blower is a 3-in-1 garden tool that blows, mulches, and vacuums up leaves and twigs with nothing more than flipping a user-friendlyswitchon the side of the machine. This garden tool runs on 120-volt electric power with the use of an outdoor-rated extension cord.

In blower mode, this machineproduces a high air volume of 350 cfm and airspeed variable from 80 MPH to a maximum of 210 MPH, giving it the versatility to deal with gentle and challenging clean-up jobs with ease. However, these ratings are about average compared to many other brands of corded electric blowers.

After you blow leaves and other debrisinto a pile, simply flip an easy-to-use switch,and you’re ready to vacuum everything up using the same tubeused for blowing. Leaves disappear into the vacuum at a rate of 14-gallons per minute.

Inside the housing, a metal impeller shreds the leaf matter into tiny pieces, turning it into mulch for disposal at the curb or use in the garden. The metal impellers reduce the material down to one-sixteenth of the original volume.

For example, for every sixteen bags of leaves, you’d have after raking by hand, you’ll have only one to haul to the curb or empty into the compost pile when using the shredder on this Worx vacuum blower.

This power tool comes with a 1.2-bushel Worx blower bag for collecting the shredded material as you vacuum it up. The bag easily snaps onto the bottom of the device when you’re ready to run the vacuum and get rid of piles of yard waste.

Once the catchment bag is full, unzip the bottom, and you can dump the contents into a trash can, put it into a compost pile, or use it as mulch on flower beds and planting boxes.

The benefits of using this Worx trivac blower include:

  • Significantly reducing the volume of garden waste
  • Saving space in the trash bin
  • Saving at the expense of trash bags

Another valuable advantage is quickly and easily producing brown matter for a compost pile. The mulched leaf matter decomposes efficiently as the brown ingredient mixed with green garden waste, like vegetable trimmings, grass clippings, and flower stalks. It is kept damp and aerated for several weeks.

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With the vacuum feature, you’ll also save considerable time on garden chores by not needing to rake and shovel away mountains of leaves once you blow them into a pile.

Worx wg509 Main Product Features

  • 3-in1 Worx leaf blower with vacuum and mulching features
  • 12-amp corded electric motor
  • Variable-speed airflow with 210 MPH max
  • Air volume 350 cfm
  • Heavy-duty metal impeller and motor for mulching
  • 1.2-bushel Worx blower bag included

Worx wg509 Review

The Worx wg509 is a newer edition of this user-friendlyWorx garden tool, with a more rugged impeller that shred leaves into smaller pieces at a ratio of 18:1. The larger impeller and beefier motor make it about two pounds heavier than the wg505. The wg509 has a powerful engine that tears up wet and dry leaves and small twigs, shredding them with ease.

The Worx wg509and the wg505 have a lot in common. Like the other Worx trivac blower, the wg509 model also blows debris with a high capacity air volume of 350 cfm and variable air speeds between 80 and 210 MPH. It also mulches and vacuums the leaves, drawing them into the same size collection bag.

Just plug this tool into a standard electrical outlet using a 12-gauge outdoor extension cord, and you can quickly gather dry leaves, twigs, and small pieces of bark into a heap or dislodge dust and cobwebs in the garage or on the patio.

Changing from blower mode to the vacuum and mulching modes only involves moving a large switchon the side of the machine. The same tube does blowing and vacuum/mulching work.

However, many users report problems with the impeller getting jammed if you vacuum up too large pieces or go too fast. The trick for making this tool work at peak performance is vacuuming smaller amounts of debris and letting the mulching blades do their work before moving on.

If the impeller or tube gets clogged, there are two ways to fix it. You can turn on the blower and expel the jammed leaves out of the blower tube in some situations. If this doesn’t work, unplug the unit, take off the tube, and use a screwdriver or similar tool to dislodge the clog.

If the clog causes the machine to emit smoke, turn it off immediately, unplug it, and allow it to cool down before opening it up to clear the problem.

The Worx wg509powers out airflow of 350 cubic feet per minute (cfm) and has variable air-blowing speeds from 80 to 210 MPH in blower mode. You’ll find the slower rates of airspeed helpful for delicate work like getting dust out of corners and off shelves and dislodging leaves out of planter boxes.

The single tube for blowing and vacuuming has a tip curved at just the right angle for catching leaves on the ground without needing to stoop over or cleaning in hard-to-reach places in the garden, garage, or deck.

The tool has a short, built-in cord approximately 12-inches long to attach to an outdoor-rated extension cord. It’s crucial to match the cable to the tool’s amperage rating and also the length of cord you want to use. In most cases for this machine, you’ll need a 12-gauge outdoor extension cord of appropriate size to reach where you want to go.

The most significant benefits of this tool are:

  • Saving time hand raking wet or dry leaves
  • Fewer garbage bags to dispose of the yard waste
  • Faster rate of shredding waste into a smaller volume

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The most significant benefit of the Worx wg509 compared to the wg505 is it mulches the trash into a smaller volume and works faster. In order to accomplish this task, it has more powerful and heavier parts.

Worx wg505 vs. wg509 Product Comparison

  • Blower Mode

Both the wg505 and the wg509 Worx trivac blower tools can blow leaves and mulch them as they vacuum.

Worx WG505 vs WG509 Product Comparison

These two tools also have the same air volume rating of 350 cfm and the same variable airspeed capacities of 80 to 210 MPH, so there is no real difference between them when it comes to blowing leaves, except the higher weight of the wg509.

  • Mulching Mode

The Worx wg509 is the winner for picking up larger debris and shredding it into smaller, more compact pieces. However, this extra power comes at the cost of an additional 1.5 pounds of weight.

Worx Wg509 Is the Winner for Picking up Larger Debris

It’s crucial to use a heavier extension cord for the wg509 because of the more heavy-duty motor used for mulching.

  • Vacuum Mode

Both tools come with a 1.2-bushel Worx blower bag for collecting debris as you vacuum it up. This bag fills up fast and needs frequent emptying. However, dumping out the contents is easy enough with the zipper on the bottom of the bag on both models.

  • Power and Weight

If you want a trivac tool with an overall lower weight, the Worx wg505 is the winner because you can use it with a smaller gauge, lighter extension cord, and the machine weighs about 1.5 pounds less than the wg509.

However, if you want the most power for mulching or want to use a longer extension cord to reach all over your yard, the wg509 comes out on top because it has a slightly bigger motor and a mulching rate of 18:1 compared to 16:1 for the other model.

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  • Motor

The wg509 is the winner for the larger motor and greater power for mulching debris into a smaller volume. However, both machines have 12-amp motors that plug into an extension cord and standard 120-volt outlet. Therefore, both require an extension cord rated for outdoor use and matched in amperage to the machine, extension cord wire gauge, and cord length.

  • Catchment Bag

The 1.2-bushel catchment bag is the same on both of these trivac blowers. However, the wg505 runs at a slightly slower rate of 14 gallons per minute, and the bag doesn’t fill up as fast with this model. For this reason, many buyers find it helpful to use a bigger waste container like the Worx 26-gallon Spring Bucket Yard Bag in place of the smaller catchment bag that comes with the tool and collects the debris directly into a full-size lawn trash bag.

  • Ergonomics

Because the wg505 is lighter and uses a smaller-gauge extension cord, it’s easy to hold this machine with one hand for blowing and vacuuming. However, some users might need both hands to control either of these tools when vacuuming and mulching due to the weight of the catchment bag, especially as it fills up. Some users might also need two hands when using the vacuum and mulch mode due to the extra power and vibration from the working impellers.

WG505 is Lighter Blower than WG509

Both tools have the same handy curved tube tip for getting underneath lawn furniture, cleaning tight spaces in the garage, or blowing debris off pathways, driveways, and decks. The wg505 creates slightly less noise. However, we recommend ear and eye protection when using either of these tools.

  • Dimensions, Size, and Weight

The wg505 is the winner for being the lightest at about 1.5 pounds less than the wg509. However, these two garden tools have overall dimensions of 20 by 15 by 9 inches, and they have the same size tube with a curved tip.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can the Worx WG505 and WG509 be used for the same tasks?

Yes, the Worx WG505 and WG509 can be used for the same tasks, as they are both electric leaf blowers with similar specifications.

2. Do the WG505 and WG509 have different power settings?

Yes, the WG505 and WG509 have different power settings. They may differ in terms of motor power, battery capacity, and other specifications.

3. Which one is more durable, the Worx WG505 or WG509?

Both the Worx WG505 and WG509 are built to last, but the WG509 may have a slight edge in durability due to its more robust construction.

Our Conclusions About Worx wg505 vs. wg509

The Worx wg505and the Worx wg509 are similar gardentool products. Both are trivac blowers that expel a powerful and variable speed blast of air for piling up yard waste or cleaning away dust and cobwebs. Both vacuum up and shred dry and damp leaf matter, small twigs, and tiny pieces of bark and collect the mulch in a catchment bag or a trash can.


The main differences are that the wg505 is slightly lighter in weight at 9.5 pounds, and the wg509 is about 1.5 pounds heavier. If low weight is a top priority, the wg505 is probably the best tool for you. On the other hand, if you have lots of leaves and a large yard, the more heavy-duty wg509 matched to a thicker 12-gauge extension cord might be the optimum equipment for your situation.

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